Dumbed Down and Dandy…..!

Hmmm. I guess the bottom line is this. We are asleep. Until we wake. When we wake…we pay attention and we question everything. We then find out what’s happening. Not on a history of earth and how did we get here kind of wake up….but rather a…..oh hell…..we are being systemically killed and limited. Dumbed down and made ill. The control of the masses, the control of the population, control of life period. Maybe I need to keep my secret, damn. They’ll come for me. Wow….did you know that the chemicals they are adding…..are creating males that were supposed to be females? Males, with the brain of a female. All to try to control the gender. Males with smaller thingies, less fertility…..more emotional….meaning….the gay culture is being created by the MAN. Oh God….too much knowledge hurts the heart. Don’t take my word for it…listen for yourselves…InfoWars….. They said something about the fluoride…..to dumb us down. This is not where I learned about the fluoride. Completely different source. They created a product to counter the fluoride. I need some. OH HELL…..GMO tampons????????? No wonder so many women can’t have babies these days. All designed to control Population. Sorry…..but y’all read my blog…if ya didn’t read my blog you wouldn’t have to know some of these things….you may be happier with your head in the sand…I am…but I can’t stop. I have to search. Something drives me. So…..here’s the title to look up this particular InfoWars episode if you’re interested. Gov’t Secret Chemical Warfare against the Public Exposed. Put that in google to watch this particular video about the gays and the tampons. Interesting….I’m writing tonights blog at 5:24pm. Haven’t even published todays yet and I’m already writing the next one. That’s cuz see, like….yesterday I used the words…dumb down in regard to the fluoride….and today, I heard the fluoride referred to as….how to dumb down the population. They go together folks!!! I can’t just pretend it didn’t happen…didn’t hear it, learn it…believe it. But folks…what I’m telling you is just the parts that scream at me….there’s so much more info in these things….holy crap its scary…but hey…..it’s all part of the plot….the hologram plot.

It’s been a fun and stressful night. Lots of things came across my FB feed that were need to know but don’t want to know kinda stuff. I felt the need to know. Yuk….icky belly for sure. But later, Jesse came home…not drunk…yay! And we had a good chat. In the meantime….I finished up the Mt Shasta painting. Sparkles galore folks, sparkles galore. It was fun. I used up a good bit of my …well, I’m now calling it fairyfiber, but which is known as firestar. Anyway….I used a good deal of my supply. I use that stuff like it’s gold…which I don’t really know why cuz it’s really cheap….and it takes so little…for what I do. Tonight was my first opportunity to use a lot…and I did indeed! Funcity! Hmmm. Didn’t I just use that word recently? Weird that it’s coming up. Hmmm, nah, not really now I know about the hologram thing. Ha. Blame it on the hologram! Crap…no, don’t. Sorry…..bad idea. Hehehe. Oh heck. Night night folkie olkies. See ya in the starshine. 2:21am = 5 = Change!!! Yay! Whoa!!!

Goodness. Well, today hasn’t fared any different. I promise you, I’m not seeking this information out…it’s just spilling my way…which is a sign from Spirit to pay attention. I don’t want to pay attention any more. It’s making me feel sick to my stomach with fear. Fear for our country…fear for all countries, for the planet we spin on. So…..I’m easing off of the heavy duty ick that I’ve been reporting. I have more but what the heck….whats the point? I know, I know….share to educate. But what can be done at this late date? We all just sat here….believing the….it’s conspiracy theory crap while they did the dirty work. We just sat here. Hopefully there will be some evidence left for whoever survives……that they killed the frog. They put the world in a pot of water and slowly turned the heat up. By the time we realized….we were dead. We are the frogs.

And onto happier things. Ha! Hmmm, lol, what might that be? Nah……I went to feed the girls and I walked into the L…then went the wrong way. They all ran behind me wondering where we were going. I just wanted a different layout for photos, lol. So, I took em up by the farthest tree. Then they all came for the individual attention. Smurf was looking…..staring into the distance as usual poor thing…she misses her people. Star musta rolled in a leaf pile cuz they are stuck to her everywhere. Bellies are looking bigger. When it came time to actually go feed and I started in that direction……guess who ran out front…to lead the herd??? I’ll give ya 2 guesses but ya only need one. Yup…Pirouette. I told them she was in the lead…and I began to run….hahaha….everybody ran to try and beat her. Only Milky came close. I think it was a tie as they turned the corner into the lefthand pen. Don’t forget, Milky is Mimi’s daughter…so all good so far.

I finished the Mt Shasta painting and am once again, tackling the Mary painting. Not easy. Keep having to rearrange things. I’ll get it. I’m determined. It’ll take awhile though. Oh ya….I was talking with one of my high school friends last night and she was inviting me to the reunion. I said I only had a couple friends so not worth it for me. I mentioned the 2 other friends besides her and she had one on her friendslist!!!! So….the girl who was my artist friend, at age 15, is back in my life and now I’m an artist too. Very strange. I’ll never forget her…..lion eating eagle eating snake picture. It was done on a color background covered with black and done in the scratch method. Stunning….and she was only 15. I was so jealous! Ha…now she’s a mom and a grandma.Life. Very odd these days. Taking it one breath at a time. Big breath. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















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