it’s a SMURF……!

Early morning tomorrow so I can go get my new Blue Goat. We’ll see how Blue she is…but in the photo…she could be Moonee’s sister and probably is a close relation. I hope she’s as sweet as Moonee. He was a real doll. Just adored peanuts and would do…ANYTHING for them. You could lead him anywhere, get him up on the stanchion or call him in…with peanuts. And he adored attention. He had those mascara eyes and mouth…..stripes in his horns and hoofs and a color that is mostly indescribable. It’s not white, it’s not beige. It’s not blue and it’s not grey. It is it’s own unique color. To this day…I still haven’t washed Moonee’s fleece successfully to even try it. Very heavy lanolin and I just figured out the Van Wet 9in9. I’ll get me some soon.

Ok…so, the gov has bid to purchase 14 million doses of something for radiation. Well, there’s over 317 million people here so either it’s a normal request done year after year or….OR……Who knows. And….I have begun the painting. Think I told you that…but it’s going very slowly and methodically. With a bit of spirit and whimsy thrown in but usually quickly covered up. I had decided to make the halo silver. Big mistake. I knew nearly right away it was all wrong but I completed it. I pondered and no. NO. The halo is now…Muga Silk. Gold silk. I simply reversed the colors. The muga had always been intended, but for the ankh….not the halo. I guess the ankh is supposed to be silver after all. It worked. Much much better. I feel….and have felt for some time…that the ankh is special. VERY special. I knew about it and was looking into it but during my winter solstice experience, I discovered its power. It’s no longer clear…it was a tumultuous few days. I’m gonna say goodnight cuz I’ll probably have a lot to say tomorrow. So….Nightie night night folks. 1:35am = 9 endings.

Up and at’em at 8:30am….headed thataway now. Forgot to bring busywork and with hubby it’s as if you’re talking to yourself so if you can imagine….I’m stir crazy. So…I been studying the photo of Smurf. Mother is a black & white pinto and it says the dad is Truckee???? If true…whoa!!! Truckee is THE pinto goat from what I hear. So…with both parents being pinto and her being Blue…you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m hoping for blue pintos!!! Don’t know if there is such a thing but I sure want some!

I’ve also been thinkin about the 2 doe purchase rule that most angora goat people follow. I recently incorporated a lone doe into my herd with no problems and am about to do it again. Their theory….sell as two so the sold doe has a friend cuz it takes awhile to be ‘allowed’ into the herd. My theory….one goat is less threatening to the herd and they feel for the lone goat so they let her into the herd. Just a theory. Took forever to incorporate the 4 pinto does. We shall see what happens with this one, also pregnant like Pirouette was/is at introduction time. She’s doing really well by the way. Her skinny appearance is gone! I make light of the silence with hubby but I must say its a rather embarrassing thing. You talk…you get excited…you laugh and then…the sigh. The audible sigh when you realize nope…not a hint of reaction or interest in what you’re saying. Trying to analyze why it’s embarrassing. It’s just me and him…nobody is seeing my words or stories being ignored…hmmmm. Lets break down the word. Em. I’m. Bare assed. Yup…that feeling when you’re caught naked. So….why is being ignored in front of no one….the same as being bare assed? It’s a selfy issue. My self….feels unworthy when my words and emotions are ignored. Interesting… All EGO. It may be all ego but I can still say….ego hurts.

We are on our way home now, with our precious cargo in the back of the Blazer. She hasn’t laid down yet and we’re nearly halfway home. I love her!!! She likes me!!! What a sweetie! According to her paperwork….she came originally from Persimmon Tree Farm. Her sire is a Blue as is her grandfather and her other grand sire is Truckee. She’s 2 and will most likely deliver her baby around Feb 14th. Yay..that’s closer to my birthings. Lordie I’m sleepy tired. 6 hrs is not enough for me. Painting?? Who knows. Oh ya…there’s a YeeHaw Ranch Outfitters in Fredricksburg! They took my dot com!!! Lol. Ok…..home. Got here at dark but enough light for them to see her. Joy gave her a nod but no butt. Then I fed. They’ll duke it out now but probably just Valey and Milky and they’re gentle. So…all should be good cept it’s gonna be 24 degrees and she has no buddy. Only drawback but who knew itd be this cold? German restaurant and burger was unedible so I is hungry. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a Smurf!!!












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