still nothin…….

Hmmm…’s 1:44am Hello Angels, and the keyboard, the laptop…is cold. Very cold. Kinda like me. The smell of poo permeates the air. Kitty poo is awful when it first arrives in the litter pan. There’s one in my room and one in the hallway. I can smell both when they go. It eventually goes away but jeesh. Whoda thunk I’d be a cat lady? Certainly not me. There are 7 cats in this house. I’m a sucker. While Christmas shopping the other day, I attempted to buy a certain movie. Hubby said he already had it. I tried everything between now and then to watch it. My laptop went haywire with it, my old laptop apparently didn’t have movie software and I kept thinking it was too cold in the living room plus…hubby loaded my chair with shit….stuff he “CLEANED” from the floor…all went into my chair. So…..we watched this movie. Jesse was against it from the start although he wanted to be for it….for me. Hectic night…full of stress but the movie did indeed get watched….yup, stuff in the chair went back to the floor. Hehe

My world is upside down and I understand it’s on purpose…but understanding it and doing it are two completely different birds. An eagle and a canary. I think I finally get why you people read me. I just spill and it’s different. Most people are so cautious of their words that they stifle….they bottle. Bottle it up. I just spil, therefore I’m a bit different. Right now however, my worst enemy is myself. My own brain is working against me at this time. I am certain there is a purpose…. absolutely certain cuz there always is…. Ahhh, it’s 3:12am = 6 = earth…= need to hug a tree. Nightie night night folkie olkies. My sad butt is goin to sleep. And yes, I realize I have nothing to be sad about. Night night.

Back to the bank to put funds in to cover the bounced check. Also got Jesse a cellphone. It’s necessary with him living here. Especially at kidding time. The house phone won’t reach the pens and if he needed help and I wasn’t here…well, now he can call. Little boy at Christmas, lol. Happy as a lark…… for the moment. Funny part. He discovers his phone has panorama ability on photos. Yay! Then, I’m feeding the girls and taking photos and I accidentally do something… thing I know….I see…panorama. Hehehe. Yup. Had the phone 2 years and didn’t know. Tried it and yup, it works. Had 6 waves of birds fly overhead while feeding. By waves, I mean hundreds, many hundreds each. First of all, it’s December, they should have already flown south. And 2nd……..they were flying NORTH! In December!

Jesse is making headway with his new kitten. Just last night he wanted to trade. Ha. Nope. He wanted to trade Polo for Sneezy. Not. Then this morning he said she jumped onto his bed last ight!!! Yay! AND….he just came down to tell me that when he went upstairs just now, she was laying on his bed and he walked over to pet her. Finally! Maybe we’ll get a decent photo soon, eh????

It’s been suggested that it’s the Christmas season and many people go into depression then. Well, I guess that’s a possibility, eh? I’m still pretty bumfuzzled by it. Trying to dissect it is not so easy this time. Today, the fiber is not even calling. It’s being silent. Silent fiber, not used to that. Usually it’s screaming….touch me, spin me, felt me! Oh wow…it got late. Were in the At&t store for like 2 hours! Guess this is a short one. For the best I guess. Best get dinner cookin and before that…figure out whats for dinner! Later folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Boring blog.And still no paintings.













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