Oh HOLY CANOLES……………..!!!!!!!

I’ve just spent part of the evening fixing or finishing paintings. We went through them to see which ones would go with us tomorrow and ended up with 15. All others are up for grabs. Pretty bad considering I came home from the festival with 31 and have since made????? I added a line or two to Buffalo, fixed deer’s eye…which apparently got distorted in transport, added the rest of the black background to the Phil painting and then signed the newest ones. Ha….it seems that Paris is recognizing fiber art now! Cool beans. Yes….I’m silly.

I don’t go back and reread these blogs. That was yesterday….but sometimes I get curious….about the transitions of me. They must be apparent here. I go from thing to thing, go down, then up, down then up, then on to the next thing…repeat and wash. Right now it’s all about art and Christmas…two weeks ago, the kid n ewe, a few weeks before that…the baby experiment that failed. One thing to the next…LIFE. I evolve, WE evolve. As you read my words, we evolve together. We are one. One like WATER. I’m a drop, he’s a drop, she’s a drop, you’re a drop…..everywhere a drop drop. And a flea is on my finger as I type.

I guess I gotta get honest to the core. I think my art is good. It stuns me, but I still think it. This is like a crossroads for me. A new beginning. The feeling of being an artist. So new, so fresh. So yummy I can taste its sweetness and also the sour of the grape laying beside it. My self esteem and feeling of inadequacies. My doubt. It rides in the same vehicle with belief, joy, thrilledness, awe, passion, wow….hey…it SHOULD win! It has more! I coulda kept going! Ya, I think it has won, or I wouldn’t be taking my stuff to a gallery tomorrow. Just impromptu…show up…you likey???? HAHA…..says the ex-hermit!

So….out of 37 paintings……….I only deem 15 good. Hehehe. Guess that means the rest can go for peanuts now. How crazy is this. How crazy wonderful is this whole thing. I’m thrilled to have let go enough about some of the paintings so that people can afford them. There are so many things screaming at me. The people who say if I price too low I’m being mean to the fiber community, or the artist community…..or the ones who say the price is so high, it’s unaffordable. I’m at a stalemate apparently. Stuck. Inbetween. Guess what. I don’t do Stuck well. This too shall PASS. Itty bitty paragraphs tonight, eh? I’m jumping…from thing to thing, as is my brains tendency. Ahhhhh, it’s late. Best to bed for this one. Night night sweet ones. Tomorrow I grow a set of balls and go to some galleries. Whewy!!!!!! 2:05am = 7 = HOLY. (again)

And it nearly got thwarted. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with severe lung congestion. So severe that I got sick. I was able to smoke some medicinal and go back to sleep. I woke thinking maybe it was God telling me not to go there, maybe go to another town. So….I did what all odd people do, I said…if I’m not supposed to go to this town, have the cats run in really fast. Lol. Well, we did indeed go to Roundtop, Tx….home of the art galleries and antiques shops set in a tiny country town. Guess what? Most of the shops are closed Monday through Wednesday. Ha. The gallery I was going to…..was closed. So was the one next door. Drove around and found another. She too was closed and said it was not her type of art to sell but she wanted to see it anyways. She loved it and suggested I take it across the street. I did. He sells some fiber art there. So. Here’s the scene. I say I’m a new artist looking for ways to sell my really new kinda art. She says she’s busy. We say we can come back. She says she’s busy. We repeat…do you want us to wait or come another time. Well, my husband really is the one who needs to see it and he’s busy. She starts to go see if he’s willing, then comes back and asks to see. We show her a few. She immediately goes out the door to her hubby. He obviously says…is it any good and she answers….some of them ARE! So he comes down off his ladder. He loves it! It’s different and the quality is awesome. BUT….they are not finished. He says that he has collectors. They want them ready to hang. I say, well, some want them behind glass and some want to touch. He shows me what I need to do. Says his art is in the Smithsonian. Says another of his clients is in the Smithsonian. I said…..so, if I do these things to them, you would want them here? Oh YES. Holy canoles!!!!!

The process’s he suggested are very expensive. So………yes, all remaining art…besides the ones I just took….are now for drastic sale. I need a few more Christmas presents bought and I need high quality 2-3 inch canvases….among other things. I’d like to get a few into the gallery before Christmas. Not sure I can if I don’t make some money. Oh ya…….they will not be for sale in that gallery at anywhere near the prices I was quoting. SO………………………………………..last chance to get my art before it goes Really expensive. Y’all just thought it was before. Hehehe. There will be nothing over $200. Course, keep in mind…my favorites are the ones I’m hanging onto….for the galleries. I’ll make a FB page for them…..so you’ll know which ones are on sale. Drastic price cut. Yay. Ye gotta do what ye gotta do.

So, how many of y’all are proud of me? Ya, I’m goofy…but man….I just boldly walked into a gallery and asked to show my art!!! How awesome is that????? Me, the exhermit!!! Jesse stopped at his work to take their trash for them as he’d promised and Kurt asked him to stay a few hours. It’s almost dark and I gotta feed. Supposed to wait for him cuz I’m not feeling well but it’s getting darker. Please pray for my health so I can keep going…so I can see this thing through. What a dream. I’m so blessed and so blessed to have y’all traveling with me on this ride. I better go now, I’m over a thousand words. Very exciting and just think, I was crying just last night. Couldn’t even get someone to buy one when I let them set the price with the highest bid. Not one bid. It’s ok. Someone will want it. They are my art babies. I love them and want them all to go to good homes. Later guys……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!! Ps….it was dark at feeding so these are yesterday’s leftovers!!! (Photos)












7 thoughts on “Oh HOLY CANOLES……………..!!!!!!!

  1. Well done, very proud of you. I could never do that. So what did he say you need to do to them?Frame them? I hope Hera didn’t go to the gallery!!! Well I hope you loved her enough to take her but not to sell her. Big Hugs Night Owl

    • Hera did indeed go to the gallery but never to sell Deer, just to show. Couldn’t find Einstein…which is weird cuz they were all in the one container. Yes, she was my best goat representation along with Petunia. Thank you sweet lady. I’m not sure where my courage is coming from…maybe my friends! Don’t worry, your Hera will soon be with you. Huggggggs

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I was wondering as she is so beautiful. I am glad she is one of the ones you love. I can’t wait for her to arrive here. You shall have to let me know what the gallery guy said needs to be done so I can do it to Hera and make her last forever

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