Sneezy….lost and found

Have you ever talked to a cat….with the presumption in your head that they can understand you, therefore you speak to them in English, as plain as if you were talking to a friend? Try it. Seriously. Try it. Ask them questions. Offer them things….you will be so surprised at what happens. I mean, a cat who is right there with you, either in your lap or standing right next to you. Gucci has agreed to bring Sneezy home for some bacon on top. Sugar on top stirred nothing in her, till I said bacon. Then she looked me straight in the eye. Now folks…of course there was much more to this conversation….I’m just zeroing in on the bacon….cuz…..isn’t it the MEAT of the day? The meat du jour????????? Now I guess I should tell you that Sneezy ran out the door this morning just as we were leaving for Austin. Gucci was also out but she’s used to it, has become an inout kitty. I thought she would take care of him, but when we returned…no sign of Sneezy. Actually it was hours later before I realized he hadn’t come to curl up in my lap. And then it was as if a bullet had hit me and I flew up and out the door. Calling and calling. Inside…then out, calling calling. I sent the Gucc out to find him. Nope. She came back in. But…we just had the conversation and ye never know…she was promised bacon for goodness sakes!!!! Lol Yes….I’m trying to stay positive.

The dude opening the bar was supposed to pick Jesse up this morning. Kept saying he was coming. Didn’t. I took him at 6:30. That same guy is supposed to bring him home. Not here yet…. 12:45. So, no Jess and no Sneez. Sneezy easy. Sneezy Smokey Baby. He occupies my lap daily. The two new kittens did until recently…now they prefer to sleep together in a chair. Cats are really interesting beings. Gucci is reading my words as I type. I wonder if she understands the written word as well as the spoken one? Gucci…..look at Mama! Nope. Lol, nothing. Hey….at least I try! I test! I’ve tried to turn a lightbulb on with my finger too! Things like that. So….hubby bought movies today but I kept thinking Jess would come home and want to watch one so I delayed and delayed…and finally started one called….Europa Report. All I know is….from what I’ve learned…Europa is the closest thing to livable near us that they know of. So far…it’s so good…that my word processor is taking up full screen and I don’t care. Usually when I blog during a movie, I shrink the blog so I can see both. Hopefully it gets better. It didn’t. And I guess I forgot to say night night! Ps…..ended up watching the Steve Jobs movie. WOW……I like this guy. Had to sleep so didn’t finish, looking forward to that. I recommend it.

Well….no bacon for Gucci. I found the Sneezy. Well, sorta. I found where he was but not his exact location. Could hear his cries and knew he was only feet from me….wasn’t till Jess came that I knew why I couldn’t locate her. She was high in the tree!!! I didn’t look up…cuz I thought maybe she’d gotten stuck in a hole or something. I just couldn’t understand why he wasn’t coming to me when I could hear him so clearly. He had to get the long long ladder and brace it on the tree only…no branches to wedge it into. Scary but the kitten is down and no injuries to Jess. One shaky kitty though, but he has recovered and is out like a light on my lap. Yay! Just a bunch of sneezing for me! Cedar I guess. So, very exciting morning. Also….another first….Polo came downstairs on her own today. Also….one of my goats that I sold…Choxie…..had twins! So thrilling to see her! And her two black babies, one of each. Cool, but strange. Strange that they’re not here, eh? Lol. If I’d bought that blue goat from Mea, I woulda had a baby here already….but I’m soooo glad I didn’t. Mea needs that baby, after her many losses this year. Instead, I’m getting Smurf. This week hopefully. Plus, it woulda been just like last year with one baby growing alone…then the mass of births and she’s too big to play with them. In fact, it was the closeness of us…me and little Star, then all those births…and she didn’t know what to do anymore so she stopped coming to play with me. Poor sweetheart, lost her place and never really found it again. Shes a hang with mommy goat……as are all my baby girls.

Oh special…Jesse didn’t feed and his ride is here. I get to do it all in this cold. It is what it is. And done….not so bad once you get going. Cold at first then ya warm up with the movement. So many goats are lookin ridiculous cuz they shoulda been sheared but we pretty much ended shearing season to get ready for Kid n Ewe…..then it got cold. So, we got lots of felted sections on the wear and tear portions of those goats coats. Like the front, where the legs meet and they walk. And oh man….lots of stickerburrs. Really think I’ll call that shearer I met, come spring. It would probably be the smart thing to do. Hehe…..unfortunately I don’t always do the smart thing.

In the end…Gucci did get her bacon. I was fixin myself a BLT and she appeared so I cooked an extra slice. I think she was tryin to say……yo…..where’s my bacon? I found your kitty last night but there was NO WAY he was comin down outta that tree in the dark, so…..where’s my bacon? Hehe….all who wanted some…got some. Smooch said no thanks. Kiwi was determined to get my attention today, even though he’s the littlest. He was climbing on the backs of other goats to try to reach me to be petted. He’s doing so well now. And adorable too! Khalifa finally took a half decent photo so he gets to be in the blog today. You won’t recognize him so I’ll have to label his. Ya….they’re all starting to look a bit ratchet. Slang for yuk. Ok folks……it’s time. See ya. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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