to know life…in every breath…every cup of tea

I’m watching Independence Day. Every time I do…I’m reminded of the time where I was watching it in the living room a few years ago….and it was the scene where they are headed to the white house to tell them what they know. In the movie…the father is driving and he goes really really slow…while the son argues to try to get him to go faster. Well…this particular night, the father was racing toward the white house at a very fast and scary pace and the son was yelling at him to slow down or they wouldn’t arrive to tell the President what was going on. Very strange, eh? I haven’t heard of any alternate versions played on tv, have you? It makes me think of an alternate reality. Was I in one that night? Which makes me think of when I was arguing with George during my Spiritual God requested journey to South Dakota. I was sitting at the table thingie in the RV and George was on the other bench. I was sobbing to the point that I was about to be ill. I was thinking and saying to God…silently…I’m not gonna do this again. I can’t do this. Get me outta here. Next thing I know, my head is rising at a steady slow pace and I’m no longer crying. I now have a rather intense look about me, I’m sure and I go eye to eye with George. She shuts up. The end. LOL. What was that about? I still don’t know. And…I’ve blogged about it before, lest you think I’m going nutso.

The boy has just arrived home from the no pay job at 1:30am and he has found another person to work for…daytime. He has to be up at 7am. What fun! At least he has a ride tomorrow. Ok…so….I’m working on the Mary painting. It’s going fairly well. I’m happy with two of the parts inside…but the third one I’m working on is not quite right yet. There are many things inside Mary. That’s why this is so different. Not my typical work. Also, I haven’t done it yet…later…but I discovered an aspect of the Muga silk that I can tweak out to make it even better. That’s cool. Hubby came home tonight with 2 items for me. One…a bakers rack…the Home Depot kind. We have one in the living room with all my old craft supplies. Gotta find a way to squeeze it in here. The other, a large heavy duty storage bin on wheels, designed for tools. Apparently he really really wants me to organize my tools! This one is bigger, but he already got me a toolbox on wheels for xmas. Yup…apparently I need to or it wouldn’t be happening, eh? He’s trying to organize me. It’s a slooooow process. I don’t move fast unless one of my goats is in trouble! I have however, been working on this painting all day and all night…so that counts, eh? Ok….500 words. Nightie night night. 1:51am = 7 = HOLY!!!

Another new day! Not much accomplished, but Cathy and I had a great chat. She said she’s really enjoyed out talks lately cuz life just speeds by without much thinking. She wanted to thank me for getting her to think again. She, Summer and Jesse love the Mary painting so far. Hawk is giving me fits and Summer said it was great as is…but nah.I can’t remember exactly but something happened last night that suggested to me that my Grammy was here with me. Never happened before. Then just before bed, it felt like someone was telling me which part of hawk to adjust….so I said thanks Grammy. We shall see if her fix works, eh? Ha…but owl came out real cute. All of 3 inches tall! So much more to do on it….sooooo much more. One of the drawbacks of Cathy coming over is I never work when shes here, and that kinda bums me but at the same time…I like the chats. Oh well.

Jesse is doing that dayjob thing today. That meant I had to feed them all myself. The girls were outta feed, so I loaded 2 bags onto the zenbuggy and also filled a grocery sack with oats. Got out and gave the oats, but when I went to go get the buggy…half followed me. So…..had to walk them to the pens and trick…ie, walk in….them into going in….then putting locks on. Then I could drive the buggy in so I could fill their feed container. Haha…I lorded it over them…that I was getting to walk back and forth down the alley with feed bags in my arms…and nobody was tripping me! I played it up big….but I know it will make no difference whatsoever. They’ll trample me tomorrow. Ha! Pirouette is completely integrated….but Smurf still has folks wanting to bop her if she’s near them. Hope it calms before the baby comes. Still got a month for her, and actually I need to look to see when the others are due. March is all I know for sure.

I’m donating Buffalo to The Gathering of Healers…the one at the Navajo reservation. It’s the 3rd annual coming up…I remember when they were organizing the 1st. So….although it’s a big ticket item…what the heck. Need to get it packed up and sent. Just so it’ll be there. Or…maybe I should wait since I may figure out a good frame method before then. Hmmm, it’s 5:30pm… belly is growling. Very odd. Haven’t eaten…but I rarely growl. Oh I know…..I didn’t have a late night snack! Oh…that and the burger I cooked did nothing for me. Why is that? I love burgers in restaurants!!! Yay…The Last Samurai is on! Love that movie….one of my favorite quotes is from that….To know life…in every breath….every cup of tea. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!










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