a burst of Renaissance in my life….

I’m just a mess right now. All wishy washy and jello-y. Some say it’s the winter blues. I look good in blue, I think. Heck I don’t remember. Had my colors done back in the 80’s maybe….you know, where they put a light on you and hold up swatches to your face to determine if you are spring summer fall or winter. Then…you can buy all your clothes to match your color scheme and look your absolute best! Wow…what a memory. I prefer pleasant ones that pop up, eh? Deb came the other day to get Ernies feathers and took photos of him as he was flirting with the guineas, tail down. Later, the lady birdwatcher who owns a piece of property and uses our easement to get there…stopped by on her way out. Ended up showing her and her family the goats. And of course, Ernie was then showing full tail. Not when Deb was here, who really wanted to see it…but life is life and the 2 little girls got to see it instead. The father also said it was the prettiest peacock he’d ever seen. Hehehe. He’s pretty typical, but yes, he’s pretty. Strange to have 2 sets of visitors in one day. I just beam when they come. Showing off my babies. Hey Cheryl…you out there? You can come by anytime!

Jesse called earlier and was suggesting I sell my paintings at the Renaissance festival he’s working at. He’s building a castle. This is a permanent structure and they come, I guess twice a year. Not sure, but I know they had one in Oct or Nov of last year. They keep adding on Jesse says. So, I contact Joyce, who would know about these things and asked her if she’s going. She said sorta. She was gonna go as a psychic or something, but not as a felter. She said they got the runaround when trying to apply for a booth. Jesse was adamant that he could at least carry some around…lol!!! Ok…so back to the original call from him earlier…he said do dragons and do arrows…lol. So, I looked for a dragon photo to go by but my brain hammered at me that they were all someones art…since there seem to be none here at the moment. So…..I sketched one out. And…I’ve done the preliminary work on it and ready to go. I offered to go get him tonight so he didn’t have to wait till 1am to be dropped off. He took it. That means that I gotta take him to the place tomorrow morning, early. See what happens when ya get lonely and miss your kid and worry about your kid? He’s using heavy heavy duty nail guns way up high for goodness sakes, no food one day….but he got some today thank God. Last night I bitched him out for being drunk, but he hadn’t eaten all day and it was after 1am. Damn. Hehehe. The days…they are achangin. Nightie night folks! 1:51am = 7 = HOLY!!!

Well, got up early and drove Jesse to the Renaissance Festival. It’s still weeks away, but there are people there gathering already. Rv’s, tents, campers…lots of em. It was really cool. He had me get out and took me to the castle to show me the work he’s been doing. Good Lordie……..man was he up high and with nothing to hold onto or keep him there. Fancy setup, wow. The castle they are building is for weddings. It will even have a few bedrooms. They’re going all out on it. Watched a guy creating a rock wall look at the entrance, very skilled. People walking around….looked like they just left a Rainbow Gathering. I couldn’t stop smiling. As I drove through to leave…I didn’t wanna leave. Felt like I was leaving kin. So…..I drove home and went straight to work on the new dragon painting. It’s coming along well. Baby dragon isn’t as cute as I want him to be….I’ll figure out something. I’m nearly done with all preliminaries…..pretty much down to details now. Lots and lots of details will go in. It’s fun, cuz since there’s no dragons to snap a photo of…..I’m making her look how I want. While still trying to remain with the standard dragon image as it’s already known. I don’t have the best imagination, when it comes to thinking about it. Like, when I wrote the childrens books…..I just sat my fingers on the keys and they typed….but designing details? Not so great. I dunno…I think it’ll be a fine dragon. Maybe I should name her. I shall call her Zelda. That’s a special name in my world. Ok, I’ll tell ya. Zelda is the strong ME. The fighter Me. When bad times come….Zelda rules. And I do mean bad times. Not depressed times. Zelda the Dragon. Hehehe.

Haha…Pirouette started to head to the feed spot and Mimi saw her so Mimi hustled! Mimi is about 9 now though so not so fast. Oh, I forgot to tell ya…a couple days ago, I was feeding the baby boys and they were so excited to see me that somehow Armani ended up in the water trough. Just his backend….and he walked around all confused. Poor baby! He musta dried in time cuz he seems just fine. It’s been fairly cold at night but warm during the day. I have made a casserole and am waiting on Jesse to call so I can get him, then run him to town to cash his check so he’ll have lunch money. Ooops….leaving now!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















2 thoughts on “a burst of Renaissance in my life….

  1. The festival sounds great, I have some friends that have a booth there, Jean and Dave, he does leather stuff and she weaves, really nice people!!! Poor Armanii I hope he got all dry, he would have had frozen locks here. LOVE YOU, big hugs

    • Mea. I’m discovering that there are many many festivals. Bet you could just tour them year round!!! Never stopping anywhere else! I might like that. Ya. He must’ve. He’s fine, sweet baby. Gosh just wanna squeeze em! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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