AGAIN……YOU are my Gifts this year…….Thankyou!

I finally got off my butt and made banana bread. I’ve been planning to for 2 weeks. There were barely any viable bananas left. The smell is heavenly and driving me nutso. I doubled the batch and I’m the only one here who eats it, sooooooo. Big smiles all around! Well, here in this room anyway! The Gucci girl has come to love on me. She’s staring at me adoringly from within my lap. A rare sight these days. She’s not the healthiest cat but recently she’s decided she really likes it outside. Everytime someone opens the door….whoosh….out flies the Guch. She’s even spent the night outside due to this habit of hers. Liberty, the outdoor kitty hisses at her but I think she’s secretly happy to have another cat out there with her. Well damn….if you don’t have enough eggs…don’t make 2 banana breads. I substituted milk. Haven’t tasted it yet but it doesn’t look right. Oh ya…some of you already know, but I was finally in the mood to verify whether or not the Einstein painting had been stolen or not. I went through both containers. There are only 2. Nope. Gone. Sad. Musta taken it while we were loading up. Shoulda known better than to leave it unattended….musta been 2 of us gone at the same time. Loading. In a hurry due to fear of night driving, we simply loaded. Bummer and a half. One of mine, Jesse’s and a bunch of peoples favorites. Apparently the thiefs too. Now the Guch is laying across my arm while I type. Probably giving me exercise, using muscles I don’t usually use. Not necessary right now due to the weird weather… fibro/weather pain. Have for days. Not severe, but there. Ok so….barely edible but I did edible a bit. It just smelled too good to resist. Oh well. Lesson learned. Don’t be greedy….make one.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Not a single present is wrapped. Why have I procrastinated? There….got Jesse’s wrapped at least. We always do one wrapping paper per person, that way, we don’t have to write tags, hehehehe. Smart, eh? Only found one roll so….but a bit ago, it occurred to me that I can wrap hubby’s with the paper inside out. He knows what it all is though, so silly it is. I’m even supposed to wrap mine. What did I get? A hot pink dolly/truck cart, a hot pink handled thing to carry tools, a hot pink tool belt, a pale pink nightgown and two pairs of winter flannel pants. Oh, and the movie, World War Z. See what I mean? I already know what it all is and I get to wrap it. Just plain odd. And…it’s late. 4:01am = 5 = change. Night night sweet ones! It’s Christmas EVE!!!

Ya. I’m just a kid. A big kid who already knows Christmas is a bust and is disappointed. Why do we do this to ourselves? How did the cog get so strongly turned??? Next year needs to be different. I say that every year, and change nothing. I have no control in any of it….except this year I did have a bit of money to buy a few things. Other than that, I feel controlless. Hubby has the money. It’s always his. Then again…mine is always mine. I hate feeling greedy. Hate wishing I was getting more. Hate that there’s anything even to hate…it’s Christmas….supposed to be jolly. Jolly and reverent. Hmmm, I’m neither of these. Hubby decided what he wanted for his birthday on Saturday, Berdoll pecan products. So, we just drove there and chose in person. Hahaha…sugarless everything and a Pecan PIE. Sweeter than sweet….go figure.

All the goats are happy today, well, nearly all. No presents…they’re just in good moods. I’ll give em some peanuts tomorrow.

The boy met a girl on Twitter last night. Hilarious. Youngsters these days. He was so into talking to her that everything else was put on a backburner. Taking the trash out late last night….became a sprint…..the lid not being closed and the bag not in properly, resulting in dogs getting into it…and the gate was not closed properly and the pups all got out. Things like that. It went on ALL evening…till 4am when I finally went to bed. I won’t say young love….how bout young infatuation? They had a twitter romance while the world watched. Hehe….the twitter world that follows each of them that is. Hehehe. He’s at work now…but the new phone won’t hold a charge. If it did…he’d be texting her nonstop at work! Although what difference it makes, I dunno……not a single person there is being paid or has been paid. In fact, he’s supposed to decide today if he will continue to work….more like play if you’re not being paid……but work. Ha! Ok…..this is gossip but dang. His boss’s wife is dying of cancer. She’s in a real bad way nowadays and he leaves and cheats on her with the bartender. Constantly. It’s really upsetting to all who work there…..but what do ya do when your boss is an ass?

Since I won’t be getting many physical gifts this year….I shall consider all my friends as this years gifts again. You all make me smile, like a gift….you raise my spirits like a gift… are all shiny and full of light, like a gift. You give of your love….like a gift. So….once again….you are my best Christmas GIFTS! I love you all and I have and will continue to…enjoy unwrapping you. Getting to know you. Learning about you and your joys and sorrows. Learning from you as well. Wow….boy did Santa bring me a huge bag!!! I am so grateful. Thank you all. Merry Merry Christmas to each and every one of you. I ask that you all be BLESSED. Signing off with Christmas joy….at YeeHaw Ranch. OH….PS…..Cathy brought me a physical gift! A set of deer horns…to use to frame a painting! Sweet sweet. PSS….if only I had a gift for each of you!!! Belief. That’s what I give to you. I BELIEVE in Z














2 thoughts on “AGAIN……YOU are my Gifts this year…….Thankyou!

    • Well hon, it’s been a good year maybe a dull Christmas is called for? I’m so happy you are happy with her!!! Huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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