What to paint, what to paint?????

So, now the boy is saying the job is done. Went from…he laid off all the other guys but me and 2 others he kept……to it was really done anyways. Oh well. Jesse has no problem going back up there, work or no work, so we’ll see. I’d still like to talk to the right people. Ya, I know I gotta wait but I still wanna chat. It would be nice, anyways. I also can’t wait to see the birds again. I don’t like going to zoos anymore cuz I think of the animal being caged. Once upon a time, that didn’t even occur to me. Blink by blink, experience by experience….we learn. Speaking of learning….I’ve seen Calendar Girls probably 50 times and it’s on my Directv harddrive, at my fingertips at a whim….yet….I still catch things. I just saw the look on the face of one of the main women, at a moment when she should’ve been happy to see her new friend, arrived in LA to do the photoshoots with them all. But she wasn’t happy. Her face said it all. I was the star a minute ago….now you’re here and I’m just one of the crowd again. Yup. That’s how it works sometimes.

It’ll be a shame now that I’m not taking him at 8:30am, my hawk knew when I was coming. Now he won’t. Hahaha! I just said that!!! Last night after I dropped him at the bar, I saw an owl on a post. I threw it in reverse, but I guess it flew away. A different kind cuz this one had ears!!! Like Merlin, at the Renaissance. He has ears. He’s a Great Horned Owl…..but he’s quite small to tell you the truth. We saw a dead one on the road during the South Dakota trip and it was sooooo much larger!!! The girls gathered a few feathers and the RV stunk the whole rest of the trip. I remember being in a hurry and being angry. It was a very angry trip. That and fear. But I didn’t want them to stop. They did anyways. Then they weren’t gonna give me any feathers when we got home, cuz I didn’t wanna stop. Oh piss me off why don’t ya? My RV? My trip? My money paid for everything????? I now laugh at that trip. Supposed to be a spiritual call to pray and ended up a fear filled negative energy event. Thank God for the Buffalo….and the Buffalo. 2 incidents…who knows if same being. The first one was taking a bath a hundred ft from my RV. I was the only one to see him. The second, is the one I painted. Beautiful creatures. Well….guess it’s time to wind down. Finished the fairy painting. I think. I just turned off my 7:55am alarm. Not needed now. Back to sleeping in. It’s just amazing what we get used to. Night night sweet ones. 3:03am = 6 = Earth!!!

Yup, I slept. Woke up early and I guessed it was around 8 but refused to look at the clock. I think it’s built in now to my brain to wake at that time. Yuk. Just a slow cold day, waiting to feed then take the boy to the bar to work. I think he’s actually working on his music for a change…shoot, he’s never here. I’ve spent the day trying to figure out what to paint next. It’s never an easy choice. I’m very particular as to what I will paint. It has to really speak to me or no go. Like Hershey. I’m supposed to paint Hershey goat for a friend…Hershey passed…but all the photos of Hershey I can find…the ears are NOT showing. I just can’t. It won’t look right. Flesh colored fibers are the hardest for me to come by. I probably won’t be doing any more people type things till I find some. This fairy wasn’t easy and probably would’ve been better had I had appropriate flesh tones. I did what I could with what I had. I don’t know what to do with the damned things…..but I’ll just keep making them. Strange thing to say, cuz they surely ain’t free!!! It costs around $50 just in supplies for each painting. Not counting any work whatsoever!!! Sure, I’ll sell ya a painting for a hundred bucks! NOT. They’ll just stay right here and stack up I guess. Some day, people……someone will want them. I guess that’s not a fair statement. I’m plenty sure people want them now….just not at a price I can sell em for. Which results in the same thing…..no sale…..stacks and stacks of paintings. Shoot, at this rate….I’ll have to open a gallery just to store them all!!! Ha….I wish.

Man, it’s cold out and I don’t wanna go!!! Hehe, I’m being a baby. Oh, I’ll go…I just don’t wanna. Especially since bags need toted…but…the boy is here to help load on the buggy. Still on the lookout for used IGLOO’s. Too expensive to pay full price. Just need a place foro baby goats to hide away. Have one space in one pen…under the tree root. But the other pen has nothing. No place for little ones to hide away or get away from abusive elder goats. 80 bucks for what they call a Medium…but it’s really Small. Crap….Jesse just went out…gotta go! And back. The place hadn’t even been opened yet! I’m on the hunt still. It’s like a NEED. To locate in my mind….the right next painting. Ya…I guess I AM an Artist. It’s haunting me as usual. Sometimes photos are so dull, when they’re really not…just my mind is dull and needs stimulation. Hmmm, stimulation. Maybe that’s what these paintings are. Something to keep me awake? Spiritually awake, that is. Ok well……..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…….while I fix au grautin potatoes and ham. Oh ya….due to Jesse helping me today…I only have feeding photos. He took the herd down so I could drive the Blazer in without any escapees!!! Therefore…I lost my photo op. Later. Ps…..My hawk was there tonight!!!














4 thoughts on “What to paint, what to paint?????

  1. Pirouette is looking really really good!!! Love the birds. Ugh it is cold here. Actually was in the teens yesterday and I didn’t wear my coat when I went to the store, scary how you get use to the cold. I was saying to Roman if I was living in Fla I wouldn’t even be going outside. Hugs
    I think you need to paint the cats

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