ugggghhhh….the day after?

I doodled tonight. Playing around with the idea of a huge piece. A scene. I made a rough drawing of a scenario for my life, all the while knowing that that would not be the content. I guess I did it for fun and experience. I don’t usually doodle. My doodles suck but this time, there was definition to them. Jesse liked the scene but agreed with me that it’s amazing that I can do these fiber paintings, cuz I sure can’t draw well. Ha! One day I will find that old sketch pad. I finished up deerbuck….and posted him tonight. Not much reaction, but then again, it was after midnight. Not sure if it’s good or not…felt that way the whole way through. Planning an owl next. One that I found back aways that really stuck a chord. Hehe, and I know I have the right colors for it. Yay. There is so much good art out there it’s ridiculous. I saw a set of owls, needlefelted but the stuffed kind…….wow….the painting on that was phenomenal. I said….jeesh, hope she never sees my work! Jesse laughed at me. Hehehe,…

I haven’t told you. I began to pay for that lady’s electric bill but there was no human, and the numbers didn’t match at all, and I canceled the payment before it finished. I feel like crap about that…but it didn’t feel right. Still no money raised on the site, but I only posted it once, after I found a new better photo to put up there. Still zero dollars. One dollar here, one dollar there….it amounts to many dollars. Where would the money go? Well, most likely right now….to the Navajo/Dine. That’s my connection. The nurse there who has the Tootsie Circle and the group as well, and also the Gathering of the Healers, 2 years in a row now. Pretty sure she can get it to where it’s needed. I remember going to the Hopi village. Gathering goods from Sedona people to take to the reservation. Toilet paper, paper towels, clothing, canned goods, you name it, the car was loaded to the hilt. The floor was dirt. The place was in modern terms, a hovel. Tiny and dirt. But full of love. Okay people…it’s 3:46am = 4 = Angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Night night.

My son is having a meltdown. The good internet got used up, so he paid hubby ten dollars to buy more….not realizing it was only for a gig. The gig is used up in one night and he now has to go till the 12th….well, we all do……till there is decent internet again. He won’t be able to upload his songs as easily for his soundcloud page and is furious. Priorities boy… cool videos through the month or put your music up. He doesn’t even realize or notice that when he uses it all up………we all suffer, not just him.

AND……………hubby has been busy on his forced vacation. Rearranging my kitchen. I’m furious of course. Men. They use the kitchen 1% of the time…………..and think they can reorg it when it suits them. All the spices that were on the counter by the stove…..gone. In a spice thingy that the bugs get into. I knew where every single herb was….based on where it was. Men. Believe you me, it won’t stay that way. Grrrr. Hehehe…. The day after. Well………….I have finished the deer buck and started another. It’s gonna take a lot of work, already has….before I even begin the owl. This one is partially in flight. Well, either just landing or just taking off, not sure. Many many hours of work will go into this one.

Uggggh, I gotta hear this for another 2 weeks. Wait till I can’t put my blog up, then he’ll really be unhappy. So…be forewarned………I may not have enough internet for blogging…..on the other hand, it doesn’t require much, so I might. We shall see. And now he’s out of drink so I gotta drive him to the store. Jeesh and thorny vines. Ya…..not the best of days. While I have just seen what hubby has done with my herbs……..he is out with the tractor getting a big bale of hay for his cows. I’m very angry about that. Instead of putting them around the boys house so they have shelter from the winter….no…………..he’s leaving it in the neighbors field and getting it as he needs it one bale at a time. My poor boys. Guess the babies stay in their pen awhile longer. They so hate it. Ya, well………………I’m not on a real positive note today so I should say goodday to ya. Have a great weekend! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

Ps………I had another horrible memory come up yesterday. This one is even worse and I’ll keep it to myself. One of my readers, Skip…suggested that the memories are rising now since I’m feeling safe now. Probably true. I dunno.











2 thoughts on “ugggghhhh….the day after?

  1. Did you notice that Hoegger shared the buck picture on Facebook?

    Sorry that you have bad memories coming up. I know that they can be hard to deal with, but I agree that it is probably because you can deal with them now, and hopefully be done with them for good. Good to know that you are not your past, that you can heal and move on, and become the person you were always meant to be. 🙂

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