A bit of COLOR…….

I sat here for hours tonight with a black background in front of me. I flipped and flipped through my photos and nothing. Finally, around 11pm or so, I decided to try something. It failed, but I know what to do next time and it too may fail, but it doesn’t matter. I then turned that failure into a very colorful piece. Not sure if it’s done yet….with abstracts…anything goes. The boy then comes down and says it’s not abstract enough. It needs to be less colors to be abstract. Hmmmm. I just dunno. I just paint what I wanna paint, period. Always have. Like way back. I wanted to paint the phrase…..all the worlds a stage. I painted a red curtain like in a theater, with the earth on stage and rows of seats. I didn’t know how to paint the seats….or the stage, you know, to give it dimensions…I just painted em flat. I had to. I had to paint. Had to speak my mind. I’m getting back to that maybe. I already pretty much…have to paint…well, until recently…but the content. An animal? A human? An abstract? A message. I showed my rough drawings to Cathy that I drew the other night and she understood them both and said the 2nd was a prophecy painting. Hmm, guess it is.

Someone new on FB just liked my FB blog link, so I went to look at her page to get to know her, as usual. I saw a link for an Amy Winehouse song. I never listened to her and wasn’t really interested in that when she died….all I remember thinking is ….as usual…what a shame, the really talented ones die so young. That’s what I’ve been talking about lately. That the more troubled you are…..the more troubled you’ll be if you were to get famous. Hmmm…..Hmmmmm……hmmmmmm. You guys do realize that this blog has dual effect? One….you guys get to read. And Two…..I get to analyze my thoughts and my life. Well……..I think I just did. Fear of fame. Maybe I saw what could be and recoiled. Yes…a very vain statement…but coming from me…..hehehehe. NOT. Hmmmm. Certainly possible. I have been known for self sabotage. Hehehe….I used to leave a bad line in every poem. Read that one again! Lol. Oh ya….the whole point of this paragraph was to tell you that I just discovered…Amy Winehouse! WOW! Love that voice! Sad that it’s gone. Hmmm, well, I guess it isn’t gone, now is it? I can still listen…I’ll just have to settle for reruns and repeats and photographs….like anyone who yearns for one who has crossed the great divide. Ooooh, time for Tinkerbelle! Night night….3:03 = 6 = earth. Fairies..yup. Need to finish up that last book….then separate into paragraphs and then….who knows what then. Night.

Went to the pound to look for a long haired kitten. NONE! Supposed to be 4! So, we asked again about the one on the web. Oh ya! Possibly feral. Gorgeous black kitties…mother and daughter. Jesse is now the proud owner of a fully fluffy black kitten. Polo. As in Ralph Lauren Polo. Hehe, that’s my boy. He’s into name brands. Then we stopped at yarnarama to grab some bamboo for a hat that was lost and needs remade. The lady calls it her angel hat and she left it on a train. Needs her angel hat. So, since she’s very connected to Archangel Michael….I’ll be adding some pale blue silk lap to the white bamboo crocheted hat. We were there too long or I touched something and my right eye is all swollen. Bunnies. I can’t get near the bunnies. Yup…one hour later, girls fed…..still swollen…and still blowin my nose. So cute….Jess was just going through the house gatherin things for his new baby. Ha…that baby is older than our other kittens. He’s so excited to have his own….thinks this Christmas is the best ever!

All my girls are so big now…..good grief, I just thought they looked fat this fall. Yup….big fat goats. Some of them….the newer ones….are walking different. 3 more months to go…get used to that girls, it’ll get worse! You may or may not have noticed……..I was supposed to keep shearing after kid n ewe. The weather turned cold and I’m counting the coats as a loss. Bummer. So many loss coats over the years….what a shame. But I can only do so much and can only go so fast. And believe me….nobody will shear if mama isn’t there. Not only are they getting fat….but the babies are growing. Goodness….turning into some great lookin gals. I am so blessed. Need to pick up my Smurf soon. That’ll require a 3 hour drive to Fredericksburg…..think I’ll carry a few paintings. They have tons of galleries and shops. Very small window to do the gallery thing considering 6 hours just in driving, but at least one, eh???

Well, no new kitten photo for you…..she has dipped under Jesse’s bed. I really hate that. Shoulda taken one at the pound. Or in the car. She let us pet her the whole way home…not really feral. In the meantime, there are 3 all balled up on my bed with me. Poor Gypsy is never seen these days…our original cat. She was just getting used to the 3, when we came home with the 2 newer ones. Poor poor Gyps….such a sweetie….love her. And this MonaLisa one…what a trip. She’s the long hair new one,,,,grays and blacks. She cracks me up. She’s rather a round little kitten. Short and round. She’ll see you coming and throw herself down on her back….pet my belly!!!! Oh ya…they’re still feral. Oh ya….we didn’t have to pay an adoption fee cuz we made a deal to take her to our vet for spay. Ya baby! Well, I’ll get to see her someday…outta the box. Jeesh. So…………….well, it looks like I’ll be doin something different tonight….spinning. Let ya know how that goes tomorrow. Hehe, so exciting…how my spinning went! Lol. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











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