I painted…….I painted……!!!

Ahhh, the joys of my life. I still haven’t painted, but I’ve had some very wonderful, meaningful and spiritual conversations in the past few days that top depression man. They just plain top it. Like icing or whipped cream or a strawberry. Very insightful stuff ultimately designed by God to spur me on. Angels unbeknownst to them. My friends. I hate to keep repeating myself but wow, the comraderie, the bonding, the cheering up…..the learning, the enlightening….all these things happen on the so called social network. To me…it’s the people network. People being people meeting more people being people. We are all struggling to BE on the spinning ball. Where shall we be? If there is a nagging voice telling you to go….GO! If there is a nagging voice telling you to work it out, stay….STAY! Just follow your gut and you’ll do well. Even if you’re like me…someone like me…..you can follow your gut and your feeling of spirit and you will fly. As will I.

Well…the cookie request came out great. Not a burnt cookie in the bunch. 12 bags of around 6-8 giant cookies each. I loaded them all into a black trashbag and could barely carry it into hubbys room. Ha…. It felt like Santas bag! That’s alota cookies!

1 lb butter (2 sticks softened….guess what, my latest microwave turns out to have a soften button which I discovered today),

1 cup Crisco shortning

1 ½ c brown sugar

1 ½ c white sugar

2 tsp vanilla

4 eggs


4 cups flour

2 tsp soda

1 tsp salt


1-2 cups semisweet choc chips

1/3 bag shelled walnuts


The end….. bake at 325 for 30 minutes. THE GUILD CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES

Yup, that came right off the top of my head, I made the recipe so many times that for the moment, I know it by heart. I was gonna paint tonight, the winter scene…instead, I procrastinated and met wonderful souls. I met a guy from Ireland. An artist and poet like myself, kindred souls meeting…once again on FB. This facebook is changing the world, like it or not….and in my neck of the FB world…it’s looking really really awesome…except for the gov stuff. And that’s lookin very very bad. Ha. Where we concentrate our energy….where we point our thoughts……is where the beam goes. Careful careful. I first started to say that 14 years ago. It was SO frowned upon. It was met with disbelief and jest. Humor. HaHA. NewAge. Now look. It’s everywhere you look from FB, to twitter, to movies to songs. Hope. I think it represents hope in a frightening world where everyone is dissatisfied with the statusquo….the gov, the norm, the fat the thin, the rich the poor, The pretty the ugly. And whats up with that? Everyone is beautiful! Everyone is a miracle of birth and has a uniqueness that only they…ONLY THEY HAVE. Cherish that about yourself. You are so special, so unique and there is not a single soul out there having the same thoughts as you, you are UNIQUE. One of a KIND. Gods child. Or…if you don’t believe that…then……..Special! hehehehehe. Night night sweet ones. Still no painting YET!!! Love ya! 1:56am = 3 – HOLY. 😀

Lordie Lordie….the curse has lifted! I have painted a painting. I’m not saying it’s great, landscapes are not my thing…but it’s not bad and I DID iT!!! Thankyou to all who contributed in their many many ways….some of you don’t even know you helped. Big huge relief. HUGE. Ha…and now I’m down to one tiny background!!! Jeesh, shoulda stayed in a funk till later…till I can get more backgrounds made up! LOL, I’ll just have to use a new approach with what I have. Now that I’ve started again….I gotta keep going. Gosh darn, I’m so excited! I painted, I painted!!! I’m going to paint again tonight too! Yay….I think I’m back.

Jesse woke me at 11am to take him to work, like 5 minutes later. He’ll probably be there till close cuz it’s Karaoke night. His friend, the one who was bringing him home….I guess got tired of working with no pay and hasn’t been there in nearly a week. So…it’s me again, going out at midnight to get him, rain or shine. He’s the cook now when the boss isn’t there and he’s been getting ten dollar tips on his burgers! Ten dollar burgers and ten dollar tips???? WOW. Go figure. Gosh it’s making me hungry just thinkin about it. Haven’t had anything today, as usual. The goats are all looking good. Everybody is in good moods and are getting along. Pirouette is completely one of the herd now. Hehe, speaking of herd….often times, it’s little Flower…with no mommy, all alone……leading the herd. How funny is that? Jesse was telling me I should sell my herdqueen and give someone else a chance with her. Jeesh. That’s a hard one! I dunno. She’s 9 so who would pay $400 for a 9 year old? Wouldn’t sell her for a penny less though. She has given me Maya and Milky and Miyagi and Buddha. Some of my best. If anyone is interested, let me know. I’ll consider it. You’d have to be very established before I let this one go there. She’s not much to look at at her age….but she’s a white. Many many children and grandchildren she had at Kai Mohair. She produces babies with black spots if you’re wanting pintos and have a pinto buck. AND….she is absolutely the QUEEN. Hate to think of that vacuum!!! But I will. Ahhh, the end of the day. Gonna cook early….for me! The guys can just reheat! Ok, well, yay…….I’m in good spirits. Signing off happily at YeeHaw Ranch.















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