a side job????

There’s a business in need of being….. To take photos of babies who have been born, and died, in the hospital. To dress that baby and take a photo…so the parents have something. Why hasn’t this been done yet???????? Shoot….you don’t even have to dress them….wrap them in a blankey and they will be beautiful sleeping babies. Ugggggh. Things like this bother me. Why do they only take photos of the living ones???? How stupid is this practice???? Man, give the parents a dang break. Even the teetiny one pounders man. I’m so serious. What I wouldn’t give for a photo of mine, but none of mine made it long enough to be big enough to take a photo. Even Ryan Alan, he had already died without me knowing. 6 weeks prior. That was my farthest carry….3 months. Altogether 9 miscarries. Or is it 10? Shoot….getting blurry now since it no longer matters in the scheme of things? …..yes. Shoot, if my paintings don’t sell, I could always go do that.

1:30 am and I decide to organize fiber. Go figure. Ok…..them are full….now what? I have a peculiar memory, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to remember who is who which is good cuz for the first time in 5 years……… I’ve just joined fleeces in a box without a name. I’ve got whites together, well, and Heaven, cuz she’s both. Both brown, and white. So cool, a brown goat, well, 2 actually, as you know, the deep dark black brown of Miss Star. She’s an interesting looking goat. Never had one quite like her. Another thing….Etta’s fleece is coarser than Georgia’s. Not sure why, but it is. Could be a lanolin difference….all I know is, one is softer to touch than the other.

I’m getting a Blue goat! I’m getting a Blue goat! I’ve been sayin it was possible, but its happenin! She looks so much like Moonee it’s ridiculous. And……………..she’s got the most perfect for me name. Smurf. Hehehehe. I got a goat named Smurf!!! Well, not bought and paid for yet, but claimed!!!! Smurf. Ahhh, perfect. Hubby is already calling her Smurfette….cuz he just has to change their names from what I choose!!! Hehehe. Speaking of that……Mocha kitten, the long haired one, is now MonaLisa. The other is still Cocoa, but I call her Kokapelli more often. The other baby, the black and white long hair, has turned into a probably medium hair and he is still called by me……SneezySmokeyBaby….in order to encompass all the names he is forced to go by here. Wow….so…..it’s really cool looking over and seeing my organization. Jesse came down and I said, sit down and see whats different. He noticed it immediately. Plus….the huge pile on my bed has gone down. Need more of these sets. I took a photo. Shoot, one more. Got it. The bottom, big drawer, the white drawer. I’m likin this a lot!!!! But I still need these sets on wheels. Just a matter of a sheet of wood, a drill and some bolts. Already got the wheels!

Ye know what? I’m practically desperate for Christmas money. Hubby is once again saying, there’s no money. He does this often. I’m thinkin of blowing off the gallery thing. Or….I could spend the 80 bucks and get the photos made….then sell them for cheap. Hmmmm. Lemme think on this. I’ve already said on FB, that if there’s a particular painting that has been calling to you….and you can’t afford it….holler at me…we can talk. All prices made at Christmastime are hereby confidential. I don’t want you to know how cheap I’m willing to go….plus I have the many many voices in my head saying….sell em cheap right now and get em out there in the world. The buyers will come. Ok…nightie night night. 2:50am= 7= holy!!!

I finished the owl and posted it…saying for sale to highest bidder. No bids. Ah well. I’ll take them round to some galleries tomorrow. See how that goes. Ahhh, someone wants to know where to bid. Awesome. Yup, we’ve decided to go to the galleries tomorrow and get a clue from that what I should do. Whether to just drastically reduce prices or what. I’m not very patient, I know….but still…..they just keep stacking up and I’m running out of room to store them. They have to lay flat. I may even drive to further places in the coming weeks. Or….I may be all talk. Who knows till it happens. Enough of this talk…..depressing…..and uplifting at the same time. Man…..I really need thicker skin….but God didn’t create me that way. I’m all artist with the joys and lows that go with that word.

Pirouette came to greet me today, with baby Flower. Flower is always first, if not Georgia. I’m hoping she decides to bond with Flower now, instead of Lila…or both! So all can have cuddle partners….got that really cold wet stuff coming in 2 days. They all rushed to the feed area cuz Jesse had to come in with the zenbuggy…..but I hadn’t taken photos yet, so I just plunked myself down and they all settled again. Sweet goats, gosh I love these critters. I just have so much love inside me. God gave me heaps and heaps. Used to be painful….now it’s joy.

Ok…………I shit you not. This is discouraging. Yes, everyone loves them and everyone thinks they are beautiful…..hmmmmm. I just wanna cry. I probably will, but at the moment….I need to go make dinner. Don’t mind me folks…..this is just me talkin out loud. Guess I’ll go do dinner. But I need a PS……4 people have shared the photo!!!!! Wow….that’s the most shares of my work…ever! Awesome…thankyou so much kind people. Ok….good note……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Positive vibes and prayers maybe for the galleries tomorrow? Thanks. Oh….another Ps……Cathy brought me her hair!!! She had cut it for locks of love but never sent it in. Beautiful….and at least 12 inches! How sweet is that? Ok…later.












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