To detail or not to detail……

Golly bum, guess I was wrong. It’s not up to me, the amount of detail, when I have a nearly 21 year old son viewing and speaking. I was at that point that I told you about, when I had to choose how much background to put in. The photo is blurred, the focus is the fish. Jesse convinced me….hmmmm, to make the background more real, then insisted there needed to be blue for the ocean. Hmmm. I threw some in but now he wants me to fade it. Ok…let’s fade…. It. There. Done and blended to the best of my willingness. It’s funny. I remember when I used to paint with oils. I used to think…its an accident. It looks good. I should leave it alone or the ME will screw it up. As if Spirit was painting and if I entered the fray…I would ruin it. When to end a painting…a work of art…that is the question of the day. I mean….I can always keep tweaking it and every single time I do…the painting changes. It’s an amazing experience. The oooh, then the ahh, then the ohhahhh, then the ooooohhhhhhhahhhhh.

Tonight I saw one of my precious friends post their new profile photo on FB. It was a gorgeous scene of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It made me immediately go there. Where? Weird where. In the Nag Hamadi….which is the collection of writings found that were books not in the bible. In one of them….it describes the birth of Jesus. It says……(I’m paraphrasing)……it says……and Jesus walked from her womb, up to her breast. That threw a light bulb up in me so bright! It was my story! I was REborn. Believe me, I had no choice in the matter. Granted…I prayed and prayed and screamed in agony for help. I got it alright. Part I sorta don’t understand is I screamed for help for 38 years. What was different about that year, that prayer….except for the tiny fact of…..when it was meant to be. ON TIME. ON PURPOSE. Speaking of on purpose…it’s late. Nightie night time. 2:47am -= 4 = ANGELS. Night.

Hmmm. Better clarify. That book in the Nag Hamadi is describing the birth of Jesus. Usually it’s a baby! But the baby walked out of her womb and up to her breast. That means….that the birth, was not of a baby. That means that it is suggesting the changing of the spirit….the rebirth….is the birth of Jesus. I dunno…read what you want into it…I know what it means to me. Anyways……back to life here. Took the boy to work this morning and then the boss showed up and said he didn’t need him. Least they gave him a ride home. Hubby is in Austin running errands and a few minutes at work…then he’s off the rest of the week. Hoping he comes home with the Austin goat feed. Got some really large looking female goats in the L. After the fall birth experiment….I’m wary on trusting my judgement regarding belly size and pregnancy. But they sure appear bigger! And ye know, it’s so funny. 8 out of 10 times, I’m leaving the L after feeding the girls and halfway out, I feel a presence behind me. It’s usually a baby…right on my heels. Go eat sweetie, I say as I keep walkin and they run back to the herd.

As Christmas’s go…..ya ya ya, I know the reason for the season…but…..I also know about expectations. As far as they go…..this Christmas will not be so fun. I got 2 goats…sorta…one is here one is not. I need to remind myself to quit doing that. Goats for Christmas. NO. Just goats! Lets just say….there will be very little for me to open. Hubby picked out all his gifts. Not a single surprise. Just plain old boring. Not sure if I’ll even bother wrapping the gifts that we got at Target that day. Whats the point? Summer is not coming for Christmas, and I did get Jess a feew things…all clothing…..and he knows about them too. Yup….nope…not a surprise in the lot. Oh wait…Jesse ordered something for me, lol…coming from China. So…ya, one. YAY!!! And theres a few for Jess that he hasn’t seen…nothing big tho. Stocking stuffer type things. Yup…for me, I’m guessin a dud. Not really being ungrateful….just….un….like it usually is. Veering from typical. It is what it is. The Hera painting arrived at Mea’s today right before Christmas as planned. She says it’s even better in person! Yay! She wants to turn it into a pillow. Her choice. See, this is why I never envisioned framing! So many possibilities, options, choices, preferences.

Well, after a few extra touches…..I think the fish painting is done. Jesse thinks I should hang onto some without showing anyone. Not sure why. Haven’t decided yet. Hubby texted and said I didn’t need to cook. Mmmmm, makes my brain go into whats up mode….and this is how I translate……Sheri’s guess……Chuy’s Mexican food. Hey, a girl can hope! Oooooh, he’s here….hope it’s not KFC! Ha….well….a lil of both! Seems he ate at Chuy’s for lunch and brought me my meal…..but he also brought me and Jess a pizza. So he says I get to eat Chuy’s tomorrow. Hmmmm. Go figure but okie dokie.

Still nothing on eBay….and I tagged 3 of the Duck people with the photo in Twitter. Nothin yet. Called my mom who used to rule eBay, and she suggested multiple categories….I said that costs…she said not much and spend it to make it. I’ll look into it. Man….people are still so in an uproar about the Duckman. Saw a post today about it and I jumped in. Seems the part they are bothered with is that he said gays and right next to that, he said beastiality. Here’s my issue with that……In the interview….Phil is asked…what is Sin? His response……(paraphrased)….gays, bestiality, cheating on spouses, etc. See…this is a list of what he believes the bible lists as sins. He’s not bashing anyone. Ok……done with that for the moment. So….tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Usually a very exciting night for me. Ha, not so much now, but oh well. Maybe next year I’ll convince hubby to just let us all pick our own stuff…no waste that way! Hehe. Ok….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











2 thoughts on “To detail or not to detail……

  1. I love my Hera. I could see framing it but I think it would be lost. I think people need to touch it, and really look at it. We will see. I am not much for sewing so we will see. It matches everything so it can go anywhere. Biggest hugs

    • Ahhh I’m so happy! Lol it matches!!!!! Whatever makes you happy is what you need to do! Love you deer. Biggest of huggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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