Dragons and Griffins and Minotaurs….oh my!

It’s 3:42am and I just finished painting. The dragon. It’s a she. Oh ya, already told ya that. Well, she has eyelashes now. And eyes too! Lol. Now to lay in the background…no feltloom rental money so……we do it the hard way. I prefer to do it the other way around, but this one is what it is. Man, it’s very late. I picked Jesse up and took him to HEB, in the dark, but no go….two party check. Waste of gas. Came home, ate some casserole and been workin ever since cept for when Summer called and when Jess came in. Summer hammered me about my painting prices…she calculated and said I only come even at $550. 500 for time, 50 for materials. But she thinks I should not sell them for that. She wants me to just collect them, then she can sell them when I die…lol, she did show a quaint shop my photos…and they are possibly interested….lol and jeesh. Such a strange artform that nobody knows what to do with. Including me. Speaking of artform…..I sold OWL on a Branch!!! It’s layaway, but shoot…who cares? I’ll do what I do until I do something else, eh? Kinda like that….when I knew better, I did better thing. I must say, my hackles went up when Summer said when I died, she would take my paintings to galleries. Ha!!! Lollllllllllllll….sorta. Making noises anyway!!!!

I guess I got the baby cuter, cuz both Jess and Summer liked that part best. Course, they haven’t seen zelda’s face yet. Hehehe…..i dunno. Summer kept saying…you cut yourself short. These should be selling for at least a thousand dollars. Well, then sell them girlfriend!!! Hehe…don’t be mad. All in fun. Nah…my girl never gets mad. Well, she does experience anger, but lately she deals…lol… Not always. I love that girl. She so wants to learn from me. Hurry up girl. I ain’t got all day! Ok…nightie night folkies. It’s 3:57am = 6 = Earth.

Finished Zelda! Had Jesse to work by noon, then painted and now it’s done. Just finished feeding everyone. All tuckered out now. Let the baby boys out and they were mighty grateful. Pirouette didn’t win the race today! Not sure who did….but not her. Mimi was giving them a run for the money. Topped off all the waters cuz it’s supposed to get to 29 tonight. Friday it’ll be low 30’s during the day. What fun. The babies were all up in the feed cans…too cute. I need new feed cans. We’ve tried so many kinds. I guess the ones made of metal…old fashioned feed cans work the best…but they make em real cheap these days…not the kind I need. I need strong, leakproof, squirrel proof cans with lids.

Ohhhhh, gollygeewillakers…..I get to create something else, something new…..what shall it be? I’m going with the Renaissance theme, just in case I can sell some there. Who knows. I’ll be ready just in case. I googled it. Seems I have quite a bit to choose from. Even unicorns? Griffin, falcon, hawk, goodness…..lots of ideas. Maybe too many! Oh dear….and I’m so low on colors. Lisa Shell colors. Need the bright brights. All out of purples, blues, oranges, reds….have a bit of green still. Not enough. I’ll just probably have to choose something to paint that needs browns instead. Lots of tans and brown shades….probably a hawk of falcon maybe? Just whatever works with what I still have. You know me, I’ll getter done. Trying to work out details for tonight. Am going to check out a vehicle. I know nothing about it, except that it’s for Jesse. Maybe so he can drive it to work…it be in his name so we won’t get in trouble???? My guess. Poor Summer….still having vehicle issues. We gave her money to buy one…a cheapo….in Virginia, but that one didn’t work out. Now she has another in California…but she’s spent so much on trying to get it legal….still not there yet and she’s nearly outta money now. She had to sleep in her car last night….at least she had one!!! It was 21 degrees and she loaded herself up with all hers and mine wooly things and then in the sleeping bag. She said she was warm…we were kinda concerned about it last night. Speaking of last night…..I had to drive back from town in complete darkness, and on a highway, with lots of lights coming at me. I am definitely healing from my nightblind. Not a problem! I just have to stare intently to the right side of the road when there are lots of carlights approaching. No biggie. Yay!!! Looks like I’ll be staring intently to the right again tonight! Hehehe. I seem to be getting less rigid in my ways. When I first had to tote Jesse places….it was a hardship…now it’s like old hat for goodness sakes. At first at the bar…..I had to pick him up by 9. Now….I just sip my beer and if he needs a ride….I can get him up to 11 or so pm. Oh man….the puter froze up but yay…the blog was recovered. Guess its about time to go to town and check into this thing. Now I know why hubby said we couldn’t order the dumpster! We’ll deal. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!











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