A day off and a windbreak short……

I am so grateful that we don’t have the bitter weather so many are experiencing. My thoughts are with you. It was 70 yesterday and is headed to the 20’s now, but not nearly as bad as some have it. I no longer try to second guess hubby. We were supposed to put the panels on the carport for the boys on Saturday….instead, hubby took my Blazer in to get worked on. So, we were attempting to do it today instead in the cold……but the screws kept breaking off. Had to give up and the store isn’t open on Sundays. No shelter today boys. Well, they have a roof. That’s it. Hubby didn’t like that they boys ate some of the round bales we used last year as windbreaks…so he refused this year. Good thing they all have thick coats on.

Smurf is doing good…not too much rough stuff goin on. And Pirouette was leading the herd to the feed today….guess she’s been assimilated!!! Little Flower was in a cold weather kick your heels kinda mood today and was challenging Star. So cute. The baby boys were let out and they were running and jumping and then had to come see the boys since we were down there. Still in rut folks…my boys are still in rut. What is up with that????? 5 months of rut. Honestly…this is ridiculous. Got them all fed and am in for the day…well, no, I gotta take the boy to work here in a few.

I haven’t worked on the painting all weekend. Jesse said it was wrong and I sat with that Saturday night, then…very late…I looked at it…and decided it was ok. It might be a little smaller than the sketch but I think I can still fit all the elements. He needs to watch what he says to me, this is getting ridiculous too. Maybe I’ll work on it tonight…we’ll see. I did figure out how to give myself an entire day off from blogging without giving up 2 days…..I just take the entire Saturday off….no night portion for Sunday….and wala. A Sunday post and me a day off. Yowza!!! Sneezy hurt his side claw the day he went up a tree, but he’s finally walking fairly normal now. Tomorrow I have to do something awful. Hard hard life sometimes, raising animals. That’s all I’m gonna say. Pray that I can.

Had probably one of the worst fights with hubby ever. I had gone to help put the panels up earlier and I realized that if he used them as they were, on one side of the carport…it would mess up my catch pen. I told him we needed to cut the panel off 4 feet there. He refused. He refused to cut the panel. He had paid for it. MEN. He said…it’ll work just fine. YOU DON’T WORK HERE….YOU DO NONE OF THIS WORK…..You didn’t build me a catch pen. I BUILT IT. And it works perfectly as is….giving us 2 out accesses. His way will put it down to one. MEN. I yelled a bunch and walked away. Came back and he had done it anyways. ARRRRRGH. In the end…due to the screws, it is not up….but plywood is. So, a bit of wind protection……and one very angry Mama. Nothing pisses me off more than his disregard for the fact that I do the work and know how it needs done. He loves to make things more difficult while saying he’s helping. ARRRGH.

Ok….now it’s my turn to gush over Natalie Redding, Namaste Farms. I don’t do much folks….to help her. I just try to get her more followers on Twitter and she is grateful….but…….she has sent me a 2nd bag of fiber! This one had 8 wool breeds in it! 8!!!! EIGHT!!!! Altogether that’s 12!!! I told her that was over the top and she said STOP IT. Lol. It’s difficult for me sometimes to accept gratitude for the tiny things I do to help. Seriously, she coulda got a lot of money for these wools. I shall just enjoy them to the fullest. I really know nothing about wools…..but I can tell ya there are some awesome ones in this bag. Icelandic!!!! And names that I hear all the time but had no clue…..CVM Romeldale….Shetland…Tunis….Corriedale…and others I’ve never heard of. Awesome…friggin awesome! Browns, grays, blacks, whites. Just awesome. Namaste Farms ROCKS!!!

I bought myself a movie for Christmas….World War Z. Went to watch it and discovered it was a Zombie movie. They wouldn’t take it back, so I gave it Jess. He loved it and talked me into trying again. Nope…no blood! Not gorey at all. Still don’t want to watch zombie movies…don’t understand all the fuss….but, it was a great storyline and great acting. All in all, not too bad. Ok….I’m off to fix a meatloaf cuz I’m pretty dang hungry. That tends to happen when you rarely eat. Anyways…glad I figured out the day off thing. See, not so bad. Okie dokie……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















4 thoughts on “A day off and a windbreak short……

  1. I had to laugh at your description of hubby “helping”, it so reminded me of my late Sweetie. He and his dad once built a shelter for my boys (mixed flock of Angoras and sheep), but they used 1/4″ plywood. The goats had a grand time punching holes in it before they knocked it down all together. The shelter I built without his help is still standing.

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