a tiny owl and a foot in the door……

Well, hubby is back to talking to me like I’m a pet, all singsong and baby voice…so I guess for him it’s over….never happened. Ha. Not so easy on this side of things. Yay a, I know….I’m evolved and enlightened and should just move on to the next now…BUT….that just doesn’t feel right. He still hasn’t apologized and no, I haven’t asked for one yet….but I’m still holding out hope or….gonna confront it. One or the other. In the meantime….it just feels weird. It’s cold out now. Not raining yet but expected sleet soon. Got my nightie around my shoulders again. And…at least all the goats got hay that needed hay. I still need to move some girls too. Need to swap out Pirouette and Smurf. Put Pirouette in with Mimi so that can work itself out and she stop bullying the girls….and bring Smurf into the kinder gentler pen…if there is such a thing where girl goats are concerned. They can be so harsh to each other. Man….trying to get feed into little Flowers belly is a real workout. Poor baby gets bashed at every pile she goes to. Today I put a gazillion piles. I also gave them peanuts. Yup…that time again…extra protein for the baby coats in the bellies. Least I think there’s babies. I secondguess myself now. Damned experiment.

I secondguess myself with my art now too. I never seem to know if they’re any good these days. They’re just always so flawed in my eyes. I see every flaw. I shall soon be able to see every pretty swipe of the brush. In fact, I think I already have. There is indeed an art to this that I do. After this long doing it, I have my methods and ways. There is the long drag, the short drag, the pull, the hook pull…etc…and I find myself seeing the beauty of the stroke. I worry for my 36T needle. It’s my favorite. At some point it will cease to bend….and will snap. God was good and pointed my eyes tonight to a spot on my bed blanket…yup…a broken needle point. What a grand way to find a broken needle…with the eyes!!!! I don’t know the outcome of this Renaissance…but I’m sure hoping to secure a permanent spot. Yes indeedy…me, a Reny!!! Not much of a stretch from a Rainbow to a Reny. Anyways…..I think I’ve finished falcon. Maybe it’s the background I don’t like….cuz the bird rocks.

I’m watching Happy Feet 2. Been watching them both over and over….my favorite part is now…..when the little boy sings…where is the honor? Also….my daughter sent me the link to a song from the child movie…Frozen. She said it was for me. It was. If I remember, I’ll embed them both here. Just for fun folks…only takes a minute of your time. In case you haven’t figured it out…my movie preference ….is quality, lessons, nature, down to earth.Wholesome. Walton style. If I can only get it by watching a kids movie…then guess what…I watch the kids movie. Legend of the Guardians is quite nice too, but dang, they could’ve gone much happier brighter places. Lol. Well, that’s 500 words, so….night night! Jesse is still not well but I’ll be taking him to work in the morning then I have a Dr. appointment so I can get my inhalers for the next 6 months. That wipes the day….I’m gonna try to figure out something to needle, something small, while I’m there for hours. Waiting…… Night night. 1:43am = 8 = infinity…lol.

Not a great start to the day. Hubby was home and said it was slicker than snot. Jesse gets up and says…let’s go! I told him to text the guy….guy says come at 10. Well, 10 would be no different, so….we went then. Was a horrible drive. He was mad cuz I refused to get on the highway, so he would have to walk a bit. At one point, we hit black ice and went a sailin. Literally. To the right…oh shit….i see a grass hill…we’re headin for it…..spin the wheel to the left, counter with a spin to the right and stop. Yay…no crash. Jesse is really mad. Only sees his side of things. Hope I don’t have to repeat this tonight or in the morning. Canceled the Dr and rescheduled for next Wednesday. Started the little owl anyways. Tiny. Just big enough for the fancy gray needle foam. I normally don’t get to use it cuz my stuff is too large. Huge difference though.

Just came in from the frozen tundra. Took a huge bolt type thingy to break the ice in the water troughs. Wore my hunter overalls and jacket with a face cowl, gloves and hatscarf. Not too bad. Kiwi didn’t want food, just wanted out, so tomorrow I’ll let them out. Yikes, at least it will be a bit warmer. But seriously…to not eat and stand by the gate…that’s a sign. Oh heck…Jesse just texted he needs a ride at 5. Better go so I can create the meatloaf! No problems this time…no ice patches. Meatloaf in the oven…pretty meds to try for a treat…tiny owl in progress. Spoke to a couple Reny’s and they told me who to contact…ha…Jesse’s boss! He is in contact with the one who decides….but they said…owls…they love owls, dragons, unicorns and griffins! Hehehe. We shall see. A tent might do temporary. We shall see. Wish this owl wasn’t so dang tiny. Might have to do a larger version of it…it’s just so dang cute. Ok…well, guess that’s it today. Signing off at a cold YeeHaw Ranch.














One thought on “a tiny owl and a foot in the door……

  1. Wow that goats fleece is long!!! Love the pictures, can’t wait to see Buffy in the painting. Is that where Jesse works? Cool looking building or are you creating a really cool barn?

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