oK….well, I just deleted last nights writings. Way too boring for ya. That makes this a really short one. Especially since it’s not been an exciting day. Worked on the painting…yay, I was alone! That’s it. Then I got in the zenbuggy and made the rounds. ALL the rounds. 5 feed stops. Haha…..that Pirouette! She is determined! After pettins and lovins, I headed toward the pens. LOL, she started running and the race was on between her and Tika. Tika lost by a half a head. Also, I noticed that as they all go from feed pile to feed pile….Smurf is allowed to eat now, and overtake a pile from someone. This is good news. She was allowed to eat before…but not take over a pile. They are turning and going for another pile. She is being allowed into the herd. Yay! Took a minute with her. She still misses her family and stares out and away….as if she’s listening for them. That’s the only bad part.

I’m making homemade pizza tonight. It’s kneading as I type. Boy, wouldn’t those old time ladies be envious if they looked thru time and saw my Kitchen Aid mixer!!! Oh…special…….hubby is always yelling at me that I don’t need to buy pepperoni…….too much in the freezer. WELL….not enough! Crapola. It is what it is….they’ll just have to deal. Hmmm, wonder if there’s any green pepper…my main ingredient???? That’s what happens when you see you have no meat for dinner, so pizza it is…ha, till you realize you don’t really have the stuff for that either! It’ll be food. I’ll at least make sure of that.

While I was painting today, I watched Namaste Farms Livestream. I’ve been kicking that idea around for so long. It’s actually a secret wish. My new iphone has a livestream app. I wonder how simple or hard it is? See, this is not out of my experience level….just the new technology is. I’m fairly comfortable in front of the camera, had a bit of experience as an online stripper. Ha. Sounds horrible. I so wish I could describe it to you. Everytime I try….Jesse stops me. Just know this. It was something. It was different. It was unique and it was fun. It was indeed one of a kind and I highly doubt there has ever been anything like it since. Just me and my girl, Sunny. We were LIVE….and we were the 1st to do certain things….as one law changed…..I was a first…to do something legally on the internet. Well, Sunny was right there beside me, but if I remember it right….it was me. Hehehe. What was me???? Lol, the first to…..legally INSERT. And what did I legally insert? A dildo of course! That time, anyway. Ya…good times. Whoda thunk but they were. Fun fun times.

NOT however…what I’d like to do with Livestream. Just plain ole goat stuff. Been wanting it for years. We still have one of the fancy cameras from way back when, but hubby keeps hold of that tight. I guess to find out how it’ll work…I just need to give it a try. Only way to know. Just do it Sheri. Yeah! Need to try it so I can work out whatever bugs I may find. Maybe next week. Get me up some nerves. I have been wanting to do this for so long. I kept looking for some way to hook my iphone up where it would sit still and then they came out with these funny bendy things. Apparently they do work cuz that’s what Natalie was using.

My daughter has been sending me photo after photo of Mt Shasta. Some are deep woods photos that look like the fairy realm. Very special stuff. Some with the sun glinting…just precious. She said last night she was thinking of going to see the Hobbit. I said ya…go! So she bought a ticket right then. Oh crap….looked it up. Oh baby….it might be too harsh for your sensitive self. It was. Dang. But we did discover the reason she went….to pray for the teens who also are watching. That’s my girl. Oh yay…green peppers. Oh Lordie…I’m watchin The Help….about a white gal interviewing black nannies to see what it’s like for them to raise white peoples babies and not their own. Gosh…what a sad state of affairs that was. Not much better than the Natives now….losing their children to Adoption Sales. Yup….sales. Read up on it. I guess there isn’t a perfect point in history, is there? Nothing perfect when humans are involved. We are all learning, when you learn…you make mistakes…equals…im perfect. Hehe…….I’m perfect! LOL…..guess I’d better go now. Probably bored you to tears…even with deleting last nights ramblings about BlueDog and the Last Samurai. Oh ya…Ernie not only has all his new feathers in….he’s back in tail fluff dance mode.

The gal who introduced me to angora goats, is coming over tomorrow to pick up Ernies last year feathers. Her daughter is getting married and they are having a peacock theme. Fun. So…..Deb is coming to grab them and to see the goats, since she had to get out of the goat business when her husband got ill. Have to wake up a tad early but not bad. Ok…well…..guess that’s it for today. See ya soon. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












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