Easy aint always Right…

Oh heck. I guess it’s time to put the needle down and blog. It is 2:33am after all. I didn’t blog today. Just didn’t feel like it. That’s my prerogative, since I’m an unpaid writer. Yup….painting. A miracle? No…just good news. I’m struggling with this one…but then again, I struggle with them all for days….before I deem them done. It’s actually quite amazing that I even do this at all. As hard as I am on myself, my abilities…it’s stunning that I get beyond the ugly stage…to the beautiful stage…and believe you me…it’s a very fine line. And it’s forever in the making. Plum amazing I tell you. How they don’t get ripped up….is beyond me. I guess it’s coming along ok….I’m having troubles with the milky way. I wanted to get off easy and it’s not a get off easy thing. I guess I’m realizing realeyesing it as I type….physician heal thyself.

I have a fridge in my room now. I didn’t realize it was for me, but it really is. A tiny stainless steel fridge, for my beer and snacks. Especially for the beer…that dang boy!!!! Arrgh! Ha…I threatened to put a lock on it but there’s no dang handle! Just a pull door. Heheheheheeee. What a life I now live. It still feels like he just came not too long ago….but it’s coming up on 3 years. He has changed from night to day. BUT….he’s not there yet. He’s hovering at sunrise and I’m praying him on.

Hmmm, guess a whole weekend has gone by. Not much new. No screws were bought to do the boys pen. Hubby did apparently buy some round bales of hay for the cows and horses that were better than what he’d previously bought…mostly sticks. Mea suggested that Pirouette was doing a running head butt on baby Crystal cuz she’s gunning for herd Queen. I think she may be right. She was right up front today as we walked to the food. Baby Flower in the lead always…..but Pirouette was trying her best to catch up to her. Interesting and NOT welcome. I shall deal with this. Haha….apparently I’m still painting! I’ve been standing and bending over for this one a lot and it’s no fun on the back. I went to let Blue out and next thing I know…I’m standing and painting again. Why standing? Cuz it’s a large one and it’s too far away from me. Ahhh, nothing like finishing the night off with Tinkerbelle…after using firestar to glitter up the sky on this painting. Appropriate. Night night folks. 3:10am = 4 -= ANGELS!!!!

Yup….I kept painting after that…bed after 4 sometime. It’s a beautiful day, so after working more on the painting, I went to sit with the girls. Been too long. They forget. They all rush to greet me, instead of staying in their laying down piles. I go back to where they were and rarely do they then lay down again. Couldn’t get anyone to come sit with me. Pirouette kept trying to take them to the feed area. Finally, I sat behind a tree where they couldn’t see me. Guess who decided to come check out Mama? Yup, Smurf. Hesitantly, but she walked right to me. Smelling me. I was just about to take our photo when Pirouette came to chase her off. Hmmm, she really does want head goat position. Oh well…others have tried before…never works. You can only have one queen. Pearl is doing the moaning thing again, but considering there was no baby when she did it before, I’m confused. I was so sure that she at least had been bred last spring. All that moaning and seeing her belly move…mighty active rumen to do all that!!!

Late the other night, I smelled beans. Pinto beans…Bobby’s beans. Bobby…Jesse’s dad, Bobby….my abuser. But he sure could make some beans! So, I smelled em, and now I’m making em. Mmmmmmm….the smell in this house!!! Huge pot and I don’t even know if the boy likes em…cuz he doesn’t know either yet! Oh ya….the young man who was frozen after his car broke down…is still alive! Still in intensive care and they’ve got a GoFundMe thing goin. If you want to contribute…holler at me. They showed a sweet photo of him with his family. Sad. Oh yum…..just took a taste test. If ya wanna know how…it’s easy. Rock the beans the night before…as in…lay them out on a flat surface and look for rocks!!! Don’t wanna bite into those. I usually find at least one…this time was no different. So don’t forget to rock your dry beans folks. Then stick em in the pot you wanna cook em in…and cover with water…about 3-4 inches over the beans. Let sit overnight. This is called…soaking the beans. Come morning time…add spices, for me would be……salt, pepper, garlic salt and onion powder. Simmer with lid on all day. Add ham and whatever else when you want. I add the eckrich sausage toward the end cuz it tends to burn. That’s it….oh wait…add a few drops of pickle juices…sweet and sour. Yum…Bobby’s Beans. Been makin these since 1990.

Smurf has a discharge…Yay!!! She’s due in pretty much exactly one month. The rest start a few weeks after that. Oooooooh, it’s getting closer!!! Such an exciting time. The anticipation is scrumptious. They better be nice to her and her baby or I’ll move them!!! Let the baby boys out today for a romp and romp they did. Especially little Kiwi….kickin up his heels and twisting and jumping…I adore watching them play. I even got one photo of it that was good enough!!! Oh now here’s some interesting news….Jamaican pot growers are forming an Association…..so they can ensure the industry…they want Jamaica to have no less than 55% of all licensed cannabis industry. I think they mean them…the people. The Jamaicans…..vs…the Gov. Cool beans.

I guess I’m done helping Namaste Farms. I guess I got too wordy??? Hmm, I dunno, it was fun. I enjoyed it and kinda miss it. Now I’ll just retweet her Shearmadness tweets. The show comes out March 1, or thereabouts. Hmmmm, speaking of shear madness……it’s getting close to crutching time….then I get a shearer to come, hopefully. Not till after the babies are born though. Babies….getting excited. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















4 thoughts on “Easy aint always Right…

  1. Love you, Pirouette could be a great queen, you never know. It’s a goat thing. If I came from a different home and moved to where none of the goats knew me, I would try, I mean what have you got to loose, nothing. At least you won’t be at the bottom. Ana was Queen, and she was a good queen, not mean to anyone, but everyone got up when she walked by, not because she made them it was because they did it. Now I would say Hutu is queen and she is not as nice, gets them with her horns if they don’t pay attention and move fast enough, I will have to see if that is who took over. I think so, poor Ana is at the bottom now, but she has gotten nicer and comes to me for treats now, and she gets them too. You know her babies were the ones who died. She came into season again so in 5 mths she may well be having babies!!! Fingers crossed and a baby Hera will be born

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