A shiney new red goat…..from Minnesota

Every night, I tuck in my curls. I twist and knot the big bags, toss and throw the mediums and then….whatever’s left, I tuck in….like a baby. I push it down and secure it with itself. It’s now safe through the night, as I AM. It really works. If you don’t tuck…the fiber spills. Oops… I see one I didn’t tuck in. My babies. My fiber babies. Speaking of babies…I keep needing the last bag of goodies I got from Kai Mohair but its buried. In a pile of fiber. Welcome to my world. And yes I really need it all cuz each painting is unique. With its own needs. Like a child. Or a goat. Hehe.

Have I told you how exhausting this painting work is? Last night, Jesse came in the room and immediately asked what’s wrong? I’m at that stage again tonight. Rather in a daze. I have to go so deeply into the painting that I get lost. I get completely lost. There is no more me or my needs…only that next stroke of the needle. I’m getting pretty good at this, it seems. I feel it. Sometimes, well, usually always but sometimes…..I can’t see anything but a mess….but then. Then, there’s a moment when I see a photo of it and I gasp. Oh my God….it’s in there! Oh my God….it’s working!!!!

It’s funny. Usually, halfway through I put in the eyes. The sparkle part. This time, I know I have so far to go to the finish line that I’m restraining myself. This one has oodles and coodles of detail work. Heck, took me a day just to do the background!

Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

For some reason, I was blogging on my Iphone. I decided that was stupid. So, here I am, back at my puter, as usual. Kitty’s are playing up a storm at the moment. The Jess boy has had a few beers and is quite ripe. I’m watching Christmas movies, like I do all friggin day now. And, I’ve just put up the painting. Can’t do anymore. Very tired. Coming along very very well, but slowly due to the extremeness of the photo. You’ll see. No more sneak peeks though, that always backfires on me. I gotta keep it in my pants. Hehehe.

Well folks…………I have a new goat arriving tomorrow. Gotta go pick her up in a nearby town tomorrow evening. She’s a red, I think I told you. Not too red herself anymore I hear, but her babies are. I must say, I’ve been a bit soured by the process though. I said I’d get a goat. I was invited to. I was told a price. The price changed. I’ve been so dumbfounded by it all that I’ve remained silent in the group messages. What am I supposed to say? Hubby was only interested in buying me a goat if the price to ship it was low. $125 was low. IN the end….it surely won’t be $125. Not a thing I can do, but to go get the goat and pay the new price. Up front is better business….but hey, I ain’t no businesswoman….trying to be, learning how to be…but I ain’t there yet. But in the end…..a live…….living goat, named Pirouette is coming to live with us. I’ve got it in my mind that she’s not all that pretty, so if she is….what a surprise!!! I’m so looking forward to her red babies. I need red. LOL…yes, I’m using my goats!!! But isn’t that the point? Ok…it’s late. Nightie night night folkie olkies……2:22am = 6 = earth = master number. And a memory for my friend, Tom Zuba. Night!!!!!!

Well…….the deed is done. Jane texted to say they were making good time and would be at the meetup spot an hour early. Wow, well, I’m an hour from there so I quick woke the boy up and away we went. She couldn’t believe I didn’t have a trailer. Hehehe. Nope. So, we picked up the new girl. Pirouette. Hmmmm, we tried and tried to find a name that sounded similar……none. Added an a to the end but that was Etta. Have one already. Finally Jesse says…mochedda. LOL…..ya, that works. Or if you emphasize a t sound, it sounds Italian. Hehehe. Well, Mochedda did well on the drive and in the end, instead of penning her with Lila, I was curious what my 2 middle peck order goats would do…..so, wejust let her out. Whatdya know………………..it was pretty much ONLY the 2 middle girls, Milky and Valey who bothered with her. Oh sure, everyone came to check her out, but only those 2 rared up. Very interesting. She’s already been accepted, been in the house and grazing with the rest. She was really hungry for grass and oak leaves…..more so than grain. So…..she’s a real sweet and friendly goat. Not the prettiest doe, but not too bad either. She’s a year older than I was told too, but hey….they can still have plenty of babies at age 4 ½. Bonus………she bred with Razzle on the way, a deep red buck. Yay.

