OK ok…the head is spinnin. Lots to do. Lots to think on, figure out. I have many eggs in the frying pan right now. And my SneezySmokey is sick. He is weezing out the wazoo and coughing oh, it’s awful. Plans have changed for tomorrow so we can take him to the vet. Poor baby. I didn’t do the painting tonight. Sneezy slept on my lap and felt so awful that I didn’t want to disturb him. Then Jess and I did a…. listen to his old music session which I truly enjoyed…man, the boy had talent from day one.My Crystal is cracking me up. She has this really felty type of white fleece that is dirty, but if you swipe it over, you see this brilliant white. Too cool. I’m watching Duck Dynasty right now. What a strange show. Now I’m watching about the purple pill….Nexium. Hmmm. Scary to me. All this new fangled medicine scares me. I’d rather go back to the traditional old ways of medicines. Herbs. Salves. Oils. Healing. Oh wow. Night night has crept up on me…I am very sleepy. Night night my friends…fading fast. 12:59am = 8 = infinity. Also, I saw it change to 1:00am = 1 = Beginnings.

Ha, well, at least I got off the painting topic!!! Let’s see, what’d I do today. We drove to town with Sneezy and took him to the vet. Virus and light fever. Antibiotics. They loved him and he played during the whole exam. Showed photos of paintings to a gallery…..not at this time. Got nice full color copies done of the raffle flyer. Hehe, I’m spending money to make them money. Yikes. They turned out really nice. Finished up the fundraising site, got a photo up, explained the long term donations vs the raffle and have a choice. Opened a FB page and got the money part hooked to the youcaring site. Not sure if I needed the FB page or not but it’s there. Now the only thing left, is to figure out the logistics of the ticket. I’m close. New at this. The local aspect is easy…they get a ticket, I get a ticket. Info written on back. Online…..well, you buy a ticket, you get a Number…..I keep one ticket, your ticket goes in the pot. You don’t get the physical ticket, just the number. That should work, eh? See, told you I was close. And remember, you don’t get BOTH paintings…just one if you win….but there will be 2 winners. That’s a thousand dollars I’ve donated for this cause. So…….I think I’ve got everything covered. I’m ready to start. I’ve set the deadline at Jan 31. Now all we need is for people to buy tickets and start getting the money to where it’s needed. I have 2 need scouts. They will filter real needs from fake. Yay. See, it’s not so easy when you’re not there….but it CAN be done.

Now…..I gotta get off my butt and get some paintings done. Need to replace the two up for raffle, cuz they woulda been ones I sent in for the call for submissions thing. I have a few things on my plate, eh???? And, gotta finish Hera. Should be able to knock that out tonight now that the replacement fiber has arrived. I just didn’t work at all last night. No real excuse unless you count holding a sick kitten who was crying and wheezing and coughing. Oh yay….we have a bug problem. Tiny little bugs and they get in my juice glass. We also have another fly infestation. They are getting in the house too, so we bought sticky strips for inside. I put one up in my room and wow….no flies, but that’s why I don’t have to pull a bug outta my juice each time….they’re all on the sticky strip!!! Also, at TSC, they have the normal dome fly catchers for outside. AND, they have a smaller version by the same company. Much smaller…….but the best part is………it works WAY BETTER!!! Gosh, even when the liquid is gone…it still traps em by the thousands. Highly recommend. Hehe…wonderful topic. Flies.

I think I’m feeling scared that this thing won’t raise any money. I must be, cuz I keep waking up with the heavy belly. Just when you start to wake…before you really are…and your awareness searches to remember what your life is like……and wham….you remember something that causes apprehension and your stomach tightens and then you’re surely good and awake cuz now you get to stress about whatever it is. Yup….that heavy belly. I’ve wanted to help for so so so long…that now that I’ve said I would and I could… I’m scared…what if I can’t. It’s Christmas time and lots of other catastrophies goin on out there in the world. Just a lil insecure about it. I shall pray about it. Okie dokie. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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