wishin a Red goat and a Blue goat…..made a PURPLE goat!!!

Watched the Hallmark movie and cried like a baby. Who doesn’t? One of the things from the past….of quality…..that still exists. I’m grateful for that. I wish there was more stuff of morals in todays television and internet where the kids go, it kinda worries me a bit that there’s so little * good quality content for them to learn from cuz these days….that’s all they do, so they have to learn there. A moral dilemma for the country……only solvable by cries from the people. But these young people are quite happy in what they think is quality. Hmmm, Hallmark movies, shoot…the commercials for goodness sakes!!! Who doesn’t cry at those!???? I’m watching it again now. Hehehe. And what’s better to watch a cryin movie….than munchies…..midnight snack, although in my case, it’s after one am. Sweets and tears seem to go together. So, tonights sweet is……cherry cobbler! And the ovens a dingin!!! Ahhh, no ice cream. Turns out, you can eat cobbler without ice cream!

I worked on the owl painting some more. Still so much to go. To the general eye….it would probably appear done. Nope. In fact, that’s why I stopped a bit early tonight. I’m to the point of some major detail and I wasn’t up for it tonight, after what all I’d already done. My spacebar is sticking again. Oh ya…..I’m basically out of backgrounds. I have a few small ones….but I hate small ones. It’s Christmas and I’m trying to get presents, so I won’t be going for more right this minute. I’ll make do somehow! Hehehe….you betcha, cuz when the urge, the need to paint comes….it’s gonna happen, regardless. Ye know?????? Oh Lordie….woke up this morning, walked into the kitchen to make my hot tea and wow…..the biggest mouse ever was laying there dead. A present for us. Ha, if the new kittens had killed it, they woulda eaten it. It was huge though…. Very unusual. Gave me a start lol, to the morning!!!

I can’t not speak my mind, cuz this is what I do. I blog…..spilling my guts and mind. You all read this. I try not to censor it, so please, don’t take offense. None is ever intended. I speak fairly raw, ye know? Straight from the heart and mind…onto the screen, or paper, if I had to. Always did. I should show you guys some pages from my old books. I’ve told you about them. Everytime I go to do that, I can’t decide what to scan for you so I just don’t. On that note…..I’m sayin goodnight…..besides, the cryin part is comin up. Night night…..2:27am = 11 = master number.

After my cup of morning tea, I went out and sat with the girls. Haven’t done that in an acre of time! Pirouette was doing just fine, laying with the other girls under a tree. She greeted me and later came to let me pet her. Even gave me a kiss…lol, probably otherwise known as…she smelled my scent close up. It was fun. Then I went and let the baby boys out. Come feeding time, as I’m headed into the L, I hear……Mama, Mama…..and turn to see Jess running with a scoop of feed and the babies following on his heels…..curls flyin in the wind. Sweet vision. The previous owners didn’t like the name change, so she shall stay Pirouette. Her next boy, I shall name Dancer. I almost had me a Dancer once…..he was Dimi’s twin. I haven’t seen Dimi lately….must’ve sold her. It really is odd to have gone 4 years and never even tried to sell…..to all of a sudden…20 are gone…..sold, living elsewhere. Freaks me out. Probably how Angela feels, except she’s been seeing them leave….alot longer. Nah, Pirouette is doing just fine. Holding her own with all the other girls. She’s even smart enough to know to bonk heads and claim her spot here. She’ll just mosey around and every now and then, she’ll bonk whoever is nearby…..as if to say…..Hey, I’m here, deal with it. We’ve got bad weather coming on Thursday. Thinkin I may pen them, so they stay warmer. Dunno what’s best….which ticks me off cuz I like to know what is best.

And now we come to the new owl painting. It’s close to being done, and is not what I thought it would be. Serves me right for bragging, eh? I had posted on FB saying Holy Shit, think I’m making my best painting so far!!!….well, not feelin that now. Not sayin it’s bad, just not my best. I’ve been tearing this bed to pieces looking for some bright red mohair curls. Know they’re here somewhere. Maybe that will be the pop I need……plus, I guess more detail is in order. Yikes. I’ll just keep going and going……I want this to be great. It’s not great now, just good. Do you all realize how connected I am to owl? I even saw 2 the other night while driving, yay. They have been with me since childhood and I love them dearly. I once harvested one from roadkill all by myself. It was bittersweet. While I wanted to honor it, the doing was not so easy. Cutting the wings off, the tail off, the talons off…..i wailed like a banshee. I cringed with each cut, as if I was cutting myself. Very special, they are, they are.

Checkit out….I’m even noticing the art, the light vs dark in candy commercials!!! My eyes see differently now. They see artistically instead of just general sight. Everything and everyone….is now eye studied……lol, fascinating. Gosh, I’m hungry. Roastand mashed taters with gravy. Yumm……didn’t eat lunch. Just saw photos of the blue doe I’m getting. I like!!! Ok…….time to say…..have a good night! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















3 thoughts on “wishin a Red goat and a Blue goat…..made a PURPLE goat!!!

  1. I am glad she is keeping her name, she has had it for a while. I am excited you are getting a blue goat. Life has been sooo busy, with my Brother here and all. Biggest hugs, Night Owl

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