new Understanders……………….

I hear my fiber bags rattling….which means a kitty is there…on it. Why must they go there? Why do cats insist on being themselves, when we humans want them to be humanlike. Why for goodness sakes? They race across the house…tear up toilet paper and paper towels at every convenience, walk on your shelves knocking over valuables….turn 4 hundred dollar chairs into shreds…4 of them. They do all these things…yet we love them still. Whats up with that??? Is that unconditional love? Is that ONE LOVE? Me thinks it is. Me thinks that the animals are as aware as we are….they just don’t speak our language. Imagine how frustrating it must be for the dog who has a bad hip….to not be able to tell his owner….NO…I don’t want to lay down right now…it hurts too much! Please don’t make me! Or the cat who jumps on your lap when you start to cry…or the dogs who come and lick your tears away when you are burying a dead precious goat. The companion dog who hears your thoughts and tries…I stress TRIES…to anticipate your EVERY need. The whale that beaches himself….trying to grab your attention to what’s going on… wake you up. To wake you up. To wake you up. Wakie wakie….11:11.

The chimps who learn sign language…the bunnies who are peeled…the wolves being hunted right this very moment….the decline of a society. Of a people. Of a planet. The fish, poisoned by Fukashima, the fish poisoned by everything imaginable….the sonar. We are eating the fish. All across the planet we are eating the fish. We are breathing the air. The people are rebelling all over the globe and a time…is comin. I’m half afraid and half excited. I feel it in me bones. Too much strife at the same time as an influx of New Understanders awakens. Instead of calling it new age, or hip hop or new demensions…..New understanders! And the goat, who nudges you while you’re grieving and looks you in the eye…who never before let you near her….yes. Spirit is here…sharing the planet with us….. If only we could treat them as such. Night night people. 2:58am = 6 = earth! Roots! Night. (sorry, a little disjointed, the boy was in here watching a movie with me and well…hard to explain)

It has been an all day affair to do two things. Get some money outta Jesse’s boss…yay…$200! And go to Giddings for an inhaler. Seems I now have to go to the doc twice a year instead of once. Obamacare I guess. I did get the darn thing but it wasn’t easy or fast. I also now have to visit the Doc twice a year instead of once. That sucks. 3-4 hours sitting there waiting. What fun. So, that’s it. Took the whole dang day. Got home at 5, just in time to feed and turn around and head back to his work. Ye know how I told you that sometimes a baby follows me to the L gate instead of eating? Well, tonight….one baby became 8 babies! Ha…had to head them back down to the feed and pour a bit more in tiny piles, so that little Flower could eat. She doesn’t have a mommy to butt heads for her and everytime she took a bite, someone would run her off and the poor thing wasn’t getting any. Things like that bother me.

Wiser heads have prevailed regarding the retirement thing. I was going on gut reaction. I will still be pondering this, you can surely bet! It has also been suggested that I raise the prices on the paintings. Ya….been wanting to do that myself. I’m still not back into the full swing of things. I finished the fish a few days ago and haven’t begun another. I think right now the issue is….what to paint. I have probably 30 photos to choose from and I’m so bored by them all. Ha….the challenge of finding the right content. I need to be reinvigorated somehow. Who knows….maybe I need to visit the man who sent me into this panic in the first place. The gallery guy. Just need to get brave Again…..and stop worrying that I’m talking too much of someones time. Maybe next week….or maybe not……maybe after the new year.

Hubby is off this week. He had my blazer all day….and the car wouldn’t start, so I had to drive his truck today. It’s like driving a space shuttle!!! Lordie I hate driving it….and I’m so afraid I’m gonna wreck it. My positivity goes out the window when I drive it. So, hubby comes home with my blazer and it now has a trailer hitch and backup lights. Lol. Why? Who knows. Well, this is a bit short, but that’s ok. I’ve written most of it right now…on the fly. Hehehe. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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