Yes……I’m goofy.

Oh good Lord…the paintings I choose. This one…….I thought would be a no brainer. NOT. It has so friggin many details that it’s friggin crazy. Reminds me of the owls….or worse, or less…..not sure. Just backaching work that I love to do, that I get completely consumed with to the detriment of all else. Peeing….goes on hold. Pets….go on hold. Food….goes on hold. Beer for Gods sakes! Breathing even. My lungs go to wheezing and it can be hours before I finally grab the inhaler and insist on breathing. Funny funny thing. Tonight, I posted the photo of Phil from Duck Dynasty, saying….”FOR SALE…$2000. Price hiked due to controversy.” It was suggested that I put it on eBay. So I did. Then I went even further and put Jimi up for the same price. Now I can’t list any more items cuz I’ve exceeded the money amount, lofriggin LLLLL. Man is it late. Just getting to this though. Seriously……I just listed 2 paintings for 2 thousand dollars, with a reserve of that….and a buy it now price of $2500. How crazy is that? Time will tell…and it was free to list. It’ll cost me twenty bucks if I sell. I listed Jimi as an art piece…and at the moment I have Phil in the category of……unusual. LOL. I tried celebrity memorabilia and sporting goods so far. Wow… foray into eBay….and what a start! It began as a joke, but deep down…gotta tell ya….it’s what I’ve wanted. Nobody was buying at the low prices that they thought were high…so I knew…that pricing them high as I originally thought, was the key. Or at least I hope it to be so. You know the saying….something along the lines of if you undervalue it… won’t sell. Or, price it high and people will think it’s worth something. Well, it is worth something. I work hard. I spend many hours hunched over….aching my back. I shear and feed and give shots to and help birth…..the goats I use in the paintings. Their fiber, I mean. I hate that word…fiber. Why can’t we say curls, or hair, or fur????????

The boy is trying to get out of the kitten….he wants Sneezy Smokey Baby. Damn…ticks me off right good. He wouldn’t even take her up to his room tonight….after asking me to bring her down while he was at work, to socialize. He’s making a stand. I’m making a stand. It’s a stalemate. A stalemate where I have an extra cat….who will cost money to care for, to worm, to spay, to heal, etc. And…..she’s not healthy. She is bones. Nothing but bones. AND…she sneezes all day, like Sneezy did. Gonna worm her tomorrow. Shoot….gotta get her upstairs to do that. This really ticks me off. But…it is what it is….and he is what he is and this will play out how it will play out…regardless of my fretting. EH??? Well….I guess it’s bedtime for Bonzo here. 3:07am = 1 = Beginnings. YAY! Night sweet peeps.

And….I’m right back to the Oh Good Lord…the paintings I choose! I’m exhausted. Hubby must be wondering. He’s in the living room and I know he can hear all of these moans and groans. My back, ohhhhhh, my back. Hehehe. Price of passion. I broke a needle but since I still don’t know where my needle stash is….i mean seriously….I’ve got close to 200 needles!!!! So, I just took the broken one out so I can still use the doorknob thingy. It has better needles than my single, lol……so go figure……most of what I’m doing requires one needle….hehehe, yet I’m doing it with 5….just to have better needles! Yes…I could empty the doorknob and use all of those separately….just tellin you how nuts I am. All detail now. Good grief the detail. But…..without detail… have big blobs. If you’re wondering how I don’t get lost in the painting…’s cuz been there done that and now, I just add what I see. Later, I’ll see something else and take care of it. In the end, all detail does get there…just in a very roundabout way. Like this fish. One second I’m using black, up by the head and the next…I’m using blue in the tail. There are definitely moments when it gets overwhelming, but I hang in. Now that I’m painting again, truly painting again….if feels SO good!!! And once again….all else falls to the wayside. Someday I’m gonna have to run the dishwasher or we’ll run out of dishes!!! It’s getting pretty close to done…..tons of hours in this one…..and there’s this one area I’m avoiding. I need my dang needles!!! This area is such tiny detail, that I really need a different needle. I may just have to ransack the vendor boxes, which isn’t easy. All stacked in my room….no room to move things. Ha….we’ll see when I finally get done all but that area….then we’ll see what I do. How desperate will I be? Jesse will flip when he sees it. It’s really nearly done. Ha….or not. All depends on how much detail I plan to carry out. With this particular one, it’ll be up to me. If I put too much detail into the background, which would be really cool……… may take the focus off the main subject. We’ll see.

I hollered at Jess this morning to ask if he needed to work….YES, I’m late!!! Hurry! So…I put on my boots. Then, a phone call. He’s being picked up. Boots off. He’s not coming. Boots on. Yes he is, he’s on our street. Boots off. He’s not here yet! Boots on….pups up, drive down the road…..theres the guy. Finally, boots off. THEN…..he calls. His cigarettes are very stale, can you run me some real quick? Ha! Boots on! LOL. Went ahead and fed all the goaties when I got back, then to the painting which I’ve been doing ever since. NOTHING is happening on the eBay front. No bids….not even sure anyone is seeing it. I think it’s cocsting me money, like 50 cents, each time I revise it…like, change the title or category. Not good. Other than that…its free and no harm to attempt. Well folks….a thousand words…donesky!!! Later gators!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. PS….Prayers please for Grace to keep her farm…thankyou!















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