…….Still………COLD Wet goats……

Extra Long BLOG…..!

I’m gonna confess. I didn’t wanna know if Crystal and Flower had made it through the night….they were wet and it got very cold and I just didn’t know if they were tough enough to make it. I didn’t go check them before I left for Saturday town cuz I just wasn’t ready for the answer. My phone charger died AGAIN….and we forgot it in town, so I went straight to the convenience store after hubby brought us home. Avoidance still. When I got home, Jess tells me he fed the girls for me. Yay oh yay….they were alive…so I went down to see for myself. Still damp even….but very much alive. Gosh I do love me my Crystal. It is cold cold again tonight.

Ahhhhhhhhrggggh. Hehehehe. Well, it’s an artist thing. I was basically close to done, and Jess comes down. He needs to change some things. He does. It ticks me off and thrills me at the same time. Horrible emotion sway. Then, he leaves….saying I can redo the nose better than he can since he’s now trying to put it back to the way I had it. He leaves. I then go to town AGAIN on it. Was upset that he altered every single part…..but in the end….I then altered every single part and made it mine again….and wala….I think it’s done. Of course, he will come see it tomorrow and find something that isn’t perfect. Hehehe. Love hate with this stuff here. I am an artist after all, with all the emotions that go/come with that. For example………………….it is 3:46am. I’ve just stopped for the night. Now it’s blogging time. I guess I’m artist through and through. My real father was an ice sculpter…..and my mothers father was a sax player….leader of the band. I’ve got his sax…1914. Somewhere in the mess of my house. Probably under my bed. Ok….well….the beers gone and I don’t want a 7th….so……night night my friends. I’m glad I’m back in right mind, sorta. 3:49am = 7 = HOLY.

Ok….I am one bad goat mama today. It’s in the low 30’s and raining so I asked Jess if I could bribe him into feeding the girls for me, so we both didn’t have to get cold. Yay…no bribe needed. Facebook gave good reviews of the new Jimmy painting….yay! Then I started Miley….nope…need specific fiber I don’t have for that photo. Then tried a sideshot of a deer buck….nope….needed a taller background. Lol, ended up doing a buck, but just a head shot. Was the original one I was gonna do before I found the side view. Also, it’s been suggested I do Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, I think and Richie…Valens maybe? Ha, all the greats long gone. Am browsing for the right Janis photo. I’m gonna use some of the curls Mea sent me on this deer buck…..awesome colors.

I really don’t understand how the goats are ok. How they can be wet and it be that cold….and they still live??? That just bumfuzzles me. I have so many clothes on and 2 blankets folded in half(doubled up) and I’m still shivering. Jess said they were ok but cold. Ya….I’m sure. At least today they were in the houses during the rains. So….today hubby came home with 3 phone chargers for me!!! 2 purple ones and one that is see through and the lights run when the electricity is going through. Very weird. But cool. I now have 3 backups…when I never had any backups. This is awesome. He also came home with the see thru stackable boxes I wanted. I want to put it on wheels…then stack it way high with fiber and I can wheel it over to my bed when I do a painting. Hehe, need to figure out if my brain works that way. Right now…I know what every bag looks like…that way, I can identify it in the chaos. Like, the bag with the mill alpaca and wools, or the bag of purple wool. They are known to me now…..new systems aren’t the easiest things to do ye know. I had to take the black alpaca out of the tissue paper, was getting messed up…so I stuck it in a ziplock. Yikes. Will I find it when I need it??? Ya, the woes of a fiber painter. Lol.

PAX update. Well, after talking with the makers…….I’ve decided that while it’s not perfect or even ideal…..I guess it does work some. Certainly not worth that amount of money….but if they won’t give me my money back….I guess I’ll live. Ye know……I posted the painting today and people are still reacting to that. It makes me hesitate to post this. In fact….I don’t think I will. Tomorrows blog maybe? Yup!………….k. I’m playing tonight, not painting much. Jesse talked me into dumping some of my followers. I had always refused…as an honesty thing. But I did compromise and unfollowed anyone whose profile was in a language I couldn’t read or understand. Why were they there? If I can’t understand them???? Not necessary until I learn to speak multiple languages. Jesse got drunk tonight. He finally got paid and has been trying to sorta spend it wisely. Bought himself a couple pairs of shorts and a shirt….and now he wants to buy beer. Hmmm. Told him he’d be an alcoholic at 21 if he kept on like this. I’m old and set in my ways and the beer is regulated through the night so that I’m only wasted when most people should be asleep…so they don’t have to deal with me. I spread em out over 6 or so hours too.

Then………….Jesse decides that I should stop doing the FOLLOW train thing and get BASED followers. So we looked it up in the Urban Dictionary and it said…people who don’t care what others think about them…..people who go their own way in life……………ya…that’s me…I guess I’m based. It escalated to …..putting based in front of my name MamaSheri. Next thing we know….the guy Jesse finally got to follow him the genuine way….was now following me just cuz I put the word Based in front of my name. Disappointed him to say the least. Twitter world is not kind. It may be fun and addicting….but it is definitely….NOT….KIND!!! Its an endless needy pit. Good Lord…he’s a piece of work tonight!!!! Too many beers. Me no likey. It’s late and I guess I should sign off for the night. It’s around 2. I’ve had a diverstion from the intensity of the painting and that’s good. I did start a buckhead though, so that’s good. Night night folks. Sorry about no blog yesterday…no real excuse. 2:06am = 8 = infinity.

Ok…short day update. Still freezing out there and raining all day again. My poor babies. Jesse fed again for me so I’ve been tucked in under blankets all day painting away. Working on an animal again, the deer head. Feels odd. I like doing both but it’s weird jumping from one to another. Hubby is home all week so it’s not a normal week. Guess I should pull that turkey outta the freezer. Kittens have been napping on my bed all day, together. I’m painting at an angle to accommodate them…go figure. Well, I had a commission to do and now it’s fallen through. Money is tight for people these days. Ok….too long of a blog. Sorry. Later people. Signing off from the very wet and very cold land at YeeHaw Ranch.














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