And…….after chatting with Jane, I may have found myself another goat. A Blue doe. Been wanting one and I bought Moonee from Jane, so…….waiting on a photo from Jane. Exciting!!!! They also made it appoint to tell me how much they loved my paintings and that she had to choose between Razzle and my Einstein painting. Razzle won. Hehe. They were giving me advice about selling them at more high end places and maybe showing a few in frames. Hubby likes that idea too. She also told me of a venue to market them coming up soon. Will get me more info. So, chillin with the kittens, watching Christmas movies and waitin on a photo! 2 Christmas movies premiering tonight. Good thing I have this genie thing. I can record them both and watch one. I haven’t had a chance to work on the owl yet today. SO much to do on it…..my patience is so weak. Part of me wants it done now and the other part wants to work on it. Hehe. Ok, well………………..getting wordy here. Good to be chattin again. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with one new member of the family.















6 thoughts on “A shiney new red goat…..from Minnesota

  1. Hi Sheri, Pirouette is a ballet term. She was named Pirouette because she was a beautiful and graceful baby girl. Her daughters this year also have ballet names: Brisé and Plié. I am not sure why her age age was a mixup. I know I told you her birthdate, her sire, her dam, and the previous kids she has had. I told you her positives and her negatives. Maybe there were too many middle people involved in the sale and purchase of this goat. I have never been involved in transporting a goat with so many changes and stops. A lot of people went out of their way to get Pirouette and Razzle to Texas. In the end, it really isn’t fair to the goat. I don’t know if I would do it again. I probably won’t. I spent an entire day driving her to Mea’s, through fierce winds, freezing rain, and fog. The gas alone cost me $150. I didn’t think it would cost that much. I rarely drive the truck and trailer and am used to my mini-van. In the end, it is not so much the money that matters…it is the goat. I love Pirouette and I am really sad she isn’t as beautiful as you had hoped. She was recently sheared and it sounds like she has been really hungry for the last week. I know Mea fed her well, but I don’t know what happened with her after she left Mea’s care. Avelene from Indian Springs would not transport goats. She always said if they can’t come here to pick them up, then they can’t buy them. I am beginning to understand. One needs to see the goat, touch the goat, connect with the goat. This has been a learning experience for both of us. I will definitely be much wiser in the future. And remember, you’re getting free bonus babies out of an incredible buck…count your blessings. ~Angela

    • Just talkin out loud Angela. I’m sure she’ll be beautiful with a full coat and a full belly. I knew you wouldn’t like the name change. I’ll ponder it. As for the money part…well, this was my first wagon train and I wasn’t aware of the costs. I was told a price. It’s ok. It’s something I will know for next time. It’s not a bad thing or a bad idea. I think that people need to be aware up front is all. What if hubby wouldn’t have given me the extra money? I think we all learned from this, both good and bad….which is a good thing. Pirouette is a very polite goat. I like her. She has an air about her that says….you love me and I’ll love you. She’ll be just fine here. ❤

      Sheri Lee…….Sent by Fairy Dust from YeeHaw Ranch

  2. She is a lovely goat and I am sure she will fit in well. She was lovely here, and I know you will love her. She was nice and plump here. I am glad she is in a warmer area, because they all seemed cold here, that is why I had the visitor goats all stay in the other side of the barn. Boy, they hardly left the barn. It was so cold here those few days and Pirouette was so sweet, it was hard to let any of them go. I can’t believe she is kissing you already!!!!

    • hehehe…….she likes me….doesn’t love me yet tho. ya, bad cold wet weather headed this way for like 2 weeks…coming thursday. think I’ll pen them so they stay warmer

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