nope…it’s Falcons and Owls and Hawks…oh my!

I’m gonna word this carefully. Tonight, on the way home from town, in the dark….I was speeding along the country road toward my house when I spied something on the road. I threw the brakes on and reversed aways. Yup…there on the road was something. It was no longer alive. It was beautiful. If I had left it there, it would have just been squished on the road. I honored it. I brought it home with me. I carried this dead item into my bedroom and laid it on a box. After awhile, the kitties checked it out. It was a very special time for me. Looking up and seeing that??! When I was ready…..I inspected it. I felt like a Renaissance artist…..getting bodies from morgues and animals as well…to dissect. To understand. To see all the parts. To push, to pull. To lift. To hold. To hold in your arms like a baby child. There was no blood on the dead thing. It was very obviously….a broken neck. I inspected every element I could think of. How does this work? Ohhhh. Oh wow….look at those! So tiny! ONE eye was open. Precious. I cradled it in my arms and looked down. A baby. Just a baby. Not really, but in essence. Small! Large meaty thigh, meatier than you would expect. 4 fingers…so to speak. Yellow, brilliant yellow. The honor was mine.

Later, Jesse put it up on the roof of the Rv for me….face down….arms out. So it might stiffen that way. Earlier…after checking out the vehicle…deemed GOOD to Go……we went to town for dinner, since it was late. While there…I waxed on about the Renaissance Fare. I was telling him all the things I found out were connected to Renaissance. I mentioned Falcon. Then I wondered if how different Falcon was from Hawk. I was going through google images when hubby said…do one with it’s prey….it doesn’t always have to be one animal. He then googled it and against my memory….there later appeared one of them in my cameral roll. As I was looking at it….I realized something. I now had the makings for a very special painting. I could combine my earlier experience….with the falcon. It will be a difficult painting and more detail than I even want to think about….but it must be done.

I wasn’t quite ready to do that painting….so I wratched around on my bed, looking for a smallish piece of polar fleece that I knew was floating around…..found it and found a painting that looked like it might be doable fairly fast….and…it’s a dragon. So! Whatdya know….I’m way into it. It’s probably ¾ finished….and can be sold at a lower rate. Yay! I seem to have been captured and swallowed up by Renaissance. Whether or not I get to sell anything there….it won’t matter. I’ll just have more paintings!!! I was in a bad lull, remember??? This has reawakened my passion. Thank you Jesus!!! I’m going boldly now. Without fear of ….well, without fear! For this moment. I’ll take it and all the other moments like it!!! Ok….bedtime for Bonzo. 2:51am = 8 = Infinity….holy! Go to the light sweet beautiful being. Night Deer.

Got up at 7:45am, drove the boy halfway to work, to the boss’s house, then back home and back to bed. Am tireder than normal. Yuk. Went straight to work on the black and white dragon and did that all day. Just finished feeding. Took scissors to cut the wire out of Milly’s curls….and while there…..I asked Lila if she’d let me get some of those wet poopy curls off her. She said yes. Out in the pasture…she stood still, while I cleaned her butt curls up. Not close to the skin on a few cuts….but the majority of the yuk is now gone. What a sweetheart. There are 14 bags of feed stacked in the yard…hubby did that. I gotta get em under the porch roof before it rains tonight. Then tomorrow the ice and possible snow comes. Man…I need to deal with that poor baby from last night too. It’ll probably be quite hard on me…after the events of last night. I got rather close to that baby. All before it rains. Oh wait…I also did some laundry and some of the kitchen. We’ll at least have silverwear for dinner! Fruitful day. Just sorted the photos for the day and got them ready…yup….productive….it’s not even 5 yet! I’m watching Percy Jackson and the Olympians….they have a guy…half goat…lol. Definitely not angora!

Guess I’ll go do ceremony and send my beauty baby from last night…..on to the rainbow bridge….well, I’m sure she’s already there…just a final resting place, ye know? The non joy part. Done and not so bad. Pretty baby. Hmmmm….still waiting to see if I have to pick Jess up. I guess it’s tacos for dinner. Big whoop! And that my friends….is about all I gotta say today. Lil short today, yay, eh? Ok…signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Mea…….you of all people….know what I’m talking about. Huggs.













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