the Renaissance bug…..

Dang….I’ve got the Renaissance bug. It is consuming my every thought. Even the guy who suggested I get a tent…said for next year…but something in me says…no…NOW. The tents are very expensive so the odds aren’t great. Course…that’s for a temp thingy, a tent. They build their own booths there and they stay year round. I do know some handy people….but I don’t know…hubby’s expense account. I’m guessing it’s rather low considering he just bought that truck for Jesse. Not that it was a lot, it wasn’t, but it was a vehicle. They ain’t free!!! Speaking of vehicles….Summer has found an Angel. Yay. Love finding angels, but only if they’re real. I found one once who wasn’t, but hey…life is to live. I live. Ya….I used to be so shy….so shy….but today when I picked up the boy…he wasn’t quite ready, and boy was it cold, and there were some Reny’s sitting by a fire in a can…..I simply got out of my car, walked over and said…So…how does one break into this joint? Hehehe…..yup. Not so shy now. Ya…..I’m hooked. Hooked on Ren!!! The castle is coming together quick…you saw the photo yesterday…and that’s the outside. The inside was nothing but a tin shell when I first saw it. Ok, maybe steel. Whatever!!! Point is, it was empty……now its not. Well, still empty, lol…but now walls and things are going up. Really cool. Really fascinating. Weather…warm up!!! I need to go chill and experience!!! Lovin this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needed this.

Can’t seem to put the painting away. Don’t know if I’m making it better or worse at this point. I never do though. All I know is….a few minutes ago… I thought it was really cute…now…I tossed it aside. Course it is 3am. Beautiful Sneezy is playing with the milk ring thingy. He musta heard me thinkin this cuz he had it in his mouth, walked over to me and meowed. Hehe, he’s having a blast, all by himself. Course…I was thinking about ending his manhood. Maybe that’s why he’s crying. We’ve always done it the Vet way, but hubby said the other day , hey…have you heard of Emancipet? Well, heck ya…we don’t do that! But…alas…with 4 kittens needing done, who knows. Cathy’s sick, got a cold or something…Jesse’s working…and I still need to swap 2 goats. I want it to happen now. Smurf should be having babies in a week or two, so I want her on the other side now…so they can all adjust to her. Course…she surely doesn’t look preggers. Gosh. I used to have no doubt. Whats up??? Well…..I guess I should try to wind down now. Night night sweet folk….3:17am = 11 = Master Number!

Well, I solved my swap goat problem….I let the girls out. Hehe, not your general fix,, but it worked. Also, eliminates need for truckin hay. I’ll put em back up closer to birthing time. The weather won’t be so severe now so this should work. We just had rains. Remember I said Kiwi was standing by the gate yesterday? Not wanting out….sick…worms. Buddha too. We have a worm infestation…and I’m home alone. One more too but he most likely won’t make it. That’s how I knew for sure what it was. I found the downed goat….and made the connection to the now 2 that were’nt eating . Yesterday it was just Kiwi, and today Buddha too. I got the meds into those two…easy. Others won’t be so easy.

Oh my….strugglin with this tiny owl. Decided before bed that the eyes weren’t large enough so I fixed that. Now I just don’t know. That’s the problem these days. I don’t know anymore. After working on them so long…they just blur. Ahhh, but there is one thing I think I know. I think my specialty will be owls. I just adore owls as y’all know. I’ll just perfect them. Oh, of course I’ll do other things, but I’ll specialize in owls. Sounds like a plan. I woke up this morning all panicked at the thought of a booth. I get all brave see….then as time marches toward that bravery…it seeps out of me. Drip drip drip. Not sure why….it’s a very relaxed atmosphere. Very fun actually. Oh man…the clothing…I’ll need clothing. Hehehe. Oh man…y’all have no idea…I just googled it and they wear clothing I always wanted to wear. Maybe I lived before back then. Dunno, but we shall see. You know…the long flowy gowns with the extra long flowy sleeves??? I’ll have to get Cathy to make me some cuz this thing happens every year….15 minutes from my house. Literally. Timed it this morning….took twenty with stopping at the convenience store. I know I know….I’m going on and on about this Ren Faire. It just appeals to me so hugely. It’s just so perfect. I’ve felt the call before but resisted it. Probably 15 years worth of a call, lol….I can be stubborn. I just smile when I’m there. Looking around at all the tiny little buildings each unique and different…the wood boxes they just built to disguise the trash cans…the face cutout things for photos….color everywhere. The fire in the can drew me all by itself. I just adore bonfires of any size. Have since a tiny child.

Well, guess I’d best get dinner started. Oh…wanted to say thankyou to all the readers from around the world…thank you for coming!!! Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!











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