SHIT hay…

It’s a non night. Not doin nothing. Feels good. Just watchin movies and tryin to stay warm. Worrying about Sochi of course. They are calling for snow and ice tomorrow. Got the tiny sweater all washed and drying now. I’ll be sure and rub it all over Smurf first, like Mea suggested. Never had this problem before. But it’s comin…I can guarantee it. I feel it. Most people feel the weather just with the cold or the hot or the wind or the rain. I feel those….but with pain added as an extra bonus. Severe pain. Pain so different than most other pains….that I can barely stand it. Even after a whole lifetime to get used to it….I’m not. It hurts right now pretty dang bad. But…on a good note…it’s only in my left hand at the moment. Let it stay there. Well, I finally listed back to the portion of Natalie’s Blogtalk…to make sure I didn’t make an ass out of myself, but it sounded alright to me. Big Phhhhew. I was trying to listen to it on my iphone but the sound kept dropping off. Technology definitely has it’s glitches. I’m thrilled to say…it’s nearly midnight and I do NOT have to go drive! He’s not home yet though. And….I’m not Really worried about Sochi. Why worry when you’ve said prayers?

Praying for Australia friends and animals with the fires again. Man, they have a lot of bad fires. Lot to contend with there. My friend Kimberly just moved and had to drive back and forth a ton…..dealing with kangaroos on the road. Apparently they come outta the blue like the deer do here. A kangaroo. Old hat and a pain in the arse to her but a novelty for those of us who have never seen one except in a zoo, if that. Also praying for all the people in harms way from the cold. People have already frozen to death this year…don’t need more. And animals….don’t forget the animals. I’ve asked the Angels to come and hover over little Sochi to keep him warm and dry. It’s a mist, but the temps are swiftly dropping. And that’s here. Here is nothing. Here is warm compared to what so many folks are dealing with. And to change the subject…I hear that that place in West Virginia where the water was leaked with chemicals…is still not drinkable. Imagine that. All this time later. Damn…the endless cough has just begun. I must go now. Night night. 2:31am = 6 = earth.

Jesse spent the night at his friends, so no early wake up….except for the coughing fit which took about half an hour to calm. Haven’t heard from him so don’t know if he was able to wake up and go to work. Does he still have a job? I dunno. Went to check on Sochi and decided to feed early, so I didn’t have to redress. Looks like I gotta redress and go back out anyways. Gotta figure out how to get some hay off this round bale. Still has the plastic on it and from past memory…is not easy to get off the roll till you get about halfway down. What fun. Sochi was in his corner. He’s shivering, but he’s dry and he’s good. Nice big stretch upon standing and hanging in there. These babies are so resilient…if they’re healthy. I’m beginning to understand the….let the weak be. Not sure I can do it… heroic measures….but I do understand it.

Little Crystal is following me around the pen now. I’m guessing the new baby is reminding her of when she was a baby and playing with Mama and she wants attention again. She had stepped away from attention…but now seems to need it. My lil sweetie. Ha….Smurf snorted at me again! She hasn’t bonded with me yet so she still sees me as danger. Stranger danger. Gosh, I’m so sleepy. This cough medicine makes me so tired. It kinda hangs with me all day…..even though I haven’t had any since 10am. And I’m cold. The two are making me want to just close my eyes for a minute. I can’t. Gotta do dinner soon, but it’s like my eyes don’t wanna stay open. Either all the sleeplessness is getting to me….or it’s the cough syrup. Oh man, and it doesn’t tast the same or work nearly as well. The new bottle, that is. Must be a bit different. Also…the codeine is messin with my belly. All heavy narcotics do. I usually take phenergran with those pills…but this isn’t a pill. It’s cough syrup. Ate some saltines.

As I wind down on todays blog…I realize, there is no writing within it. I hate it when that happens. No writing…just words. I must be brain preoccupied. What with the non Renaissance and the painting fail, I’m not in a creative mood. Whats the rush? There isn’t one now. I was looking for something today in the vendor boxes. Had to move the stack of paintings I’ve made since Kid n Ewe and Lordie, that was a huge heavy stack! I’m tryin to get the nerve to go back out. Brrrr. Well….I sorta did it. I went. I cut the yellow strings on the hay. Then I saw the hay. WHAT????? Crap stick hay………..full of sticker burrs. So…I only gave a tad to the pen with the baby in it so she’d be able to make milk….and she just stands there. Not coming for the hay. Goats. You can bet……………….I will be using hay from the good bale tomorrow…whether he moves it or not…Shit….I’ll cut the string and carry the shit!!! Babies in the bellies and no good hay….thats insane. Can you tell I get a bit protective of my babies? Jesse called and wants me to bring him a change of clothes….so he can stay with Curtis. Yes, it will keep me from having to do the double sleep thing…but it’s almost like moving out. First one set of clothes…then other items….NOT. See, this sucks. Nothing is perfect. No good right thing. If he stays…I lose sleep….if he goes…he loses a lot of the help he’s getting. Hubby will cease. I dunno. Ok….well, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















2 thoughts on “SHIT hay…

    • No sweater hon. It never got dry enough. It did fit perfectly and kept him warm for about an hour that 2nd day of life. It stopped his shivers. Had to remove it but it did the trick and in case you don’t recognize it.. It’s the one you sent for Georgia’s baby. Btw. She is bagging!!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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