Pain and gain…

Gosh. All of a sudden, the weather pain in my legs is severe. Has been for hours. My mind is swirling. Why? What’s different today? No rain in the forecast. No hurricanes in the Gulf. Maybe…maybe it’s to preoccupy my brain so I won’t feel sorry for myself? Or maybe not. I was looking up barometric pressure…not sure what I was lookin for, but I saw barometric pressure headaches. Apparently that is very common….so…..I just need to hook up with, so to speak, a Doctor who is studying that. Maybe I can even help him. All I know is this is out of the blue….not common these days…I was getting used to being without it. I even forgot how bad it was. I actually forgot. Yay! That’s a good thing. And unfortunately, I can feel it creepin into my hands as well. Uggggh…..not a good time to be low on meds. BUT….it is what it is. A friend is telling me theres a cold front comin through here….that explains it. Yay. I like knowing why.

Now, that….was fun. Jesse came home from work…a bit buzzed but nonetheless, I suggested he open a few presents so he wouldn’t feel bad in the morning when he’s the only one unwrapping. He was so tickled at the simple things like a Bob Marley tshirt, and black silk boxers. Then came the limited edition lighters from his rap guy Mac Miller. So many hugs! My daughter probably reads this and thinks…what the hell? The hell is….if you’re here….presents are bought. If you’re not here…..don’t count on much. And lest you think I’m cold….two things. Hubby gave her birthday and Christmas money…to buy a cheap car. AND……I didn’t know where she would be…..she’s moving around and unsure in California. Love you baby…next year, if I’ve made any money…it’s your turn!

The pain has eased some….yay and yeehaw. Jesse boss update. Jesse mentioned money and boss said to go to the trailer and have wife write a check….then, soon after, he said she had a 103 temp and he had to take her to the hospital. They rushed him out the door, only to watch him then go across the street…buy beer and head in the direction of the girlfriend. Hmmm and ewwwwe. Sounds like my ex….Jesse’s dad. Hard core and shallow. Barren….of true compassion. Not my kind of people…but they too need loved. They especially need love. How else will they change or understand or or or…. Well….it’s 2:42am Christmas morning…. = 8 = Infinity. = God. Night night and sweet Christmas to you all. Hope you at least got one thing you wanted!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, my family is so funny. So, I wake up and immediately Jesse comes down. He’s ready! So we start gathering unwrapped presents into a trashbag. Then I realize hubby has chosen that moment……to start the turkey. Jesse was like….what????? Ha. So. Christmas proceeds with me pulling a gift for hubby out exclaiming…oh wow hubby, Santa brought you a ……as Jesse then hands it to him. Then one for myself and one for Jesse. Repeat repeat repeat. One of hubby’s gifts was some TransSiberian Orchestra CD’s…which he then put in and blasted it!!! There weer tons of kitten and Bluedog toys and each cat had their own toy…it was hilarious. There are probably around 30 kitten toys on the floor. Yup, and Blue toys. Oh shucks…I forgot to take Christmas goat photos. Ha……tomorrow. They all got their peanuts and a few stepped on my toes in the melee. It appeared to be….pick on Crystal day. My baby.

Right now…..the dinner is almost ready. Half correct, half not. Outta eggs, so had to use box stuffing….hmmmm. Got a bigger turkey this time so we have leftovers…that sucked on Thanksgiving. NO Prime Rib this year….yay…saved us a fortune I did!!! Still watching the Christmas movies and still enjoying. In the end….I did get a carhart jacket, and a twisty hang flashlight for kidding. Those were the most useful items. Had a good time after all and still anticipating the arrival of 2 gifts Jesse ordered me, and my muga silk and some fiber from Namaste Farms…which I will count all as gifts! Heheeheeee. That’s how I’m staying sane this Christmas. The Jess was and is a happy camper. Had to go halfway to town for a new phone charger cuz he left his at work. Not so bad. No traffic. I haven’t spoken to Summer yet today. BUT I will!!!! Guess it’s dinner time now on this most special of days. Thank you Father, for sending us your son…your one son…meant to show us all, your children….what we too can be. Blessings to you all. Merry Christmas from YeeHaw Ranch.















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