oh to see the 13 Grandmothers…..

Ahhh, I forced a hard stop at 2:15am. Trying to alter my schedule. 4 and 5 am is too dang late. Jesse called earlier and said I needed to take his laptop to the bar for karaoke night by 7. Really? Ya. So I did. Then at 10 he texts and says I might need to give him a ride, he doesn’t know yet. Then he drops off radar. Oh man I was hot to trot. Then I call the bar and the new boss said he was working at the castle till midnight!!! So…he said he’d go get him for me and he sure did appreciate me bringing the laptop earlier. And he did. So…the boy had to work till midnight…and has to go back in the morning. They hung fiberglass insulation with no masks. Great. There is a wedding scheduled to take place on Sunday so it’s a mad dash to get it done. A busload of church people showed up to help tonight and Jesse was their boss, lol. And the Faire itself starts Saturday. He still hasn’t asked about my blanket. Cathy suggested I work there for the season…to get to know everyone…but that won’t work…it has to be on my timing cuz I will be kidding mid March. Oh man…speaking of that…..there is an International Womans Meeting…with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers……..here, in America!!!! And I can’t go. I will be kidding then. Arizona…Mar 20-23….for any who may feel the call. I fell it…just can’t comply. Hahaha….for a second I entertained the thought……………………..load up the trailer with all the pregnant goats and take them with me and kid them as they kid. Ha….right. Then the babies would get trampled on the way home. Like I said…only for a second and yes of course I know it would stress them…I was just dreaming for a second…..!!!! And…..my husband will be in India at the same time. I almost asked to go…till I heard the date. A few minutes later…it was topped with the 13 Grandmothers wish.

I just saw a trick painting. For a second, I said…how’d they do that? It was the ocean with an easel in front of it and a painting of the ocean on the canvas but the ocean was spilling off the canvas rather like a waterfall. Well, it took 2 seconds for me to realize the whole thing was a painting. Hehe……good one. It reminds me of the time I was staring into my marquis cut diamond ring…crystal gazing really, and I see all kinds of things…then…..I see me…staring into my diamond ring…and then, inside there, I see me, staring into my diamond ring. It was most awesome and I tried to capture it in a painting but it’s a really really bad painting, so…………it sits. But I did at least try. Well…gotta wind down now…I might make it to bed at 3…maybe. Night night! 2:40am = Earth.

Luckily no freezing rain yet when I took the boy. It was supposed to start at 9am and it did…right on time. Still going but just like a mist. Just came inside from feeding. Everyone was very frisky and running and such. Looks like I have another baby boy to worm….I will just go ahead and worm the rest of that pen…tomorrow. Weather shouldn’t be any better but hubby will be home if I need help. It’s a mad dash to finish the castle on time and apparently Jesse had to do more insulation today and I forgot to take him a mask!!! They supplied none. He came in at midnight last night straight from the castle, loaded with fiberglass on him….but the shower is in hubby’s room…so he had to sleep like that! Poor thing. No idea when he’ll get off or if I have to retrieve him…surely hope not cuz it is steady sleeting!!!

Cathy loves the newest owl…..and wants me to post it as soon as its done so she can show her husband. I, of course, see the flaws. I tried to fix them…some I can’t. It’s not perfect…and it’s still not done, but it’s getting there. Still no eyes! Marie/Jill posted hers and it’s really great. Course, she’s back to just layering hers and placing under glass…no needle involved. Ha…maybe she broke too many needles and doesn’t buy them by the 100 pack! LOL. Of course, now that I’ve used some of my specialty needles….I need them in 100 packs.

Last night, I was painting and listening to Natalie’s BlogTalk and she was having a call in segment. She had one caller then wanted another but nobody was there and she was gonna get her hubby or son to call so I sucked it up and called. I was shaking so bad. She said, we have a 512 number…where is that? That gave me a second to grab my wits and try to pull them on real quick. I and my voice shook for the first 10 minutes but then got better. They want me to come on as a guest speaker! Way fun man. Cathy says I should listen to it to see how I sounded…lol. Hubby is home early to avoid the ice.

Has anyone experienced odd bird migrations this year? I have…plenty. Huge flocks of birds…not all the same breed…….flying in groups, landing, drinking, eating, then moving. Many and large. I’ve never seen anything like it. And today!!! This morning as I was driving the boy….I actually saw a DANCE. Just like the FB video I recently saw…but this was in front of my eyes. 2 groups of birds…..dancing together in the air. Beautiful. Beautiful waves and formations…..just glorious! How do they not crash!??? They must practice tons! I was honored to witness it. OH! I have ore news from the sold girls….I told ya CHoxie had twins….well, Gracie had a tiny one who later died, but now Neida Nida has given birth to a baby doe. Yay!!! She said Gracie wants to steal that baby but can’t. So…yay. Good news mostly. Well……..guess I better figure out dinner now that hubby is home. Here’s to prayin no ice driving in my near future!!! Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Have a great weekend people!!! Thanks for reading!













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