the sound of a Falcon…..

I am exhausting myself with this one. It’s so much fun for me. More like an original, than just a photo. I first found an outline I liked. Then I was like, well, bjut how do you know how to color it…you’d think I’d know by now but I don’t. It will take many more owls before I do. So, I went looking for a phot of an owl in the same position. I found one! Now you see why I’m claiming this one as mine! I’m adding my own twist to it and having so much fun. It has appealed to my senses from the getgo. And it continues to. I like this Owl. I need to name him and Oh ya….it’s a him…feels like it. Majestic Owl. Ya…..I like that. Hehe. On top of all that….I’m using one of, well two really, but ostly one of Mea’s fleeces. Athena. The daughter of her beloved Hera, who I painted for her. The right fleece, the right curls…..all put themselves in front of me, even if I choose different! Spirit is so Good.

I’ve been watching Eat Pray Love on a repeat basis lately and I have to say…..I go through such shenanigans to tell people what my beliefs in God are. I try to explain how I think that God is experiencing life through us, cuz He can’t do it himself…I usually go further in detail but in the end, they rarely get IT. The movie has found the correct explanation. No need for tons of words, or explanations or descriptions as in say…..well, what if God wanted to know what it felt like to be cheated on by a boyfriend. Wouldn’t he then have to position himself as a teenage girl? Well………………………cut to the chase and the words are: God dwells within me…as me. God DWELLS within ME as ME. Hmmmm….the quickening continues, unbeknownst to me. Guess who needs to read The Emerald tablets again???? But I digress. God dwells within me……As me. Hmmmmm. That puts it in a neat tiny little mustard size nutshell…rather fairy size, eh?

Ok….Renaissance. I’m going nuts. It’s all I can think of. So many things I can bring to the table…and I just realized one this second….mhy fairy stories. I can read to the children. !!!!!! Not a great out loud reader, but in a costume….I might be able to pull out a narrator type voice, who knows! Next year. Next year. Gosh…that’s so dang far away and it’s here now…about to start…I’m passionately panicked!!!! Jesse came home and words flew out of my mouth at a rapid pace. I could do this, I could do that….like I said…so many things to bring to the table. I am a varied kinda gal. Photography being the least….but you know dang well….I’m gonna be taking photos as I always do. Will I be there one day? One weekend? All weekends? I even have taken it further in my mind, but that’s for another day. Ayyyyye!!! Fun on the brain and time is flying. One problem. Kidding. Kidding season. But hey….I’d work it out somehow! Not many would be affected. IF they’re pregnant…but I’m thinkin maybe just maybe some of them are starting to look that way. Smurf doesn’t though and shes due in the next two weeks. We shall see. Nightie night folkie olkies. It’s that time…what time is it? Well….it’s 2:40am = 6 = Earth. Mama. If Dad is sun, earth would be mama, stands to reason. Night.

Ok…it’s late. I lost and just found my Iphone. Hubby and I used flashlights and found it in the front yard. I had gone to Renaissance and walked a lot of it. Met one guy who told me who to talk to. Jesse already had. Saw the building for the falcons. They were all inside, no way to see but I could hear them. Ohhhhhhh. What an intriguing sound!!! I tried so hard to find a crack to let me peek in!!! Then I saw Merlin the owl. And A hawk!!! In cages….the hawk was so sad. Owl seemed good…..content. What a treat. Came home to grab Jesse’s laptop and hijacked him……got that Valey Girl wormed!!!! Easy peasy…took a couple bags of peanuts with us!!!! Yay….cuz she didn’t eat again today. Until I have helpers, just gotta do them as they get sick. And yes, I always spot when they’re sick. Then……I lost my phone. Looked everywhere and had to drive him to the bar without it. Then looked everywhere again and just now yay oh yay…found it. Can’t do Ren this year but can maybe do the fall thingy they have. Stuff to do if I wanna do the summer camp as well. Rules. So………..that’s my quick update. Oh ya…same Hawk on post. My hawk. I think we’re becoming friends. Later chickies! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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