aged celibate BUTTER……?

Another non night. Well, obviously it happened, but I didn’t do anything. Not a thing. Oh wait…I ate my pumpkin pie. I’ve gone up twice since Jesse left to try to coax the baby Polo out of hiding….no luck. Oh, and another thing I did. Really heavy duty stuff here….I opened a package! It was small and wrapped in brown paper. Inside was a kachina doll from the Navajo reservation….from Mechelle. Beautiful wooden carved totem. I was describing it to my daughter and she got excited that it had a blue star. Well, hehe, so had I when I’d first seen it. And a half moon with stars…..crescent moon is special to me… PapPap always told me it was Gods fingernail. It has a white mask. Interesting. My favorite colors, hot pink and lime green together, and a piece of wood with character…..Very Interesting. That ‘character’ might be a teardrop? In actuality, it’s a hole in the wood from a bird. Very nice and obviously perfectly for me. Thankyou thankyou Mechelle! If only I could get the courage….to be so close next week…yet so city driving far. LOL….I’m afraid of driving in cities. Found out I can get mostly there on backroads, but………the city isn’t a backroad.

Did I tell ya I went back on the follow train on twitter to help a friend? Ya, hehe…..hooked again! At least I know what I’m doing now and clean my mess up as I go. In other words….delete all the dang retweets! Not allowing too much on my mind. Just enjoying my Christmas movies day in and day out. Ahhh, David Hasselhoff…..still melts my butter…..well, whats the word for aged celibate butter? Jesse called at midnight to let me know I didn’t have to come get him. It’s 2 now. Hmmm, no matter how old they get…we moms want them home at a decent hour. Summer is between things. She didn’t make enough money with her fall work to go to Peru, so she’s rethinking her plan. She woulda come here maybe but the room situation is not good. Jess has been in the attic for 2 and a half years. He won’t go to the Rv. She won’t go to the Rv. Ha, I laughed and said….maybe I could go the Rv, but it would cost money…for propane. Nah, doubt she’s coming.

I am still stunned by the fact that my art stuckedness was caused by an art gallery owner saying he wanted my work. Really….that’s the bottom line of it. I bet I’m just using the frames as an excuse. An excuse to say……I can’t do it. Can’t finish this. Used to be a non finisher, but have finished many a thing in the past 11 or more years. Many many. Not really sure…keep analyzing and analyzing but still nothing concrete. That Venus thing was spot on man. My daughter is going through a shift too, so are other women I would imagine. I dunno. I wanted to start a Madonna painting…oh ya, turns out there was a fee so it wasn’t available to me. Hehehe. But I just didn’t wanna do it bad enough to gather the things and begin. It too, like Jesus……would have to be completely made up from my mind. Those paintings don’t usually go well. Gimme a photo. But I don’t wanna do photos right this second. Obviously. Hmmmm. Moms don’t go to sleep till their kids are home safe. I’m new to this. Dang….guess I kept my mom from a lot of sleep. The boy finally has a friend. I only say finally cuz we are in the boonies. 2:45….still not here. I’ll say goodnight though and try to chill. 2:47am = 4 = Angels. Night.

Well, it’s a rainy cold Friday here. Cathy came over and we spent the afternoon looking for painting photos. Jesse works tonight and is going to a party, so…..thinkin I may….may……work on something tonight while he’s gone. Distract my brain from worry. I hate worry. All that does is put that energy into the world of what I DON’T want. Emotions quicken mind creations and emotions are always up and running during worry. Ha…..I said since I’ll be stressin over him tonight, he should feed the girls for me. Lol, he said yes. So…I’m back to the Jesus and Mary thoughts. Not sure why, but I am. Since nobody has seen Jesus…..or Mary for that matter……I looked at Brad Pitt and Matthew McConnaughey. LOL. Nope. Did find one I may use…on the other hand…it may be the type of painting that doesn’t require a good photographic resemblance. Who knows….it’s art and it hasn’t been created yet. Usually this is a setup to fail…..cuz I don’t do well off the top of my head, but the desire is so strong…what the heaven….why not. We shall see.

I may or may not have sold some early paintings…you know, the ones listed half off. Kinda rude that I don’t have them available for the blog people, but I don’t know how. I’d have to do a separate post I guess. Nah. I’m just not feelin it. Maybe I should just reuse those backgrounds???

Dang, the muga silk is delayed again. Well, guess I’m not ready for that painting anyway…but jeesh. It’s already been since what…late Oct, first days of Nov? I know it was before kid n ewe on the Nov 8th. It’s golden. Golden silk. Mmmmmmmm. Speaking of silk…..think I’ll get the boy to bring the wheel in for me before he heads out. Might get some spinning in, nice fat chunky white bamboo with blue silk accent. Yummmmmm. I’ve discovered I can spin right from here, sitting on my bed. Who knows….it’s a race…..both want to be done…both are soothing to the soul and both are soft soft soft. Which will win??? Both? Hehe. My friend Kimberly is moving. She’ll still be in Australia…just a different area and a new home and farm. Way less sheep and goats too. Poor dear is having to move over Christmas. Love you Kimberly, thinkin of all the crap you’re dealing with and Mea…….my Deer……smile for your daddy and have a great safe trip home….PS Mea….please keep tryin for the Austin area….set to grow and grow! Alright folks. Enjoy your weekend and I may or may not have a painting to show come Sunday. Love ya!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. (leftovers for photos…..unseen…it’s raining!!!!)













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