just Maybe………………

I’m so glad I pawned those rings. I had exactly enough to buy the cellphone today, well, minus 3 dollars and 3 cents. Woulda cost a dollar but there wasn’t enough gig and for a music person…music space is like Key!!! And Summer Girl, if you’re concerned…I’ll do my best to do this for you next year. Hubbys birthday is 3 days after and I don’t have anything for that yet. Course, last year…..he never bothered to go get his present…and now the place is out of business. Bye bye Damey felt. It was a steering wheel cover, mixed media, felt of his goat and leather.Speaking of Damey……strangest of strange….his skull and horns showed up in the neighbor easement road. What…2 years after his mystery in the woods death??? We had found Aramis’s, but no sign of Damey, till now and in the oddest of places.

Tomorrow…today to you, is cookie day. Huge chocolate chip cookies that hubby’s coworkers are apparently now accustomed to! LOL. Here’s to them coming out really good this time. It’s a hit and miss thing with the weather…..and a forgetful me. Baby Polo was brought down tonight and I held her and one of the sleeping kittens woke, looked at her, then laid back down. She then thought about reacting but Jesse then did his magical kitten massage on both! Hehehe. He said she comes to his chair now and he holds her, then puts her in the chair when he comes downstairs and she’s still in the chair waiting when he goes back up. I think it’ll work out. Had me concerned last night when he nearly cried while asking to swap. He has really bonded to Sneezy, who he calls Smokey. The black and white one. All I know is….this Christmas, 4 kittens now have a home, when they had none. They now have a warm home, loving people, food, water, play, friends….life, they now have life.

Somebody is praying for me tonight. That is an amazing and powerful feeling. Knowing. Knowing, someone cares enough to think about me, and not just to think, but to pray. I am blessed. The people in my world now…..plum amazing, stunning and wondrous. Very kind people. Jesse says it all the time. You have nice people. Hehehe. He has around 1300 friends on FB but they aren’t kind like mine are….hehe, my measley 300 or so….are cherished by me! Measley….man, no……300 friends is nothing to scoff at. Although a lot have no communication with me whatsoever, they are indeed still there, following along with my life as I post and they have no choice but to see. Thank you to any who are praying for me….that I don’t know about. I am truly grateful.

Tonight I read a story about a Native Elder couple in their rickety falling down shack trying to survive the blizzard with no heat, no firewood. Laying in the bed, waiting for someone to come bring them warmth. At the end, it said this happens every single year on the REZ. Which REZ? Take your gosh darn pick. Oh ya…they died. When help finally did arrive….it was too late. What is needed is a complete revamp of the Reservations. New houses, new life. And I still say tipi’s are a grand idea. Well, that’s it for tonight folks. Till tomorrow. Night night. 12:29am = 5 = change. Ya????????

Someone like me………is realizing that there is indeed hope for humanity. Someone like me, who just wanted to die for the first 38 years of life….who ached with every cell of her body and every brain cell as well. Someone like me, who was lost in a dark hole for decades. Someone like you……cares about the someones like me. Someone like you, reaches into their soul and pulls a tiny piece out and hands it to someone like me, who is in need. Two hearts are touched and blended. Someone like me…..never knew there were someones like you. Never even dreamed such a thing. I am grateful beyond measure for the someones like you who lift me up on the days when the dark is so dark. You bring me light, and you bring it to others too. But right now…you are my torch….and I thank you from my every cell. And I ask God to Bless you for your kindness.

Marie. When I first began doing these paintings, I soon discovered Marie. Marie lives in Scotland and has been doing wool paintings for 3 years. At first I was jealous, thinking I would never be able to anything nearly as good as her, but as time went on, I began to consider her as a colleague. Now we champion each other on. Today, Marie said, nice photo, would be great as a wool painting…..on a photo I didn’t even see. It was the post about the Native Elders who froze to death. All I saw was the story, not the photo. It was indeed a very pretty winter scene and I said so and that maybe one day I would paint again. Her response???? Lets paint it together!!! That is humanity at its finest. Remember, also…last night I was contacted to let me know I was being prayed for. She thought it would help me to know that I was being prayed for. Boy did it help. And then Marie said what she said. I am in awe of the caliber of people who are in my life. I wish there was a way to send you all some of these cookies I’m baking right now…as a thankyou. You would smile.

I drove to the post office and home….began the cookie onslaught and Jess announces he has to go to work. I just came from there!!!! Agggrh! So I took him. Got the first batch out of the oven and it’s just the 30 minute bake wait now inbetween batches. I put a penny in the photo to show you how big these suckers are. I’m feeding the goats in batches too. With a 30 minute bake time, it’s what I gotta do. Oh, and the weather must be right cuz the cookies are coming out looking good! Yay. Did something right! Ha. Ok…..well, I shall be doing a painting tonight of a lovely winter scene….barring any fallbacks. Thank you all so much. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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