its and bits….

Ahhhh, Saturday night. The night that isn’t really a day off. See, I blog on Friday….and I take Saturday off, but not really cuz All it really means is I’m taking Friday night off. So in the end….there truly is no…day off. Go figure. Still watchin Christmas movies….cuz they are the most quality thing on Tv right now. Happy healthy stories. I either like that…..or…the world is coming to an end…..disaster flicks. Ha. Huge contrast, but then again…so am I. Speaking of contrast….I guess I’ll go ahead and get that goat I ordered. Life ain’t stopping yet. It’ll work out. Honest to God…was just sitting here thinkin about my lack of painting….and thought…if someone were to come over and want to know how….I’d jump on a painting in a heartbeat. YET…I don’t wanna share my technique. Very very odd. Why would someone wanting to see…inspire me….when I don’t want to teach? Just very strange. Maybe someone reading can read between the lines cuz I seem to be too close to see.

I posted the news on my FB wall, that A&E decided to reinstate Phil and the show. It had a humongous response. 85 comments! Man….people are so diverse in their opinions and beliefs! And we are all ONE. Interesting. THEN….this gay guy on my FB who is very upset about what Phil said, or what he thinks Phil said….posts a link tonight…..Phils words caused a man to be horribly beaten and there was a photo. Well, I was already saying hogwash as I was clicking to read the story. The guy was beaten. Yes. The beaters were hollering things against gays. Yes. How in the hell do you connect that to the Phil thing? Gays have been beaten for soooooo long. That’s why that had the don’t ask don’t tell in the service!!!! Refriggindiculous. There was also a very healthy discussion about Fukashima on my wall. I love how deep it gets…with people from all over the world….putting their two cents in. Hint….sometimes I smile a lot! Been having many a chat with a young man from Ireland. He’s all artsy and cool. We have educated writerish words when we chat. It’s fun. Here….I’m all slangy and countrified. Which is the laid back me. There is also an…..I have wisdom and value to add to a discussion me. Ha….such a reverse image than the me of the past…say….anywhere pre……….2006. Yup….I’m a different critter entirely. I was just telling Tommy….that we are new each second. New because the previous thought we’ve just had…has already changed us from who we were. We blinked, and were born again. Each second…an opportunity. An open door or window. 444 words. Hello Angels!!!! Night night my friends. 1:51am = 7 = Holy. I’m watching a movie about a boy in a wheelchair…he’s holding a 2nd place medal in his hand and has decided he wants to continue therapy so that he might walk again and do more things. More…Look what I can do! I can ride this bike! I can get an A on a paper! I can paint a picture! I can make a dress! I can stitch a wound! Look at me! Look what I can do! It seems that we do that….from birth to death. We want others to see us….and what we can do. Hmmm. Interesting. Night. Hehehe.

Today I’m in the big city of Austin and I’m just now realizing how very big it is. You can drive and drive and drive and you’re still here! After running hubby errands and having lunch…we’re headed to Sears to see if they have more sleep pants. I like these. Had a scare at lunch. Waiting for our burgers…I got what at first felt like heartburn which then escalated. It was severe pain. I became frightened and talked to my body then laid my hands on my heart and did reiki…all the while, I was still talking to my body and saying thank you. The pain left. My kids aren’t ready yet. Can’t leave yet. No way will I go with Jesse still in the house. Hubby would eat him for dinner!!!! We’re here, lets see what I can get!

Oh yay!!! Lots! Very happy cuz my normal ones all come from Walmart and they’re all really bright, ugly and in your face prints. Hubby wasn’t real happy bout them but he was in the mood to buy movies. Go figure. Think we’ll go pick up the Smurf goat this week, since hubby’s off. Over three hours each way…not my kinda thing. Another single doe….also bred like the other one, Pirrouette. Pretty sure she said the black buck Smurf is bred to…has pinto blood. Not positive but it sounds right in my head. Halfway home now and when I get there ill turn around and run Jesse to work. So….ill try and get all the blog parts ready to blast em to the Internet when I get fully back to the house. So…..signing off from Hwy. 290. Ps…I removed the pathetic sale prices from my beginning painting fb album. That sale…is Over! Lol just sayin













2 thoughts on “its and bits….

    • From Jane Smith. I got Mooney from her and when we met for me to get Pirouette, I told her I almost got a blue from you and was kicking myself. She said she had a blue doe. So…….. Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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