Totems….and stickerburrs….

Hmmm, I’m empty worded tonight. Nothing seems to be on my mind. Very odd. Well, Jesse stayed at Curtis’s again tonight and I’m still waiting to see if he can get me a pass into the Ren Faire…otherwise….who knows. I worked on the owl tonight and fixed what I knew was wrong…the legs. I went ahead and took up part of the face without too much movement and put the leg under it, where it belonged. Then I did some work to redo all the talons. It feels much better to my heart. Ha…and tonight I was frustrated with my choices of wallpaper on my desktop so I clicked the thing that said get more online…..and I did! I got big birds among many others and there is a mom and baby owl looking at me as I type cuz my word processor just shrunk itself on its own so I could look at the owls. They seem to be taking over my life at the moment, eh? They are the harbinger of change and of the spirit world. Messengers. What are they trying to tell me? Well actually, someone told me they were a harbinger of change, based on her circumstances….I’ll look it up. Owl’s Wisdom Includes:

  • Stealth
  • Secrecy
  • Silent and swift movement
  • Seeing behind masks
  • Keen sight
  • Messenger of secrets and omens
  • Shape-shifting
  • Link between the dark, unseen world and the world of light
  • Comfort with shadow self
  • Moon magick
  • Freedom

Heeheee….I didn’t do that…the cut and paste did….who knows if it’ll show up that way…suffice it to say…what appears before my eyes…is not typical. Everything is inside a blue text box. Anyway…that’s owls wisdom. For me, I don’t believe it has been a sign of change. I believe it is my main Totem animal. Stronger than hawk. I’ve been connected to owl since childhood. All I know is…she’s comin on oh so strong right now. Oh jeeze….I’m watching Avatar and it just occurred to me why feathers are illegal!!! Arrows! Bows and arrows. Feathers make the arrows fly. The reason it connected for me is when I saw the main gal pulling her arrow, about to shoot, and I saw the end…and I recognized the feather. It was either hawk or owl….the very pale pale gray of a tail feather with the varying stripes.

So… many of you understood the horror of me saying there were sticker burrs in the hay? I have an owie in my thumb right now from 2 that stuck in me. Thing is….if it’s in that bale, it’s probably been in the others he’s been feeding to the cows. Burrs……………are SEEDS. Burrs and angora goat hair…DO NOT MIX. I don’t want to touch any more of those bales. I said to hubby…I don’t really wanna go on this subject again but I gotta. The hay is no good. Did you look at it before you bought it? He never really answered me…..which is not unusual. So, at this moment…on my property, there are sticker seeds….just waiting to fly….! What to do. What to do. Usually it’s just a square bale and I take it somewhere where there is no one living and I dump it on the side of the road. Gotta do something with it!!! Hehehe…my guilty secret. I have another secret. A biggie. I’m getting closer to revealing it. I’m inching my way there. Night night my friends. 2:47am= 4 = Angels…………Angels are hovering over my goaties, little Sochi especially and over Mea’s goaties and anybody’s goaties who are in the cold cold. Thank you Angels. Amen.

Well, Sochi is a tough lil cookie and did just fine last night without a coat. No matter how many times I ran the dryer with it on the rack…it just wouldn’t dry. Ha…it’s dry now. So……about the hay. I decided that the baby was big enough so….I let the girls out again. Poor Smurf…wants to go but doesn’t wanna leave baby or take baby. She’ll figure it out. Need her eating grass. So cute…Sochi is jumping and running. You all know how much I love that!!! My photographers dream! Grabbed up some old hay and tried to pull the dried on poo off his butt…in the end…they hay didn’t work so had to take one for the troops and just grab it right from my raw hand. Got it. Hate those dang buttclumps. Knew it might happen and didn’t Vaseline his butt or tail. My bad. How did I know it might happen? Cuz when I told you he had pee’d and poo’d that first birth day… was cuz I saw the dark brown birth poo… isn’t beans…’s a sticky mess. Been there done that many a time. Vaseline though, does the trick. Thankyou Kimberly!

Hehe…the other goats must be fit to be tied by now. Since I was down there checking on the baby….I just went ahead and fed those girls. Let the crying commence from the other pens! I did it that way on purpose. That way I force myself to go check again. Ok….strange subject but I gotta talk about this cough syrup. It’s the stuff the hiphop world uses on a daily and nightly basis. They live on this stuff. The reason I bring this up is cuz aside from the urge to cough being quelled…….its horrible! I haven’t had any since 3am and I am still under the effects of it. Still all foggy. Add to that the codeine messes with my stomach. So…my point is….if it makes me this groggy….how and why…………is it such a good party drug? Just wanna sleep! Confused. Lol, was just talking with a friend and the subject of Totem animals came up. Here’s my list…..owl, hawk, bear, dolphin, firefly, cardinal. There are a few sub totems too……butterfly, hummingbird, whale, dragonfly and lion. Cool totems if I say so myself! Owl is the strongest right now. Speaking of owl…….I think I fixed it sufficiently….nobody here to look for me. Nobody was here to look the day I posted either. Maybe I’ll work on it some more. Hehehe. Or…I have some from my laptop wallpaper that are screaming to be painted! Ok…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. oh PS…………good grief… could I forget….SPIDER??? Later!!! Pss….Smurf did take baby out for greenies!!! Psss…..horrible conditions on the East Coast of the US….snow, ice, 9 deaths so far. Prayers are in order. Thanks!!!













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