when something BAD happens….ps….nothing did

Often, we wonder….why did this bad thing have to happen. Why did that child, that mother, that brother…have to get sick, have to die, have to leave? Many times, it can take ten or more years to see the why of that….but sometimes, we see it as it’s happening. Sometimes…we see the changes taking place all around us, all stemming from that one event. People come together, people have a change of heart, people heal through others hurt. Whats that? YUP. If someone say, is grieving…..and they meet someone who is losing their special one……the grieving person can actually heal hisherself by simply helping the person in new grief. So many instances like that. One tiny ripple. One tiny pebble is dropped……….the water stirs and reverates. The water pushes away from itself and in the doing…it touches other water than it previously had not really been in contact with, touching contact with, even though the water is all connected. Like us. If we can think of ourselves as connected like water….wow, what would that do for the planet? Still love the tea reference in the movie the Last Samurai…..the water tea spills. The glass is now empty…..but a towel, catches the tea, it is wrung back into the glass. The tea was always there. So, if it’s always there, it just changes form, and if we all connect like water……think about it. One drop. One drop of water. It’s not much on its own….but boy howdy….add some more drops and you have….whoa….you can have anything…glass of water, tea, bath…………..but what if you add all the water drops together in one place? You would have an ocean. An ocean….with each part touching another…all a whole. It fascinates me. I’ve had difficulty with the connected part…………I am you, you are me thing….but if I think about it like water….which I did tonight…..it opens a window for me. It opens belief….more belief….as you know, I already have quite a bit. Lol.

That bit was brought about due to watching the movie….November Christmas. A true story about a child who is dying and the family tries to give the child all the upcoming holidays….before she dies. They have Halloween in July and Christmas in November. I love this movie, watch it each year….but tonight, it impressed on me….what that one childs illness did for an entire town. In the end…..the people were healed of old wounds……friends were made that wouldn’t have been, and the child lived. Change…….for many…..brought about by something that usually causes people to say…………………..WHY? Why did this have to happen to me???? To her, him, them, us. The answer is…….for change. For evolution. Evolution of the soul. We evolve. I evolve. You evolve. Let’s evolve together….let’s be a pool of water. I am a drop. Where is that drop needed?

Also…..somethin else I been thinkin on. Why don’t the Natives…the Indians, whatever…..why don’t they live in teepees now? Are they not allowed? Is it a gov restriction? Cuz wouldn’t that be the answer they are looking for as far as shelter and warmth? Firewood may be an issue, as it already is….but with good hides, and a fire, I bet they stay plenty warm. Guarantee the sweat lodge did!!! So……..why don’t they? I really wanna know. Haha….I closed this out without saying goodnight. A big nono. Night night sweet souls. 2:05am = 7 = holy. Night

Well, another day gone without much done. Had to run to town for a few things I still forgot. Jeesh and catydids….don’t do that!!! So much traffic it was ridiculous. We went for my juice, plastic cups and Advantix, (Frontline does NOT work here) since Cathy said it was actually working on their dog. Last night, I went to shear him to help him out, it was obvious he was miserable….oh Lordie be……..the amount of fleas on him was astronomical. So…….we poured Dawn liquid on him and today we finished up the shear…found many many more patches of black………..solid fleas. He now has the advantix on but is crying. Poor baby. But if it helps him…….it was NOT a wasted day. My friend Michele is ini the hospital with heart issues. Scary that. Still waiting on word. I felt so scared last night I posted on her wall that I was going to paint her recently departed beloved goat. LOL….wanted to keep her alive!!!! I will have to wait though to paint him till after the 18th. Need some kickass paintings for those photos to send in. Didn’t work on Deer buck yesterday at all, not one iota.

Last night, Jesse played me a Duck Dynasty show on the laptop. A very specific episode he wanted me to see. Then he went back upstairs. It was about them being poor. Then a son talks about his drug use. Sad. Then the mom talks. Then………………….another son talks. Reed. He speaks of being suicidal. Oh my gosh, just wanted to go hang out with him so bad. Breaks my heart when I hear those words. Always.

Twitter update: When you stop playing the FOLLOW game…..the followers start to drop off like flies. Actually, they always were, but I was always adding more so I didn’t notice much. I stopped the game at 3,752 followers…like 3 days ago. I now have 3,696. See what I mean? And, I’m even still gaining followers by doing nothing but tweeting. So strange this twit thing. Well, I guess I’ll get back on that painting now. I rarely get to work on them during the day….so…away we go! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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