not tonight honey….I have a headache

It’s a strange night. I’m still under the influence of the days proceedings and am not really in the mood to do anything. Jesse has a friend over!!!! What do ya make of that! All the way in the boondocks….he has a friend…they’re up there doing beats and rap. I rarely clean…but today I felt the need. I cleaned a space for the shelf unit hubby got me for xmas. It’s got foldable canvas boxes. Not sure how it’ll work cuz the kitties are already using it as a climbing tower. But….point is…I cleaned the area needed for it…in other words…the wall directly in front of my eyes as I sit here. I also moved the first one, the plastic one over there….and now I can get into my drawers if I want to in my dresser. Not that I actually use them really. But I did it…and now the room has changed. It looks different. It feels different. Change. I’ve also moved Blue’s food bowl and the water right next to each other. Blue is having to decide when to let them eat his food. Ahhh, he did so good. That kitten was literally in his face while he was eating…first to get a drink…then to try and get some food. He truly did let her have some. He backed his head away…mostly cuz I told him to, but he did let her get some. So cool. He used to be so possessive over his food. He has joined the ranks of family.

I got a lot …tons of support today about having to help an animal out. I was even thanked for bringing the subject up. There are an awful lot of things that most folks don’t talk about…and I guess I do. Well, someones gotta!!! Ha…need to move the water away from the food…it’s stressin Blue out too much. He’s such a sweet boy…don’t want him stressed. And donesky. Much better. Jesse’s friend is just leaving. I’m not painting. Don’t know why. Only artists can get away with this ye know. Most people…in order to work…they gotta go to work. They gotta work regardless of how they feel physically, mentally, or spiritually. We, however, get to say…ohhhh. Not tonight honey…I have a headache. Or….I’m sad. Or…I’m mad. Or or or. Shoot…I just try to tell the truth as I see it folks. No offense intended….especially since I’m also speaking of myself!!! Now I’m watchin Mac Miller’s show, the rapper dude…I like him….BUT…all I can see is the Rob Dyrdek Show. It’s nearly identical so far….. YIKES. Honest to God…they’re nearly identical but hey…it is what it is. I guess that’s my saying now. Sort of a mantra but not really. A mantra is for what you want. It is what it is is for the destiny seekers. The ….the plan is transpiring and not a thing can I do to budge it…or the…..We create it all…or the God knows each breath we take, each pimple we have. And therefore….creates the world we live in…for his own amusement, enjoyment, learning, education, experience……….Or….the Combination of all of the above…which is my theory. That was a mouthful and I hope it made sense. Night all. 2:11am = 4 = Angels. Angels hovering over the cold people and animals…creating a barrier of warmth. Night night. Amen.

Well, it’s been a nippy day here…not so nippy as others so I deal. My thoughts are with Colter, a young father…friend to one of my FB friends, smiling Azure……who apparently had car trouble and tried to walk for help. Hypothermia must have set in and when he found a house, he was too sleepy. He probably just curled up thinking…just a quick nap. He was found in the morning when headlights hit his body laying in fetal position on a patio. His tongue was out…and frozen and the responders had never seen a case so bad. He is still alive folks. Pray for Colter. Ice needed breaking again today and the hoses are froze up. Can’t add water. Better thaw before they run out! Donna and Hannah seem to be happier now that Mahada isn’t there feeling miserable. I’m gonna wait till tomorrow when it’s supposed to be warmer, to check the rest of the baby boys for mites. Judy told me of a new recipe……mineral oil mixed with sulphur powder and slathered on. Everyone was alive after the cold night…..and Smurf was doing great and looking pretty. Of all things….the other new gal, Pirouette, is giving her the hardest time. Go figure. She’s probably thinking…hey, I’m the new girl! Not you!!! All I know is…I’m ready for Spring!!! And back to washing fleeces. Hopefully my passion will return soon too. I’m hearing that a lot of people are feeling stuck or blah, artistically right now. The winter of our discontent, eh?

One of the internet companies is here. Told them due to miscommunication in the family….we’ve been unable to utilize it for months and months. Turns out it’s an outdated part. We’ll see. Jesse’s friend is coming back. They worked on a song last night and this guy has been doing it for 5 years so he is teaching Jesse some things. Song sounded good so far! Course….when they/he finally has a message…then I’ll be really happy. Rap without a message is….rap. Speaking of rap…I watched a video last night of a church…..their way to reach the young people was to write a rap song. Jesus Christ is my nigga….talks of God being the original G(gangster), and put a cap in the butt…..granted they had a good thought but I don’t think it worked. Who knows though. Kinda freaked me out. Well…’s about dinnertime. Guys still here working on internet. Here’s to hoping….. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps..went to start dinner and no propane!!!! Just filled the tank a few weeks ago and usually lasts a YEAR….NOT 3 WEEKS!!!! No HEATER!!!!











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