the enduring Myth of Heaven…

I had a dream last night. And a nightmare. I don’t remember the nightmare, just sitting up hollering something very urgently…abd the good dream…..was telling me that I would never be Royal. Like the song. When I realized that, I felt lighter. Like, ok…so I will never become famous for my art. Fame sucks anyway, but there’s always the tiniest bit that still craves it. But ya…wow. I was all giddy. This means I can relax. This will change everything, I said to myself! I guess maybe one day I’ll look back and say, ahhh….that’s why I had that dream. The interesting part though is the fact that I had 2 dreams in one night when I rarely remember having one. It is winter weather out there. I texted Jesse to see if it’s snowing…without getting out of my bed. He said no…weather app says yes. He’s still not home. I told him I couldn’t come cuz of the ice. It took hubby 2 hours to get home…an hour extra, and the conditions are worsening. But no…they’re sitting at the bar drinking.

At this moment, 11:08pm, it says that 6 people have read my blog. They never read the next day, so….that’s it. 6. I’ve posted it twice. Oh ya….ha. I sent a twitter message something like this…… @freshly_pressed…are you ever gonna fresh press me? Going on 2 years, 204 followers, thank you. Hehehe, yup, I did that. Who knows if they’ll see it. Yes, I also put a blog link. I guess the dream really got to me, eh? It really takes the pressure off. If God came and told you….you won’t be famous….then gee….that kinda leaves me free to be….ME! Without that concern in any way. Yikes….sounds too good to be true. Sounds awesome! And I guess the dream was inspired by the TEDTalk I watched. Life is so cool.

On the other side…..I’m beginning to see….that life is out of control. I think I now understand why they are poisoning us….our lifestyle is NOT SUSTAINABLE. I’m seeing it clear as day. Not sustainable. The population just keeps rising. It’s really out of hand. Think about it. The people outweigh the govs by a lot. They gotta be scared. If I was brainwashed to say this, I’m not aware. Think about it. The amount of food required in each and every supermarket…and there are so many…and that’s just here in the US! Not sustainable.

Jesse walked in the door at midnight saying…with tears in his eyes…those goats will be dead in the morning. I assured him that I had called on angels to hover over them and keep them warm….and then I said…lets call in more….a couple legions. So we did. The Minnesota goats walk around in the snow and have layers of ice on their fleece…I’m sure mine can handle it, after all…in my observation…these goats are one tough cookie!!! Ok…well, night night on this cold icy night. 12:54am = 3 = Holy Trinity. Thankyou.

Well, I didn’t get any photos today…didn’t even point and click. Very cold. Cathy helped me get hay in the back of the blazer…buggy no start…and then with the cold…the hatch door wouldn’t stay up so she stayed with me thru the whole feeding to hold the door up. So…everyone survived the night and they now have hay. I wore my hunter warm things and was still cold…very odd, usually I get overheated, but not today. Poor baby Crystal…accidentally got left in the wrong pen. Damn…thought I’d gotten everyone where they needed to be. Poor baby no mommy to cuddle with. But she’s with mom now. Jesse just got off work at Renaissance but is now cooking at the bar. Not sure how long he can keep this pace up. Usually he’s at the mercy of whoever is driving him home…sometimes they bring him 1am, sometimes earlier.

Ha…..the enduring Myth of Heaven. What a wonderful way to put it. No matter how many peoples have been born and died, all the languages, all the separation by continent and space…yet…the myth endures. Why? Hmmm. Maybe it’s true. Maybe just maybe it endures because it is the truth. Truth endures. It gives me comfort…this I KNOW. I believe in heaven. Do you? Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Sorry……no photos today!


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