……and, And, AND…….

Good Lord, I’m drunk. Not too often does this happen where I am this far gone before I start typing…but in the all honesty of honesty…..I’m drunk. 7 beers is too many. For some reason…if I’m on the phone for a long time…I do the same thing. Tonight the culprit was…watching a movie in my room with Jesse. Happens every time. When it’s just me…I drink at a scheduled pace. These things throw me off. I’m sharing this as stupid as it is…for those of you who can relate. IN fact…it’s early. As usual when I watch a movie in here with Jess. It’s only 1:38, instead of 3-4am. I need to figure this out and stop it. Why do I drink faster when someone else is around, be it on the phone or in person. Why? I’m pondering. Ooooh, someone just posted a beautiful owl photo to fb. A baby owl. Love those. I love Owl. I saved it…in case it strikes a chord one day. Owl has been coming up again and again. Tonight….Natalie, from Namaste Farms, once again gave me props for helping her with Twitter. Then afterward, she posted one of my owl paintings…the second one…landing on the branch…or leaving the branch….I never knew….. It was like people were seeing it for the first time. Strange but wonderful. And then it sprung a conversation about OWL. I love that.

Gosh…I can’t wait to wake up and find out how my Smurf is. I really hated doing it so close to dark. I was fretting it…thinking I’d have to put her in a pen alone overnight…if we couldn’t get here before dark…So for me…..it was a race for time. For hubby, it clearly was not…as he stopped to get coffee. When we got on the 6 mile road to get here……he was going slow and I said I need you to go faster. He then, of course…went 90 to nothing where I had to then tell him…don’t kill us…but just go faster. I texted Jesse to put the pups up and jump in the blazer and ride to the L with us. It was extremely hurried and I hated that. Not at all a proper introduction. I’m sick about it but not really Sheri….you know you’ve prayed for her and it will be ok. Ahhh….that’s a signal for night night. Love you guys. Night night. 1:54am = 1= beginnings. Hehehe…wasn’t last nights endings?

Ok…..this goat is blue! I went to visit this morning and as I single her out for photos….she looks great, she looks so cute, she has a smile, she has airplane ears….but when the herd began to move and she moved with it…oh my GOD….she’s Blue! You really don’t see it a whole lot until you put her against a white or a tan or a black or any color for that matter. I got her to come to me! No peanuts! I didn’t get to touch her, but she did indeed come right up to me. Had to run to town so Jesse could cash the check he got from work…we wanted to do that fast….it’s a very fluid situation. Also, Jesse has a lump under his armpit. He’s convinced its cancer. Not a good thing to convince your mind of folks….so we stopped at a quickie injury place to ask how to go about getting him on obamacare. She knew nothing. Got me a smoothie and came on back. Hubby brought home a great surprise!!!! Panels! Panels to close 2 sides of the carport for the boys….and panels to close in 3 sides of the pole barn. Yeehaw and yippiekayeeeee. Warmer goats! AND….I finally stopped at the place where they build anything out of cedar…and asked about trading some cedar trees for some art frames. After my whole explanation of what I want….he says…you no speak no Spanish? Ha. No! So…he gave me a business card. Hehehe….but hey, I stopped and I’m a bit closer! Also…..ya…it’s been one of those days……also….I was given a gift of meds. Yay! Enough for tonight! THEN….I was gifted some more! Still having a hard time locating some so this is God providing for me. He always does. AND…I got to eat a Jack in the Box burger to make up for that all time worst one yesterday. Ya…a good day! AND…it’s not gonna be in the 20’s tonight so less stress about the goaties….especially Smurf. She’s not really part of the herd yet….she’s with them…..but she’s not really allowed to be friendly yet. They are not giving her a hard time about food though, so that’s great.

Well, I didn’t get to work on the painting last night and now Jess is telling me once again…I went too big. Yup, whats with that? So, it may be difficult to do it exactly as the sketch is…that’s why he’s upset…he loves the sketch. I dunno. I really don’t wanna rip it up. I’m thinkin about it. The smoothies lady told me of a local gallery to take em to, she thinks they might take some. Who knows. Also, Jane told me yesterday, well, she’d already told me about it…but we talked again…about a thing in Fredricksburg in May or June. I believe this would be more of a ….see…you can use mohair to do this…type of thing…but could spur sales, and it’s an artsy community there. I’m excited for that one. Definitely will do that one. Ha…it’s all a mystery to me….one day at a time folks. One day at a time. Loving you. Might take Sunday off to give me a full day off of blogging…not sure. Will probably depend on what’s going on in my mind at the time. So….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.




















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