My Animal FAMILY….

I adore watching the interactions of the species these days. The white guinea who stays alone, hopping along with only one eye…but respected. The male peacock fanning his tail mostly at the hay bales these days, instead of the shed. While his female counterpart is either found standing next to my Baby Girl Pyrenees pup…5 yrs old….or….she’s sitting on the porch. The two baby ducks that were supposed to be girls and are in fact one of each…well, they crack me up by sticking their beaks into the pens and eating the food and drinking the water. Spirit the horse apparently loved the mud the other day and was completely covered on one side, the other side being pristine white. The pups still bark when the cows and horses show up but come to think of it…that has slacked off. The guineas and peas eat the pups food. They growl at each other in a horrific manner but no bites ever occur and only when it’s another pup…not a bird. The birds apparently are allowed to eat from any pile. I like that.

My Blue Dog who used to guard his area of the room in the living room… lays there and lets the kitties eat his food and play with his food…and sit near him and lay beside him. Gucci, as I’ve said….has been going out. She is welcomed. They sniff her butt like they do Liberty’s, and that’s it. The day that Sendai died….Baby Girl was laying by their gate. The pups leave now….and come back. Also…..half the time, we can just drive out now without putting them up and giving them cookies. And if they should get that wiggle in their butt and that twinkle in their eye……….it’s ok. They come home now. This is home now, to so many…who seemed to fight the family model, as it was….and are now…coalescing….as ONE. One Family.

I really love it when I can have moments of extreme appreciation and gratitude….especially since I seem to be in the mud so often these days. I gotta keep those things close to me…like a blanket. A cape, a cloak. Damn….aren’t I a writer? Doesn’t that sound writerISH? Why haven’t I been recognized at WordPress yet? If I had….I’d have a bunch of readers and I wouldn’t have to feel like such a heel. Writing to a handful of people, day after day after day. Help me get their attention, won’t ya? Write to them? Somebody? Hehehe. Ya, I’m beggin. See….I’m a bad advertiser. I can’t seem to promote myself. I can promote others…sure. Like Namaste Farms, but me? Heck no. It’s called….Freshly Pressed. If anyone feels inspired….I could use a boost. Thanks.

I see my Hawk so often now that I really ought to name it. I don’t know if it’s male or female. I just know that it’s head is read and puffy. Maybe a juvenile? Need to look it up Easier said than done. Hrrrrmmmmf. I believe it’s a red shouldered or red winged…not sure the difference. Maybe I should. All I know is when I had my hawk experience… was a sharp shinned hawk. That was in California. I AM in Texas now! And…’s bedtime in Texas. Night night sweet ones. 2:51am = 8 = INFINITY!!! Lol…and Beyond!

I’m just gonna call this…the Day that Basically Wasn’t. The boy got his job back at the Ren Faire but we left later than usual so when I got back and went back to sleep…it was later…after 10am so when I woke again…it was 1:30. Had to be half hour away at 2:30 for the Doc…so….it was a quick cuppa tea and outta here. It seems that the illness I’m still getting over…is stuck at the very bottom of my lungs. She says its from being so intently bent over the paintings. Ha….I didn’t have a tiny one ready so I took the owl I’m working on now. Huge foam…..3 ft x 5-6 ft and 5-6 inches thick. Was workin away when Doc got in the room. Got some new cough medicine but I’ll have to hide it. It’s just a refill of one she gave me 3 years ago but it’s almost gone. If Jesse knew I had it…it woulda been LONG GONE. I reminded her that it was the last bottle sold at the local pharmacy 3 yrs ago. Ha…she said that’s cuz the Dr’s were all sippin it!!!! Putting it in their cokes and drinks! Haha…sippin that lene……that’s practically all they talk about in Hip hop songs these days…and I got me some more, yay!!! I however…..use it for coughs!!!!

So, that’s it…that’s my day. Drove to the REN, cuz Jesse wasn’t answering…to see if he needed a ride. Nope. Home…fed goats…fed pups….fed birds…..and hubby is bringing home Papa Murphys pizza. I get to just work on my newest owl. This one is an owl that my friend Lisa had posted on FB. It’s an owl in his tree hole…just coming out…..and it’s all tree and owl. I was a little put off about the tree detail but it turns out…it was half the fun last night. My friend from Scotland, Jill Harrison, otherwise known as Marie Sparks….saw my post about it and said….. Oh Sheri, I hope you don’t think I’m copying…I have been commissioned to do an owl. Of course not silly…I do lots of owls. Ha…the funny thing is…it’s the same type owl this time. We are both doing barn owls. Love them. These are getting critically harder to do due to lack of colored curls. I’m making it work somehow, but I need to sell a painting soon so I can buy more stuff to make more paintings!!! Ha,….vicious circle!!! I ran a quick marathon around the place and fed the critters cuz it’s supposed to be cold again. Jeeze, make up your mind weather!!! Oh…and Jesse is gonna ask about a blanket when he sees the guy. Yay! Plus he’s getting me a name of a Ren person to put on my application. My daughter is getting me another name. Need 2. My pups all decided to run out the gate when I felt they would stay in the yard. Ha…after what I just said last night. So…I called and Little Boy came back. Let them walk around and pee some and a few minutes later…called them and Yup…they came home. Such good pups. So loyal. Baby Girl looked me in the eye when I said….now you gotta protect Mama’s goats…not the neighbors cows. That’s why she came back after getting her momentary fill of being free. Hahahaha. My wonderful animal life. Oh,…..I’ naming my hawk…Maxy. Good for a girl or boy….and no, she wasn’t out today. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












2 thoughts on “My Animal FAMILY….

  1. I missed you yesterday, don’t know how, silly me, way to self involved. Love Maxy for the Hawk name. Remember love is a circle, so what maybe a few readers today will become quite a few in the future.

    • Well we all get caught up in our movie cuz for goodness sakes it’s our movie! Ya the goats look great but are they pregnant? :))) I can’t tell anymore. And ya…the future. Who knows???? Huggs!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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