me and a HAWK…….

Ahhhh, poor Phil. I feel connected to him now that I have caressed his face to the point of knowing……hehe. Ya…..I know it sucks and I know it’s stupid and disgusting….but I think they, A&E, have the right to fire him…..but WE also have the right to vote on that with our TV remotes. If you’re opposed and wanna make a point….quit watching A&E. Simple. It’s a pretty sorry day in America though when we can’t answer a question on an interview…for fear of being fired. Yupperoni’s. Oh…for those who may not know…..Phil, from the show Duck Dynasty apparently said he didn’t like gays, while on an interview. Tolerance. Where the heck is the tolerance? For you too Phil. Phil…tolerate the gays. Gays….tolerate Phil. Get over it, shake hands and move on. That’s my one cents worth. It was a stupid topic, doesn’t deserve 2 cents. (PS…..since then, I’ve heard a bit of what he said…hmmm, not all gay bashing, also, drunks and blacks?)

So…….Marie and I have both painted the same painting. The lady I used to be so jealous of…..and I have painted the same painting….ON PURPOSE. The purpose? Ha! To get me painting again. And it worked. Now……the fun part. Two different paintings, painted nearly 5,000 miles apart….from the same photograph. How different will they look? Will it be a matter of which is better? I hope not. I hope they are just viewed as…..different perspectives from different human minds. I will have to rein my inadequacies in and just jump in with gusto. No fear. Two good paintings…..from 2 good people. Heheheeee. I’m workin it!!!

Well, I didn’t end up working on another painting, I spruced up the winter scene a bit more. BUT….I saw a photo of the contested painting by Andy Warhol, and I grabbed it! I heard about it and was wishin I knew what it looked like cuz I just love Farrah Faucett. I’m a 60’s baby after all. I was devastated when she died, as were all her fans. Far as I’m concerned…it’s a photo…no copyright infringement to paint it!!!! Yup….my next….tomorrow. Ahhhh…it’s not really late but it’s time for bed regardless. I’ve had enough of this wonderful day. Really, it’s been wonderful. I painted and I’m happy with it. Big deal here. Night night folkie olkies. 1:17am = 9 = endings. YES>>>>>>ending to depression/block. Night 😀

Well, got the check remailed for the 1st goat. Went to town for polar fleece….they were out. I’ll have to make do if I want to paint. Well, the two paintings came out very different….but both nice. We had a nice chat about it and life. She recommends framing them….MY WAY, whatever that may be, but she also suggests sticks. What I have in mind isn’t exactly sticks but I’m still so far away from doing one. Cathy had a thought as to how to do it faster….but that requires a stop one day and a get out of the car and be brave and holler out…anyone here???? Hehe….came so close today!!! It was really fun doing that, not sure why, but it was. Funny how adamant the gallery guy was that I not use glass with fiber due to moisture….and she uses glass to hold her fiber in place, since it’s not needled. I offered to send her some so she can try it. Ha…gotta find em first….they’re with my specialty needles….somewhere I guess still packed from kid n ewe. Fun times…….and we plan to do it again sometime. Yay! Oh ya….one more thing…’s a landscape! I generally suck at those! I don’t think I sucked this time! Hehe, I’ll take it!

Ha….well, it’s almost like the boy isn’t here…ha, no….but sortof….I’m back to feeding all the goats myself. 3 days in a row now. He does however, move the hay into the buggy and move the feed bags around. All the hardest parts. Man…..the girls and the boys were so restless today…banging each other. Maybe cuz it’s so dang warm….75 or so. Crazy weather.

OH……on the way home from town after I dropped Jesse off at work….I saw a hawk on a post. I threw it in reverse……stopped right in front of him and took photos. Then threw it in park and got out. I then had a conversation with him, well, I talked…he listened. He was ok with all that, till I took a step forward…too close….on the other hand…I was also thinking that I wanted him to fly off. Maybe he read my mind. This morning, I was in my mind…..doing something with the goats, worming them maybe….and Blue barked…I said, no, not right now. If I think about Cathy coming over…he barks. I say, no…not right now! In a few minutes! I know I told you once that I tested it while he was asleep when he was younger. Yup….it worked, he woke up, got off the chair, walked over and gave me a kiss. I just saw a documentary about the very thing. Lady uses mind pictures to communicate…like you would with a dolphin or whale. Thought bubbles….like in the cartoons. But she was communicating with any animal. Pretty cool to have it verified.

Oooooh, the March sisters at Christmas…..seems that movie came out last year but it sure feels new to me and it’s got 2 soap stars in it! I love it! Right up my alley and I love the old movie it’s fashioned after. Meg and Jo…..Little Women. Hmmmm…..the weekend before Christmas. I don’t have nearly as many presents as I would have liked to give. Sad but doable. Woulda been nice to have sold a few paintings but ye know what???? I’ll be ok…..regardless. I got great friends to pick me up should I fall. And I don’t usually fall over money. Seriously….I don’t buy new clothes or shoes or have my hair done or nails or massages or anything. I wear cheap clothes, cheap rubber boots, no jewelry(wedding rings only) and cheapest of cheap hair ties all prettied up with fiber. Yup…one expensive date I AM. Hehehe. Am I hoping hubby got me the Feltloom this year? YOU BETCHA. Will it happen? Hasn’t 3 years running…or is this the 4th? Not giving up hope. Well….guess I’ll talk with ya on Sunday. Have a great weekend…..go easy, be careful and remember……everything happens for a reason. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















5 thoughts on “me and a HAWK…….

    • Thank you hon!! Hawk it one of my totems too! I used to be upset that I had too many totems. I wanted just one! Just like talents, I wanted one, not a bunch of halfass! But ye know….many totems is awesome!!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  1. Hi Shari,

    With all of this controversy over Phil Robertson, I decided to read the article myself. Here it is:

    He actually never said he didn’t like gays. He basically said their lifestyle is not in line with what the Bible teaches on homosexualtiy. Phil said, “We never, ever judge someone on who’s going to heaven, hell. That’s the Almighty’s job. We just love ’em, give ’em the good news about Jesus—whether they’re homosexuals, drunks, terrorists. We let God sort ’em out later, you see what I’m saying?” He said we love them.

    I know that there is so much misinformation going crazy out there over Phil Robertson. He sure touched a cultural nerve. If one wants to really know who said what, go to the source.

    Read More

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