Once upon a time, I wanted to be a lobbyist. I thought that was my best shot at activism. I had things to say and I had things I wanted changed. Even way back when. It’s good for me to remember this. Even…. well, way……before my rebirth, I wanted to change things on the planet. Back then, being a lobbyist wasn’t a bad thing. Not sure anymore. All about the $$$…..which isn’t real anyways. Which brings me to my point tonight. It seems I have finally become an activist. Act I Vista……vista……well, a vista, to my knowledge is…what I see from my vantage point. So….I act from my vantage point….Activist! In a way. I sit here doing my day and I see something on FB that I want to share to educate the world…and I do. I share it. That is me being active. I don’t have to drive anywhere or be in a protest or a mob scene. I quietly do my thing from right here. I share injustices. I share wrongs being done. I share joyous scenes. I share hope. I share knowledge. I even share wisdom…cuz I got some ye know. It’s all a mess out there and I’m trying to make sense of it. Jingle jangling between …the……well, it can’t go on as it is, so major change is needed feeling…and the….oh crap, who wants to go there, let’s just put our head in the sand…and the… but people are starting to get it, etc etc etc. My mind is never quiet. Oooh, I dreamed last night…don’t remember it, just knew I had just been in one. The beer really really puts me to sleep….the whole point of the beer. Man, I’ve got a kitty under my leg and one on my lap…along with the laptop…on my lap….not working so well. Mostly cuz the one underneath…that although I’m not squishing…wants to be petted in his sleep. And petted TO sleep. Sneezy. Who recently discovered Mama’s nails and is in love. Also here, is Pele…Kokapele, who is a big ole baby and she adores hubby. She’s the stretch her paws up toward you kind….and she has a permanent smile.

Got my meds…, finally. Long drive in the rain approaching dark….not ideal….to a backroad. Never been there before. To a backroad past all the houses….to just sit and wait on the side of the road as it got darker and darker and rained harder and harder. You see how much fun it is for a 52 year old lady to try to get her medicine? The medicine she’s been using since age 12? The ONLY medicine that works? Believe me…I could get hard pharmaceutical drugs…oh ya baby…..problem is….I don’t want them. I can’t function on them. I’m worthless on them. That’s not living. It’s scary…as is talking about it right now…even now when there seems to be…appears to be… much hope. Smoke and mirrors? Or real? I’m just praying the genie can’t be put back in the bottle. Tonight I read a letter, a petition to, the pres…about cannabis. It was very long and it made me very angry as I read, as I heard what the child Dahlia has to go through…everyday…the screams everynight for every day of her life. The ONLY MEDICINE they are allowed… ALLOWED to give their child, is Chemo and radiation. Chemo…that kills everything in the body….instead of cannabis…that eats cancer as a food. You tell me. What is wrong with this picture???? Okie dokie…500 words. Nightie night!!! 12:27am = 3 = Holy Trinity.

Another dark and dreary cloudy day. Not really raining…but wet and complete cloud cover. Ahhh, but good enough to get some things done. 2 somethings in fact….named Maya and Tika. They had a case of diarrhea. The longer it stays on their curls, the worse it gets. At times, it can even go raw if left there. Think about it. As a human, diarrhea burns…well, it probably burns a goat too. Well, technically it shoulda been done a couple weeks ago…but bad weather, lack of helpers, pain, holidays…etc. But, they are done and surely they feel better. Ooooh, had to yell at Pirouette today after she did a running ram into baby Crystal’s side. Oh did I scold her. She’s a baby! We don’t ram babies! I think she finally understood. We’ll see. And while I had miss Maya on the stanchion….I made it so she’s not blind anymore. I removed her topknot. She can see!!!! Ha, they were so dang long!!! They’re in my coat pocket…need to get em out so they don’t rot.

I woke up early this morning knowing that I’d screwed up. Went immediately into prayer…then back to sleep. What was the screw up? Well, I had been gifted with a new talent/skill…..and I made it all about the money….nobody is buying them!!! I shall endeavor to remember and keep in my psyche, that it’s a gift…for me to enjoy. For others to enjoy. So…lets enjoy!!! The Mother Mary painting is still untouched except for that first night. I now have 2 that need made aside from her. Spirit Bear….a white grizzly in Canada…only 500 left….Enbridge…the damn pipeline company wants to put a pipeline through their home. Had the nerve to say….jeesh people, if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. Really Enbridge? Like you did in Arkansas? And if you kill off all the Spirit Bears….how ya gonna fix that??? So….I need to do a Spirit Bear to bring awareness. Also, Summer called. She’s in Mt Shasta and thinks that would be a good one to create also she has the potential to sell…since she’s there. Hopefully all this is enough to stir my umpfff. My NEED to create. I hate it when I don’t have the Need…..

I’m noticing that due to life as it is now…..we are losing our vocabulary. I find myself only using a few words….beautiful, awesome, amazing, wow and gosh. On the other side of the coin is….crap, damn, shoot, awwe and oh no. Well, I used to know so many words!!! I used to pride myself…haha, pride….on being able to pull the absolutely perfect, correct word in each instance. No longer. I guess I’ve been dumbed down…so….I shall be trying to correct that. Hehe….is why I used the word endeavor earlier. Gotta start somewhere! The boy’s friend is here again. They are turning one of the attic window slot areas into a recording booth…nailing blankets to the walls. Lol. And the friend has decided to eat dinner here. Another first. Pork roast and mashed taters. And seriously….if you want one of my paintings really bad…holler at me…we’ll see what we can do. LOL. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!













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