baby its cold….what wether? yup..wether

Somethings wrong with my word processor. You know….how I write my blog? Where I write this blog. I’ll keep plugging though. It’s been another dud night. Nothing. No desire to do anything fiber related. Or anything period. Just sit in this bed and watch tv and scan FB. Tonight I was on a Sharing roll. Couldn’t stop…so many things needed shared! Yes, the cat video needed shared…who doesn’t need a laugh every now and then? I saw a video earlier of a lady kicking snow on a cat. On the fourth snow kick…the cat flew onto her head and did a full sail around her head and face, then down to her hip where it flew off and the lady grabbed her head and went in the house. I think she was injured. Not sure why it was so funny…yes I am…..she was hurting the cat! Snow is cold man!!! Then I saw another video with a huge snake and a rabbit. The rabbit won! It jumped and hopped and chased that snake up into a tree. Wowza….go rabbit! We got the propane around 9pm. Paid an extra $75 to get it after hours. 7 weeks and it’s gone. Wow. Unheard of!!! I mean gone. First time ever. Went to cook and the stove wouldn’t light right. It certainly wouldn’t go to high! Bundled up and went outside to look and holy crap…absolute zero. Gone. Then I had to turn the heater off so it wouldn’t blow cold air. Needless to say….you shoulda seen my bundled up self! Many many layers. 3 hats! I’m warm now. Still under the covers, but no coats or hats.

I have a dilemma. One of my readers suggested I wether any neew baby boys born. That idea appealed to me…yikes, except for the deed…..but then I remembered I’m raising pinto. Won’t people want bucks with pinto blood? Even if they don’t turn out pinto, they have it in their genes. What should I do? Wether for possible better sale….or try to sell as pinto blood? Thank you for your opinions…cuz I know you’ll give em! Heheheheeee. I finally know why I’m in so much pain. The weather vortex snow thingy is a low pressure system. There you have it. Jesse has been rubbing my left leg… the bad one….and is always amazed at how hard he has to press…to even affect me in the slightest. The pain is deep inside the muscle. Then, after he’s done…I then have to ask him to go up the knee and thigh. Cuz he has moved the pain. He has manipulated the muscle and the pain rises up the leg. It works though and quite a difference I must say. It’s a horrible pain. Associated in my brain with….abscess teeth and delivering babies. I’m not used to there being anyone there to even try to make it go away. It’s pretty cool beans. Well, it’s late. 2:23am = 7 = Holy!!! Night night my friends. Stay warm!!! Stay happy. One second at a time if ya have to!!!!

A dreary drizzly day. Not too cold though, thank goodness. Got woke up early and aggravated unnecessarily, then later the propane people came back to check for leaks. Found one. Fixed it. I did all the feeding since I was already out there getting drizzled on waiting on him. The goats….were/are soaked!!! I ask them and ask them…why? Why don’t you stay in the shelters???? I hate it when they do this during cold weather. Then night comes and they are soaked to the bone. I tried to take photos to show you just how soaked…plus, when they do take shelter, it’s ontop of the square bales of hay. They are destroying them and their fleeces at the same time. Not sure how good this crop will be as usual. Good enough for me I suppose. I just received good news. My medicine….is about to be in the building. I’ve only gotten by by the Grace of God…speaking to others and having them share tiny bits. It’s been very rough what with the bad leg pain lately. All I can say is Thank YOU and also Thank You God….that it’s not in all 4 extremities at this time…which is nearly intolerable. Hmmm, ye know…..I keep thinking about one of the photos I took. Of Sendai. He’s a small 2 yr, or is it 3yr old buck…..born of Marshall of Kai lines….and he was a set of 3 that all looked very much alike…tiny differences. NOW…he is very small compared to them…and not only that….the rain showed a white line down his back?????? He was one of those silver/black/grey…kai goats. So….whats with the white hair coming in???? Very odd.

Still having issues with the 2 younger pups…fighting. I’m doing what was recommended…..feeding the head girl first and then down the line. Need to be more committed to it…the whole family needs to do it…including cookie treats when we put them up. They never hurt each other but it’s just awful to hear and be around. Funny, cuz these are the two who have found a way to escape…and they go on jaunts together. They also come home together…so why the big need to see who’s boss? I dunno. Instead of the tainted China dog treats….I use the big box of cheddar Goldfish. When I’m out of those, I use the much cheaper….animal cookies….and when I’m outta those…guess what they love???? BREAD! Gosh…I guess all animals love bread. Human kind too! LOL…still haven’t made the dang banana bread….not sure any bananas are good enough to use now…jeesh! What can I say…I didn’t wanna get outta the bed…it was cold! Don’t get me wrong…I dress in the morning…then get under the covers. I have one of those cushions that looks like a chair and I lean it on the headboard. I sit and pull the covers up. That’s how I paint…when I paint. It used to be….the big leather chair in the living room…now it’s my bed. My new Living Room. Oh crap…gotta drive for it now……..better end this and get ready. Yuk but yay. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












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