not so cut and dried………

Today, when we finally located the gallery we were told to go to and pulled into the parking slot……THAT is when I felt it. Nerves. Funny, eh? Not a second before. I know why. Cuz I thought I was getting sick and was using all my energy to spiritually fight that. Plus, I was driving to an unknown place and was unsure of the strange roads. God is good. I was so preoccupied with all that that I forgot to be nervous….till we arrived. I said. Oh, I’m nervous. Hehehe, then I got out of the car. SO….not like me….or maybe I should be saying, the old me. Nah, doesn’t sit right. I’m still me….just bolder, more courageous. Once upon a time…..not only couldn’t I go places or call people, any people……..but I couldn’t even walk across my own pastures…..there were horses in it. Yup, sccarrrrry critters those. LOL. I was pitiful, really. Now, I can walk anywhere on my property if need be. I’ve even sheared a few goats with the horses and about 10 cows standing right by me. Terrified, but it needed done and for that particular goat…the best way. Yes, I’m different, but I’m the same. My essence is the same. Well, mostly. My compassion has grown, so in that way….I’m larger.

The boy is out…..he found a friend! Oh heck. Good and bad, I’m sure. He’s been here 2 ½ years (flew by) without a single friend. Gotta be hard. This guy brought him home today and will bring him home from work…yay, he’s back to work starting tomorrow…..I’ll take him and this one will bring him home…the hard part for me. Yay oh yay. In that regard, I hope it lasts, and if he’s a good guy, then for Jesse’s sake, I hope it lasts. I only have two very small backgrounds left. I easily found a photo to do. I have a hard hard time going small, but I think I might be able to do it. Beautiful photo. I’ve promised a Pyr painting to a lady with a pyr group, so……

One of the new wild kittens walked up and laid down on me just a bit ago. Precious. We had a moment. And…it was absolutely and unequivocally decided that her name is…Kokapelli. She turns her head abruptly to it. Hmmm. Native spirits within her. So, no more Cocoa. Kokapelli it is. It means fertile. Hmmmmm. It’s actually Kokopelli, but she’s a girl. It’s late…night night sweet ones. 12:41am = 8 = infinity. Ahhhhh….the balance between. Reap what you sow. Goodness. Night night.

Wow…doing what the guy recommended is not as easy as it sounds. And figuring out which canvas’s to use is hard too. I’ll have to go into Austin and see them in person. Very expensive they are, they are. Then there’s the question… I glue it to the canvas? It’s stuck there forever then. My artist neighbor said she would probably sew it to fabric then stretch the fabric. Dang…I wanted to do this quickly, for Christmas time. They have lots of visitors to the galleries at Christmas…lots of antiques too. Very unusual if you ask me. All these quaint little shops in the middle of nowhere. Literally. About 10 miles off the highway, in the country. And bam….there they are.

So…..I listed all the earlier paintings or the ones I didn’t think gallery worthy….for peanuts. Nope. Nobody wants peanuts. Oh well. I guess this Christmas will be what it will be…whether I stress or not, same with the paintings. Remind me again why I ordered a goat 3 weeks before Christmas?????? Insanity…but I want her. The Jess is in a raunchy mood cuz I listened to his retelling of a tv show up until the part where some hands got cut off. I said…no, don’t wanna hear about that and he has been on a tear ever since. Gotta drive him to work….what fun…being confined to a tiny space…forced to hear whatever spews outta his mouth….and lemme tell ya…every now and then…it’s way bad. I think I’ve heard fuck you 3 times today. Ya, to his mother. Thank God he’s only like this occasionally these days. He’d be pissed if he knew I was posting that but hey…remember…..that’s the job of a blogger. Especially this blogger….to talk about my day. Ahhhhh, speaking of that… doodoo sure does smell rank! In my room, yum. You see the stuff I have to blog??? Lol.

Back to the paintings. Hmmmm. Really didn’t think I’d be doing the framing part. This means I need to rebuy oil paints as well, since mine are so old I doubt I’d even get the tubes open. Gosh it’s been so long. Shoot….I used my old paintbrushes as small tapestry holders for kid n ewe. Need to replace them too. This involves using my brain….my creative brain but in a different way. Hope I can pull it off. I better, cuz it appears this is my future. For those who have asked……..he said archival quality…NOT CHEAP, at least 1 ½ inches deep. Then redo the hang mechanism myself. I would then either cover them in fabric and apply the painting to that….as a touchable painting…….or I would paint them and then attach. Attach. Hmmm. GLUE???? HMMMM…..! The other way….is to do high quality shadowbox either without glass or with mucho space between fiber and glass…needs to breathe. He actually said no glass. Oh ya…the shadowbox would be for sure for the ones that are too delicate to touch…like Jimi Hendrix. Ok, well….I gotta take the boy to work. See ya tomorrow folks. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













2 thoughts on “not so cut and dried………

  1. I didn’t see you had listed your “other” paintings for sale. Or maybe i did, my mind is in such a fog with my Dad in hospice. I need to be in a fog, a deep deep fog. Love you Night Owl. Thank You for Being

    • I love you Deer. I am graced by your Being. Blessings to you and your dad. May he fly to heaven swiftly like a hawk….soaring. And may your heart be at ease. Huggs.

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

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