my Brain is DANCING…..

Ok, you guys know me. 2 things have recently come forth that make my brain go nutso!!! One…scientists have proven that we are a hologram. Two, there is artwork and artifacts from the Annanukki????? I thought this was one persons theory. It can’t be theory if there are artifacts! Golly bum…a thought to make the brain twirl….like a dance. A wild twirling whirling dervish type dance. That tell ya how much this freaks out myself…my SELF? It is my understanding….that there was only ONE good Annanuki…but he did not prevail. Honestly people…..have any of you read any of the Kolbrin Bible? Even heard of it? I own one, from during my spiritual journey. 13 year journey into knowledge and spirit. It’s mostly the same as the regular bible, but the names are different, like Noah goes by a different name. Also….in it is the story of how WE were created. These are the EL’s. The EL gods. Rumor has it that they left…vowing to return after so many years….which I believe is…ummmm, this time frame. Supposedly they live on the planet Niburu, which is just on the other side of the moon in a fake blackhole. Now…..all this was so hinky….so unbelievable…that I really didn’t. Not much anyway…I like to leave room for error. But these days??????? SHIT……it’s probably All true. If you heard it…it’s true. Came from somewhere! Not too thrilled with the idea of them returning. Like I told you before though….should be real easy for them to get the gold…the people are all wearing it!

Ok….on to the Hologram. Oh why am I telling you this???? I don’t even know why I blog anymore. For the couple of you, I guess. Lately there have been more from the world…but just one usually from each…sometimes, 5 countries in one day, one view. Mostly, I’m down to around 10-15 a day. Not really using time wisely if I spend all this time on something that generates so little. But….here I sit. Chatting. To someone, surely. Anyway…as I was saying… as a hologram. Hmmmmm. Not really all that far off from what I already believe……that we are here….experiencing life….for the God so BIG that he can’t come do it himself…except this way. With that theory….then God is directing the holodeck. Lol….ya, I’m an old trekkie. My sister was really into Star Trek and carried me with her aways. Hmmm….how to go away from what I believe to come up with another example…..Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Ok…..Heaven. Heaven runs the holodeck. People run the shows….and we choose what we want to experience before we get here. Or…..we….I, am the one running my holodeck…..the ME that’s a soul…not the Sheri of this particular life. LIFE. No friggin wonder it’s so damn endless…..they can reset as many damn times as they want. Oi ve…now we’re headed into my pre-spiritual self…….who wants to say….get me the hell outta here. All plausible. Shoot…what does plausible even mean anymore? Oh ya….while watching a documentary about the pineal gland… said that they only thing that can really harm it is….Drumroll……………………Fluoride!!! Hmmmm. Geee. Hmmm. Want us fat and stupid do ya???? I got news for you. I’m not like the rest of the people. Not at all. I do things very differently and nobody knows….cuz different is frowned upon. I will tell ya this….I don’t get no fluoride in my drinking water….I don’t drink water. That’s all ya get though. I might be getting closer to spilling my secrets though. Even my son is starting to see the wisdom. Hooyah!

I’m trying to catch…what triggers my emotions these days. I’ve mentioned it. I just felt myself choking up and checked to see what caused it….a girl, won the award. Not the one who the movie was about, but the one who made music on the streets for quarters to attend the school. In other words, the poor girl who otherwise couldn’t attend. Hmmm, now just what about that made me choke up? Ahhh, there have been plenty of times, they’re flooding back to memory…..where I wanted to attend a seminar or a college or a class. I had no money. Must be that. I dunno. Goodnight sweet folk. 1:26am = 9 = endings. Yup….got interrupted and that’s all ya got, lol.

Cathy and I chatted all day about those things….3rd eye, hologram and Annanukki. I’m still sorting it. Then we went to feed the girls. She doesn’t usually do that with me. She still doesn’t know who they all are but she knows some. Flower was giving her a feel of how soft her curls are. Gotta love that Flower. I really think Mimi lets her run lead….since she’s an orphan. Pirouette of course, being much older….can’t quite beat Flower. But dang she tries!!! Mea is sure that she’s trying to take Queen…and I for sure have no doubts anymore. Pirouette moves…..and goats get out of her way.

Well, I guess it’s a good thing when someone walks into your room and sees your latest painting and their jaw drops!!!! It’s still not done though. Cathy saw my face and said…you don’t like it…I said…I don’t know. She said…oh…you don’t know anymore. I said right. Something has left me. That’s for sure….maybe it’s making room for something else, something better?!!!! I hope so…cuz not knowing if something is perceived as good by others….shit ya…all important in life, right???? Shame on me! Maybe that’s why it’s gone. Maybe if I don’t know if it’s good…..I won’t care if it’s good. Maybe then, I’ll just paint. I dunno…all of this blog today is hypothesis. All of it. I know nothing for certain except for faith. Faith of a mustard seed….and believe you me…it’s a pretty big seed as seeds go. I guess it would fall somewhere in the middle actually. But if I can get that much faith…..I can do whatever it is I want to do. I now have many mustard seeds built within my system. They sustain me….until they don’t and by then, I usually have another in the works or I create one to be in the works. I never know how much y’all understand of me……I go fairly deep. Uh oh……its donesky time. 1,000 words. I try not to go too far over that…for your sake. The beans were awesome and Jesse tried them and he loved them too. He’s finicky. Tonight is spaghetti…with the 2 separate sauces to appease the household. Well…..later chickies!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.










4 thoughts on “my Brain is DANCING…..

  1. Self doubt will get you every time. Write because you need to write, not because of who is (or isn’t) reading. Paint because you need to paint, not because it may sell. At least that’s my philosophy in life. I can’t imagine my life without creating, even though there have been periods where I did not. In the end, I create because I have to create. Creating makes me whole.

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