warm in heaven….

This new world we live in is very strange. Any question we may have….can be answered in minutes…at our fingertips. Any question. That’s on one hand really really cool…and on the other…really really scary. Yay for the cool parts, I think…but crap for the others….the bad guys have the same access…even more, since they can hire techno people to figure things out for them. Also….the world is at our fingertips….but….we are at the fingertips of the world. Geotagging on photos of smartphones is one way they track people. Disable it!!! Another thing that is strange now. All the people looking down. Looking down at their phones. We were eating lunch at Chili’s on Saturday and just before we left, the waitress came by with the check….and said…..You two looked like you were praying! Jesse and I were both on our phones…looking down. I’ve seen facebook photos and even video clips of the people walking…looking down. Of the phones being all important in our lives…..a birthday party where 20 phones are videoing and snapping photos. It is the age of being recorded. Documented. Everything. Everyone. Even the little children have them. Have you seen Wall-E???

On the other hand….with so much technology….while we see more violence…we also see more acts of kindness. More acts of heroism. Well, maybe not more acts of heroism….maybe just more acts witnessed by camera cuz I know heroes been actin forever! We see animal species crossing and befriending and saving and helping and feeding and caring for….other animal species. I heard somewhere yesterday that before men…the Animals were the gods. Think about that statement. Let it sink in. Now, as I’ve been saying…..can they understand us? Ya…I think that says it all. Imagine. The animals were created and they lived in the Garden of Eden if you go by the bible. All was harmony at the time, so that means that the animals all got along together. Maybe we’re coming back to harmony????? Wouldn’t that be nice? Night night people. Love ya!!!! 2:25am = 9 = endings

warning….Hard subject coming up: Horrendous. Just horrendous. Let’s just say….it was decided for the Do-er….to not be me. Jesse did the deed and I was there to help. Mistake. But even worse…….is discovering that one of the new babies I got last fall……………has the damn mites!!!!! I’m just sick about it. This doe, has crossed the rainbow bridge….and there are still a few more that have resisted the mite treatment….but they’re not in horrible shape so I shall keep trying….and now I gotta move that baby and I don’t have a good place. The 3 mite boys are way way too aggressive, well, one is….can’t put him there. May have to put him with the 2 remaining mite girls….and just let what happens happen. In fact…that is probably the best plan. I generally don’t put boys and girls together but I’d rather nobody be penned alone. I refuse to leave him where he is to contaminate the other babies. Probably the real solution……which I’m not willing to do, shame on me….is to cull them all. Cull….such a nice word….it’s KILL. Relieve of misery or protect the herd. I just can’t. Today was hard enough.

We actually thought she had died last night and had spared us this horror. Nope. Still breathing. Just awful. We’d never done it before….so we didn’t know what to expect. Well, a few years back and ive discussed it here…i had to put a lamb down in the middle of the night and all i had available was a plastic bag. took 10 agonizing minutes and all the strength in my body. Didn’t wanna repeat that. Gosh…how much to tell you???? We thought it didn’t work. Jesse ran into the house at breakneck speed to get more bullets…although 5 were now gone. I too thought she was still alive. She wasn’t. In the meantime….you ever hear an older lady scream? It’s not a normal usual scream. It’s more of a wail. Jesse then made me stay in the house while he moved her. We decided to do the air burial…which means no burial. Feed the critters. Yikes. How do people do this????? Why don’t the vets sell us the meds to make it go in seconds painlessly?????????????? That is what I WANT TO KNOW?????? You’re gonna say…take her to the vet to do it…..right…and add so much more pain???? The moving, the jostling. It’s 45 minutes to the vet. NOT. See….I’m torn.

