fear…..and kittens

Goodness, that was uncomfortable. Guess I’m a wimp. There is a Free Leonard Peltier event going on starting at midnight tonight, to twitter storm, email and phone too…to the whitehouse and the pres. Well…I eagerly did it….then after the first two…I started to feel uncomfortable. I felt fear. Fear of the gov. Last night, I commented on an abortion post for our local CBS channel. Later that night, a guy responded to everyone who commented. It was kinda scary. He said stuff like…I see a divorce and accidents happen. Good grief! So…now, I have to keep that in mind when I comment on very public posts….as opposed to a friends post…or a business post. Ha…and I just stated I was a bedside activist. Right…and my kitten is in heat….see, those two things don’t go together. But she is. And Sneezy is a boy. A baby boy, granted and he seems to have no interest…at the moment….but what I’m getting at…is I’m talking cats in case anyone is scared of me. All you have to do is read my blogs. I want people to have a decent life man. That simple. If that means giving the Indians complete autonomy which should have been there in the first place…then we run into the issue of a white person getting killed on Indian land…which is how Leonard got in prison. Hmmm. Lets think on this, there must be a solution and NO…separation is not the answer. Maybe a white person would need to be invited…maybe it’s that simple. Of course, nothing is simple and many things could go wrong in that scenario…but so many things could go right. I mean really…if your ancestors plunked these people down and said…here…live here. Then let them LIVE there. WITH their water! Ok…enough of that.

Well…I still don’t know definitively if anyone is preggers here. Still aways out yet, but you’d think I’d see some kind of sign, wouldn’t ya? Yup, that’s what us goat breeders go through. EVERY year. Oh…with some of the older nannies….it’s pretty obvious…depending on their body type…lol….some get really really huge with twins and even triplets. No triplets here yet. Jeesh, hard enough with twins! Oh…I just figured it out…why the pres won’t pardon Leonard! He…they…are afraid that the Natives will become extremely united with his release and they are afraid they’d become strong??? Maybe. Perhaps.

Fear is a strong emotion. The only thing stronger than fear…is love. Pure D Love. Love in your heart. Conjure it up. It’s not that difficult. If you mess up and find yourself picturing a bad scenario in your mind….just go back to love. Find something you love to think about. Center yourself on that. I find it interesting how easy it is for us humans to go to the darkside of possibilities…of what could happen…instead of the good side. I think it’s built into us. The challenge is…to take it from the dark to the LIGHT. Ooooh, good one Sheri. I teach, I learn. I learn, I teach. They go together. We go together. Guys….in case you haven’t noticed….the mental thing about me…is…I feel. I feel intensely. Everything. My emotions are just amped up a bit. Once upon a time I went by a name of….Borderline Personality Disorder. I was so proud and happy to finally have a name to describe myself. What it came down to is that I have a little bit of all the emotional disorders. Just a little bit of each. Hehe. Isn’t that every human? That’s what I’ve come to figure out. We’re all a tad paranoid, we all get depressed, we all do things in repetition, we all think we’re worthless. Until we don’t. Then we do…Then we don’t. Yim yam yin yang. Are we having fun yet? Hehehe. Ok…night night sweet peoples. Blessings to you all. 2:43am = 9 = ending.

Well. Another rather dark day. No rain, just cloudy. Went with Cathy to have the radiator flushed on my Blazer…cuz I was told to. So…we charged lunch to hubby and sat in the parking lot while they worked on the car. Maya and Tika both seem much happier after their mini shears yesterday. Maya can see everything, so she holds her head higher! Oh shoot…those topknot curs are still in my coat pocket! Gotta remember! It’s in the 60’s today so no coat needed. Crazy weather. Crazy about that chemical spill in the water too!!!! Very little explanation of what happened…a factory….a factory forced to cease operations….that’s all I got. I mean…they can’t use that water at all!!! And…I heard there were lots of injuries before anyone was told the water was bad. I heard from a gal on the T’ootsie Healing Circle…who had sores in her mouth from brushing her teeth. She let the circle know…that’s how I found out, then I googled it, of course.

I see no action on Twitter of the twitter storm. So sad for Leonard. I only tweeted around 6 times….and saw no evidence of other tweets…even now. Ahhhrrrgggghhh…had to tell the boy again….too much hay!!! At this rate we’ll be out soon! Not great. He gives out the hugest amounts…and doesn’t account for how many goats are in the pens. 2 goats…get one sliver, not 3!!! Good grief. Ahhh, hate the dark days. Not in the mood for much. No idea whats for dinner. No desire to cook. Add to that…I once again magically don’t have enough beer to finish out the night…and forgot to pick some up while I was out…sooooo…I gotta go to the dang store. Not too happy with that. Guess I better end this to get all that done. It’s Friday again…so quickly. So….talk to ya on Sunday. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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