a letdown…a fail…a fall…and a birth

Oh goodness, what a weekend! Most of y’all already know this, but yesterday, I decided to try to catch Smurf and check her. I did it!!! All alone, no catch system in place in that pen any more, and I caught her. Stuck my hand back there expecting nothing and WHAMMO….a huge udder warm with milk. Holy crap…she’s not crutched and the baby won’t be able to find the milk teats!!! Mad dash to shear her backend. Hubby did as asked and ran the electricity for me. I somehow caught her again by throwing peanuts…got her over there and up on the stanchion. I began to shear. Every time I came near her udder, she would dance right off the stanchion hanging by her neck. I lifted her each time but on the 6th…I was outta strength. I just stood there, holding her….trying to lift her neck….I look up and hubby is standing there watching about 30 yards away and Cathy is 10 ft in front of him…I had called her to help. I yelled…RUN and Cathy did…hubby did not. Meanwhile, the stanchion starts to tip…..I try to rebalance and down we go….stanchion, goat and all….all on top of me. My hands were still fidgeting with the hook and the bungee cord(extra) and somehow……I was able to free her while I’m laying on the ground under all this mess. Then Cathy arrived. She offered to catch her but I deemed her done. Phhhhhew. It was so intense, so scary that I literally had flashbacks all night long.
While I’m getting ready to drive Jesse to work, I hear a goat cry. I run down….I had forgotten to put the chain on the other pen and they were all out grazing and the penned ones were not happy. Took the boy to work…walked inside to see the castle…looks great but wow so much to do before the wedding at 2:30 today! Came home…checked again…nothing. Woke at 2pm and was just sitting here,, listening for cries. Went to feed a bit early and what did I see???? A tiny baby pinto!!! Black with white splotches!!! Oh he’s a beauty! Almost named him Valentino, but in the end…settled on Sochi. It is a current event, after all. LOL…hubby said horrible name with all the corruption involved. Ya, well….then I name him Sochi in honor of all the Sochi dogs who were euthanized to make Russia prettier…NOT. Smurf is being an awesome Mommy, had him partly cleaned and fed by the time I found them. In other words…she musta had him while I sat here listening. Goats. I kinda figured yesterdays excitement might trigger things. Anyways…he’s a real sweetie. Already pee’d and poo’d and eaten and slept. Big day for wee Sochi.
So…..oh ya…while I was visiting the baby, I did a quicky feel of Georgia and yeehaw!!!! We got a bag!!! Didn’t feel one on Milky though. I’ll grab em as I can. No more are due till Mid March…and then of course Pirouette who was bred on the trailer ride here and will be due May or June. So….just this one baby for awhile. Boy will he be spoiled! I left when I did cuz she kept snorting. Snorting is what they do when they sense danger. I wanted her to calm. I’ll visit them later with some hay. I also posted my latest owl on FB and it was not really received well. Some liked it and others thought I was disconnected from it. It’s not perfect. I tried. I think the legs are still not right, but still….it didn’t feel good to hear. But…it is what it is. One lady said she was having a horrible day and the face of the owl calmed her and brought tears to her eyes. That’s sweet.
The illness I’ve been fighting, has taken another level. It’s heavy in my lungs now. Deep tight lungs. Having to use the fancy cough syrup now cuz I have cough fits where there is no end until I take a teaspoon. Plus I got that nasty taste when I cough that signifies a lung infection. Crapola. Come on My Body!!!! Fix this fast! Oh ya….there’s more. The Renaissance? This thing that appeared to be God saying…here, this is for you!??? Well, seems that there is a very very long waiting list. Not allowed to sell anything. Feels like another FeltLOOM……..perfect fit and built for me, so it seems…..yet…….no. Ya…frustration. Back to wondering what to do with the skill that gets me nowhere. How sad. I don’t get it. Oh well. It is what it is. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a new addition…….SOCHI!













6 thoughts on “a letdown…a fail…a fall…and a birth

  1. Oh he is soooo cute, I love his fluffy legs, what a sweett heart. I knew it when you said she had a full warm udder. How long after that was he born? So excited for you. Congrats Night Owl, and the owl is just perfect. Can’t wait to see more pictures of him, love his white feet on the one side

    • Nearly a full 24 hours. ❤ I know, he's so dang cute! You like the owl? Hmm cool. Lol back to Sochi! I can't wait to see him all clean and shiny! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

    • Ahhh honey it was a bunch of words. One friend messaged me immediately saying I’d done a good job on the face but the rest was no good. Then the comments. I try to have thick skin but I don’t. I know there are many issues so it shouldn’t bother me. :)). I’m pondering the other comment. ❤ huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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