Elightment. A word used by a non English person on the movie…Eat Pray Love. They decided they liked it. I do too. Think about it. Both ways work. E = everyone. Lighten = ease up. Ment = meant. OR……E = everyone. LIGHT. = LIGHT. Ment = Meant. Yup….Elightment. Well, elightment is…messy. Hard. Invasive. Mindconsuming. Visionaryisticness. Tonight, one of you, my friend Michele, posted a link to my wall. It was a TED Talk thingie and it was the lady who did…Eat Pray Love…oh how ironic…didn’t even realize. Ha! Well, anyways…….she was talking about the Artist. The misery of the artist. The need for the art to come through, the doubts, the insecurities, the weight of the world…cuz it’s your duty to put out this art…..what if it’s not good enough???? Then she talked about oldentimes. She talked of mythical creatures and gods and the creative aspect being something…OUTSIDE of the human. A spirit, a muse, a flash of light. She told of a lady who was a writer. She was also a farmer. She said the poem would come across the fields like a train……then she’d say something along the lines of Oh Shit and run for the house trying to beat the Poem……to get a pencil and paper. Sometimes she would catch it by the tail as she grabbed the pencil. When she did so….the words were all perfect…except they were backwards to forwards.
She also talked about the creatives killing themselves…or their lifestyle killing them…either way…died too young. She thinks there’s a correlation. That maybe we need to separate the art from the person. Maybe we need to have the muse to blame if it’s no good. Maybe we need to lift that weight off the artists shoulders….which, ironically………………..she said came about….ready????? During the Renaissance! She said the Renaissance is responsible for removing the magical aspect and placing the art skill, the creation madness directly on the shoulders of the artist themselves. And we should maybe go back to the way it was pre—-renaissance. LOL….God/Spirit is so dang cool. Life….On Purpose!
I personally, am not sure…thinking it’s a combination of both. I know that I had the extremely general idea for The Wiggles for 10 years. I know that I simply sat down at a computer and words spilled. For 4 days, words spilled. Thus, The Wiggles. Made me think it was channeled…but……the latest childrens books were also created by simply putting fingers to keyboard as well. Hmmmmm. On the other side of that…..how many paintings have been a complete flop!???? Many! On another art topic….I painted a clipart dragon. Jesse now thinks I should crank out a bunch of them. When I balked at the idea…he said at least 3. That…..is not how I like to do things. That is assembly line.
Ok….humans animals….animals humans. Life for me now…has them about equal. Pleaasse don’t shoot me! I just saw a post where we were asked to say a prayer for the animals and humans in the artic freeze. As I did so….I said animals first. So, then I said humans….then animals, then humans. Hmmmm. I’m so thinking we are missing the point about animals…..my dog Blue just lifted his head in the oddest of ways and stared me in the eye…in a very awkward body position…just the second that I typed that. We are ONE. They hear us. They are US. We are Them. The grass too. Love you little blade of grass, feeding my lovely goats and my cows and Emmett…the lone cowsheep. Man…that was so in your face just now! Wow!@@#$!!! He really just did that folks! Dogs and cats for sure…probably all animals, but those 2 for sure…have mental telepathy with humans. The first gods and the 2nd gods. Remember, it says in the bible…know ye not that ye are gods? And on that note……sleep sweet and know that ye are gods. 12:55am = 4 = Angels.

Oh Lordie, the weather changes. The wind is howling, the temps are steady dropping and it’s raining. My girls were out standing in it. I locked em up when I fed. Hope I got the right people in the right pens together. I know I got all moms and young’uns together. It was hastily done, as it is bitter cold with that wind. Remember, it’s just me now, 5 feeding stations. Let’s just say….I speeded and would have gotten a ticket, had a cop seen me. They needed hay, with this cold…in some of the pens…but I can’t get the hay. Ya…..see, this is gonna be a problem. Damnit…they need hay when it’s cold. There’s just no way I can lift it. It really wasn’t a memorable feed cuz it was done so quickly and truly…no photos came out. All blurry….lol, cuz I was moving as I took them! Ha….I’ll figure something out to show ya….can’t leave ya with no photos whatsoever!!!
Since I don’t want to do assembly line art….I didn’t paint last night. We were still arguing it when he went to bed so…nada. But today I did create a background. Have absolutely no idea what will go on it or even if anything will. Man, it’s so cold! And yes, I know it’s colder elsewhere. I wish we all could have garden of eden weather. E = den….everyones den…lol. I’ve discovered that I’m losing 2 hours of sleep, by taking Jesse to work. One hour with the wakeup, dress, put pups up, drive, drive back….and one hour getting back to sleep. This is no fun. And yes, hubby just got him a vehicle…he’s still not supposed to know, but I did have to tell him something. Even when he is gifted with it…he then still has to learn to drive it!!! It’s a stick!!! I picked him up at the bar last night. The boss was arrested on a felony charge, so the lease is now broken and Jesse’s friend is taking it over, starting with a bang…a 3 day party. Oh my….some guy hit on me last night! Then wanted to know if I had sisters. Kept on till we left…how odd. Usually men don’t even notice me….my wish. Wouldn’t that man laugh if he saw me now? Sitting on my bed under the covers, with a hat on and my nightgown thrown over my shoulders. Lol. What can I say….I follow nobody!!! I AM my own woman. And…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.










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