Baby it’s Cold OUTside!!!

Ahhhh, my new routine. It’s 3am and I’ve just finished working…or should I say…pulled myself away from…the newest owl painting. It’s hard to stop. Very. I literally have to decide firmly, then put the fiber up…even then it doesn’t work, but I give it a go anyways!!! It’s coming along wonderfully. I went in for a talk with hubby and told him what all fiber I needed right now and said I couldn’t even complete this painting cuz I wasn’t liking the dark red…too dark. In the end…I went on anyways with it…and am very happy. When I got done rattling the stuff off to hubby…I sais, ok…I’m done with the begging. Give it some thought…and I walked away. All told it came to $300. And that’s not even all I need. That’s just some of it. That gives me 3 alpaca batts….one pound of red silk and a hundred dollars worth of Lisa Shell, Kia Mohair salad bar curls. I really thought I couldn’t finish this painting without Lisa curls….BUT…I have indeed pulled it off….with what little I have left. Amazing!

I’m having an up day. That’s a good thing. Called Cathy’s house and it seems that she is recovering from her cold and slowly reentering the world. That’ll help. I was beginning to think she had chosen the KIT life…her new friend…over us. LOL. She’s already doing KIT stuff 2 days a week now….I was afraid it had grown. Seriously…I can’t do this alone. My friend Lisa does most of the goat stuff alone…but I can’t. It’s just too much for me. Right now, I need to worm and I need to check two does. Not easy with my setup and being alone. It’s a mind stressor. Doc said my recent illness which I’m just now getting over….has settled in the very very bottom of my lungs due to leaning over to paint. Ha. It’s stuck. So…she gave me allergy meds…should I take them? I hate meds. She said something about a mammogram. I don’t do that kind of shit. If I have a problem…I go. I don’t instigate them. She checked for lumps and said I’m great….of course I am. Blessings to ya….it’s bedtime. 3:43am = 1 = Beginnings.

Another early morn but not as early which then causes issues. Woke up for good at 2pm. NOT GOOD. Day is mostly over then. Cathy came over for a visit and caught up on the paintings she’d missed…think there were 4!!! I then worked on the painting after she left and stalled and stalled….and finally couldn’t stall anymore and loaded up with winter clothes and went out. Loaded 4 feed bags into the Blazer, easier for me than the zenbuggy. Broke the waters with the hose ends and fed. Cold cold! It was icy this morning and snow looking stuff on the ground…it’s still there. I skidded at one point while taking Jesse, then as we were driving down the Ren road, a dirt road, made the first hard turn and a car was coming the other direction and they slid and slid and I inched to the right and inched to the right and we didn’t hit!! Yay! So that was this mornings excitement and I get to do it again tomorrow. See, when it’s ice like this…he leaves later so it might be melted…but then I go back to sleep later and wake up later…oh man…kidding season is coming up. Something will have to give.

I walked back in my room after feeding and the Smooch kitty is sitting on my painting, pretty as you please… it’s no big deal. HA! She’s gone. LOL. I’m getting there with this one. Made it work with what I had and it did indeed work well. And I even have a few orange curls left to finish out the face. I haven’t done much of anything to the face…just building and building. I’m into the owl detail now and eventually all will be done and I’ll have to do that face. No big deal, it’s just that I saw Marie’s owl. She’s doing a barn owl as well….and showed a sneak peak of the face. Great job! But…I can do it too. And I will…..when I’m ready! Ha….all the hoopla I made about how to pronounce her name…is it pronounced like Maury or like Marie as we know it? …and it turns out her real name is JILL!!! Hahaha.

Yesterday…one of my readers……did something extraordinary. Oh don’t get me wrong…y’all are great and carry me on when I stumble, life me up all the time….but this. This was something a little different. She said…..Thank you for taking the time to blog. I really enjoy reading your words…..or something like that. WOW!!! Thank you for taking the time to blog. You have no idea how good that made me feel. It felt like a complete acknowledgement. Thank you dear soul!!!

Aside from all the ups and downs I’ve been having…..I’m noticing another thing as well. Emotions. My emotions are raw. You know how when you’re watching tv and there is a feel good scene in the movie or the commercial and you choke up for a second….well….those are happening all the friggin time! Strange times too when the scene isn’t even all that emotional…it still is tugging at something. Maybe Kris is right. Maybe it’s connected to my hormones. I need to go get some of that stuff she recommended from a vitamin store. Soon. Maybe soon. Haven’t been to Bastrop in 2 weeks…not even to put a check in the bank…for the feathers…yup, that long ago. Hubby hasn’t said yet if he will buy the fibers and if he waits too long….I’ll miss out on the red silk. Oh well. As usual…it is what it is. Got a friend of Summers wanting to come here and connect and create and do Ren Faires. We’ll see. I do have a little trailer. Her name is Emily and she does costumes and fairy wings. She is also a performer as a fairy on stilts. She’ll be calling soon. And Summer is planning to come learn to paint in a month or so. We shall see what life brings. What changes. What new joys and what new sorrows. Cuz….tomorrow is a new Day!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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