Torn between knowing we stopped her suffering….and that God didn’t take her…we did. I remember a baby. Wiz kitty. We prayed and prayed for God to take him…put him out of his misery. It took so many hours…so many hours. I shouldn’t post today. This is horrible stuff for you to read. But I just asked on FB…to post or not to post….they said yes. Well then, I’ll go for the whole thing. The lady at TSC said to shoot between the horns and imagine the bullet coming out her mouth….that trajectory. She said it would be instant. So he did one shot…then immediately 4 more….he wasn’t taking any chances. THEN, she hollered……I screamed. Then the legs twitched. And twitched. Jesse ran immediately for more bullets and made me go inside. Then he came back saying…she was gone…no need for more. It was just awful. Thank God I didn’t pull the trigger. I woulda messed it up. We thought ahead and tied a tarp to the car…tied it so that the rope went all the way around the tarp in the little holes provided. That way, he thought the tarp would wrap around and it did. It worked great. We had actually planned to cull 3 more who were resistant to all meds, but were still able to walk around…..nope. Damn. They get to suffer more??? Or will I gather courage? My daughter prayed for me last night to possibly change my mind and get another to do the deed. This morning….I couldn’t find my new gun. Yes, it was in the damn gun bag…just in a weird pocket…but we searched for awhile and decided it was not my job to do. Then we found the gun. So. Bottom line….dang, don’t even wanna say her name….Mahada, the pretty gal with the white socks….has now crossed the rainbow bridge and Hopi is running with her now, along with all the other goats! Lovey! Moonee!!! Ahhh, sad to remember. Diamond!

The temps are dropping as the day goes on….to be around 12 degrees here in a bit. Ha…just like my pain….I’m saying…it could be so much worse!!!! I’m hearing the worse!!! Sure, I had to break the ice on the water troughs too…but I don’t have 35 mph winds and snow to the roof and -60 windchill!!! Please be safe! I pray for angels to hover over any human or animal who needs warmth tonight…hover and keep them warm….I call on legions and legions of angels to shield them from the cold. Thankyou. I’ve already told Mahada to go to the light, so she’s good and she’s warm now. Her other penmates are not warm. This much I know….she is not suffering any more. Thank You Jesse for helping me. Ok…..that’s a full blog. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. I had a friend tell me that I might want to be careful…so I almost didn’t post this…but….thing is…if we were allowed the meds to do it simply…life and death would be kinder….and I want to say that OUT LOUD.














14 thoughts on “warm in heaven….

  1. Awe sherry I am so sorry you had to do this. Not sure I could stand it. If Michael’s sister Cheryl has one that needs to be put down she takes it toi the slaughter house and let sthem do it and then butcher it. That way she does not have to do it and she has meat for the freezer. I guess that is another option.

      • The dog food is a good idea! Barbara I’ve tried every remedy given me except the old motor oil..drew the line there. I finally found a cure but it didn’t work for every mite goat. They are resistant to all treatments. I’m so happy I cured a few though. Gives me hope. .<3

        Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. so she had mites? how do they differ from lice? Are they the mites like mange? I hope not – it is SO hard to treat – both kinds!
    as for lice, I battle them on my Angoras a lot (sigh) I dont like to use too many chemicals and have tried DE, and finally decided on Ivomec injectable for sucking lice and Primytherin (poor spelling_) for the biting lice. Right now the buggers are seeking warm bodies and my buck has them too. The kids I just got had them and I am treating them now (externally)
    I have nightmares of missing with a gun and have had to put down many critters over the years. Ether will make them go to sleep. It is the main ingredient in starter fluid. The kid (goat) I used it on did struggle a but which was hard.. So sad to say goodbye

    • Yes. The mange kind. It forms a thick thick crust on their lower bodies and does horrible things to their feet. It’s just awful. How do you administer that stuff? Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  3. I too am sorry, but it is a harsh reality of being a livestock raiser. Prolonging their suffering to make it easier on us is not the right way to do things. Personally, I have found that a sharp (very sharp) knife is the easiest way to put down an animal. No chance of missing like with a gun, and it is very quick and painless. Yes, they kick a bit but that is a normal thing (the brain misfiring as it shuts down).

    I would encourage you to embrace the idea of wethering your males. Banding hurts for about 10 seconds, and fiber wethers are easier to sell than intact bucks that don’t meet breed standard.

    • Where do you make the cut with the knife? Google doesn’t find me anything. As for wethering…I’m considering it. Might just do that this time. No more bucks needed here. Thanks!!!

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

      • Across the throat. Pull the chin up and hold it steady, then pull the very sharp knife across the throat, near the jaw line. You need to cut deep enough to get both the vein and artery. The knife needs to be very sharp so that you can get it done in one stroke. I am always amazed at how quick it is, and how little they struggle.

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